Skepchick Quickies, 6.8


Jen is a writer and web designer/developer in Columbus, Ohio. She spends too much time on Twitter at @antiheroine.

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  1. Liar ghosts… this is embarrassing to admit… but back in my ouija board fanatic days, we would always ask the spirit if they were lying. Because the ONLY time a spirit could not lie was when asked, point blank, “Are you lying?”

    I really wish I could go back in time and have a sit down with 1996 Elyse and explain how much she embarrasses 2009 Elyse.

    (I’d probably also take that opportunity to do a huge *Spoiler alert* and let her know that her good friend Chrissy is going to turn out to be a huge bitch.)

  2. The anti-vaccination movement is perhaps the most troubling. This movement is on the rise and is given an awful lot of credibility from mass media and certain media moguls *points to Oprah*. It seems the misinformed love to misinform others as well.

  3. @moizkahn: It’s because they have “uncovered the truth!” “They” are lying to us! “They” don’t want you to know!

    I.e. More conspiracy theories. I should invest in tinfoil manufacturer stock.

  4. The conspiracy theory essay was fun, so I clicked on a related story: The 10 best Herbal Remedies (Number 6: Echinacea)

    Echinacea is popularly believed to stimulate the body’s immune system and taking drops or tablets can reduce the chances of catching a cold, or shorten the duration of one. Again, this isn’t scientifically proven, but then neither has a scientific cure to the common cold been found.

  5. Well, I’m going to burn all my shakespeare, and write my school district when my nondaughter has to read julius caeser or romeo and juliet. They are indoctrinating my nondaughter into the cult of islam. So I may retain my honor, I would have to dash her head against a stone. If I were to have a son, I’d just have to look past it, boys will be boys.

  6. @Elyse: well, the best way to figure out if one spirit was lying was to call another and ask them if the first one was lying. Unless of course, the second spirit was really just the first spirit pretending to be a different spirit! woho! so tricky, those spirits!

  7. The AIDS myth and vaccination stories are the most disturbing in terms the capacity for humans to reject reason for ignorance. Fucking sad.

    I did get a kick out of the conspiracy theory photo essay. :D

    And here is my own contribution: Fly Creationism. Suspiciously similar to human creationism.

  8. Great bunch of quickies Jen!

    I’ve never understood how anyone could think there is a way to make someone like something. Perhaps making a subject more compelling and interesting perhaps.

  9. How do you make kids love science?

    Based on what I remember from grade school, Science should follow the kids around and make fun of them, pass them a few notes in class, call them and hang up, and then ask a friend (maybe Art or Literature) to ask the kids if they want to go steady with Science.

  10. The Pope put things more suavely in an address in 2008: “Faced with cultural and political trends that seek to eliminate, or at least cloud and confuse, the sexual differences inscribed in human nature, considering them a cultural construct, it is necessary to recall God’s design that created the human being masculine and feminine, with a unity and at the same time an original difference.”

    What I wonder is, if gender roles are completely human nature, then why does the Pope care so much about forcing them onto people?

  11. @catgirl: It’s because outside pressures are forcing people to put aside their natural, god-given, gender inclinations. Where do these outside pressures come from? Why the Devil, of course!

    Not to imply that the Devil is outside of God’s plan. There’s nothing outside of God’s plan.

    And I’m not implying that the Devil is as powerful or more powerful than God, since God created the Devil and gave him his powers.

    And I’m not saying that the Devil and his schemes have escaped God’s notice. God is omniscient. He knows what the Devil is doing and what effect he is having.

    And I’m not saying that God is endorsing the Devil by allowing him to thwart God’s plan. God is benevolent and would not try to trap us like that.

    See, what the Pope is saying is that God…ummm…God moves in mysterious ways?…yeah, yeah, that’s it!

  12. @durnett:

    I see exactly what you’re saying. When women don’t fulfill their innate desire to be submissive baby factories, it makes God (and the Pope, by extension) look impotent. And isn’t this what’s always behind anti-feminism? Women should pretend that men are superior so that we don’t hurt their fragile little egos. Or we could just find men who aren’t so insecure, but that would make the other men feel even worse.

  13. @durnett:
    @James Fox: That’s right, the problem is that the Science has been using those old dating techniques, when what Science really needs to do is sext a picture of itself naked to all the kids in the school, Then get Art and Literature to start a rumor that it’s easy.

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