yo, jason…

Or maybe you don’t want to trust what you read on the internet. Try here.

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  1. I was going to post this at PZ’s but he turned on registration to counter spam and I can’t access that registration stuff at work (where I am now).

    A decision to marry someone, like the decision to have a child is one of the most important decisions that you can make in your lifetime.

    What is important is to make the right decision. Trying to jazz up the decision making process with superfluous nonsense is to make the correct decision more difficult to reach.

    If you really love someone, you won’t try to complicate their decision making process, or manipulate them into making the decision that you want them to make.

    Just ask, and don’t expect a quick answer and don’t try to manipulate him to get the answer you want. Making a big deal out of it and spreading messages all over the internet will put the person under more stress and will make the decision process more difficult and more likely to lead to a bad decision.

  2. Did he say yes? How do we know that, is there any evidence?

    daedalus2u, honestly, you are probably correct in what you way, more or less in general, but there are also usually other factors involved.

    “In marriage as in criminal law: Don’t ever ask a question you don’t already know the answer to.”

    (Only kidding about that last remark)

  3. Greg’s right, there’s no proof to any of you that I actually said yes. I could just be SAYING I said yes! Either way, only Jodi knows for sure!

    This was no manipulation. If I wanted to say no, I would have, it being broadcast across the damn globe or not. (Which I am jazzed about like you wouldn’t believe.)

  4. Thanks carr2d2 for getting involved without even knowing me! I’m so impressed that this came together so well.

    To daedalus2u, something that may not be evident is that I had to write the email that PZ posted very very quickly while Jason was out of the room last night and so I’m aware that I didn’t flesh everything out as well as I should have. When I said I wasn’t sure if he thought marriage was necessary, I meant something more along the lines of ‘he may not think I think it’s necessary’. There never was any real doubt in my mind that he would say anything but yes, as life long plans have been made between us plenty of times.

    Anyway thanks again! Now on to thank the next person down the line :)

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