Month: July 2009

  • Comment o’ the Week!

    It’s no secret that I <3 robots, and apparently you all do as well. This week’s Comment o’ the Week winner was nominated about 2,000 times or slightly less. Congrats to Steve, who responded to news that robots think we taste like bacon with this: Steve // Jul 27, 2009 at 12:06 pm Robotics tip #314: Many English phrases that…

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  • AI: Old Wives’ Tales

    I know, I’m not who you were expecting. This is generally Maria’s AI day, but she’s got super important business to take care of today and needed someone to fill in. Let me begin by saying I’m not a superstitious/woo-y person. However… When I get sick, the first thing I crave is chicken noodle soup. It can’t be helped. I…

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  • Skepchick Quickies 7.31

    Slaughter a cow every 28 days: How the Bible ruined Western Society – Have our Abrahamic roots led us to have a tendency to polarized thinking? Is a woman in labor a child abuser? – “If she lives in New Jersey, she might be. Because apparently, refusing a C-section (and then successfully vaginally delivering a healthy baby) and acting “combative”…

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  • Michael Jackson Gems

    Are you in the market for a diamond? Probably not, considering the recent downturn in diamond sales. Sales of diamonds- and other luxury goods- have declined over the last year or so as a result of the economic downturn. Engagement rings are still selling, but not as many people are purchasing “Christmas diamonds” and high-end gemstones. Americans, at least, must…

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  • Bigfoot

    Even if you haven’t heard of the “Patterson-Gimlin film”, chances are, you’ve seen this iconic video. This grainy, blurry film reputedly stars Bigfoot (and a chick Bigfoot at that!). Moreover, it’s touted as the best evidence for Bigfoot in existence. Anyway, here it is… again… In the latest episode of Monster Talk, we interview Mike McLeod, author of Anatomy of…

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  • AI: Oy Gevalt!

    Last week, the FBI arrested 44 people, including a number of politicians and rabbis, in a series of raids in New Jersey for money laundering, corruption, and trafficking in human kidneys between New York and Israel. The traffickers paid $10,000 for kidneys in Israel, and then charged patients waiting for transplants in the US $160,000 for the organs. And of course, this is the part…

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  • NIH: $34 Billion Spent on sCAM Last Year

    By way of Wendy Chao, Official Friend of Skepchick, comes news that a new study by the National Institutes of Health has found that Americans spent $33.9 billion on complementary and alternative medicine last year. This is such a massive number that my brain, unable to comprehend it, keeps insisting I type “million” instead of “billion.” Compared to the amount…

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  • Skepchick Quickies 7.30

    Radovan Karadzic’s New Age adventure – “How did a Serbian war criminal hide from the world as a bioenergy-channeling, alternative-medicine-peddling, bearded and, well, nutty guru?” Arm-swinging riddle is solved – “Biomedical researchers on Wednesday said they could explain why we swing our arms when we walk, a practice that has long piqued scientific curiosity.” From Infinite Monkey. It’s not actually…

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