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As you’ve probably heard by now, about a thousand people here at TAM7 were treated to a big surprise at this morning’s SGU recording: Our favorite little Skepchick got herself hitched!
I love a surprise, and this was a great one. I can’t quite decide which I like more: being surprised or being in on a surprise.

Would you rather be the surpriser or the surprisee?

The Afternoon Inquisition (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Skepchick community. Look for it to appear daily at 3pm ET.

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  1. I FAR prefer being a surpriser. Being surprised makes me feel all sorts of awkward and out of place.

    If I can manage to keep my mouth shut about a surprise, I’m MUCH happier making nefarious plans and watching them come together than I would be having other peoples’ devious machinations laid bare!

  2. It’s probably a draw for me. I think I like being the surprisee sliiiiiightly more.
    The best, by far, is that my wife planned a surprise marriage proposal to me… in front of all of our friends… and my family. Best night of my life!

  3. I don’t do surprises because I don’t like being surprised (or humiliated or embarrassed) so I don’t participate in any of that unless I’m sure the surprisee would be okay with it. Usually, though, the people who get surprised are the people who most hate surprises.

  4. Just saw it on her Twitter. Congratulations to Rebecca!

    I love to deliver a pleasant surprise, but i don’t mind to receiving one.

  5. Congratulations you crazy kids!

    I’d rather be the surprisee. Have been a couple of times, associated with my own wedding, and it’s a great memory.

  6. I love surprising people, but rarely enjoy being surprised. If it’s relatively in private, that’s OK (my beau’s proposal wasn’t public), but otherwise I’d just DIE of embarrassment. More power to her to have handled that so well!

    Congrats you guys!

  7. As I posted in that other thread, I hate surprises.
    And for this reason, I do my best to make sure the person about to be surprised enjoys those kind of things, before participating in a surprise myself. Do unto others, as they say.

    Managed to get married without surprises, 17 years and counting…

  8. Congratulations. I hope you realize how many lonely geek hearts have just been shattered.

    Of course, the only answer to today’s question is yes.

  9. I prefer to go with being the surprised.* There’s a WTF/DSTOC feeling that can’t be duplicated in a laboratory.

    *As long as the surprise is not bad. Accidents are surprises, and I hate getting hit by cars. It really puts a dampener on your day.

  10. Surpriser: I love dropping what I like to call “Mystery Dates” on my wife. I only tell her when it will be and how to dress. The rest unfolds during the date itself. Try it. It’s a ton of fun, and way romantic!

  11. For good things I love to be surprised! I think it’s awesome when someone thinks about me enough to want to make something more exciting with surprise. For bad things, no surprise please, knowing something bad is coming down the pike is hard, but being caught unaware is very painful to me. I find I really need a bit of time to prepare myself.

  12. I like the occasional surprise as surprisee. But as surpriser my tendency for pessimistic pondering tends to play up and I’m sure everything will fall flat and everyone would have been better off asking the surprisee what he or she wanted.

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