Skepchick Quickies 6.25


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. From the “Goddess” spiel:

    As you read my message, you might conclude that I have an over-inflated ego and that, rather than following “divine guidance,” I should instead work on “getting over myself”—and, indeed, given the expansiveness of my message, that would be a very “normal” reaction for you to have.

    Glad to hear I’m normal…

  2. So is the “Contact Skepchick” mail still being read? I’ve sent in a few things recently and I fear they’ve all hit the bit bucket. I have no problem if I’ve failed to cross the threshold of interesting/funny. I just want to know if you guys still want our help.

  3. re: Goddess – While I did not read the whole thing (I am apparently not his goddess), I see that he rules out Scientologists. At least he has that going for him.

    His angelbase website though seems to have tons of rendering errors in Safari 4 and Firefox 3. Darn those demonic intartoobs!

  4. However, it is VERY appropriate for you to be skeptical. I seek a woman with a razor-sharp intellect who is well grounded in distinguishing material reality from the “stuff of dreams”….

    Razor sharp intellect, distinguishes reality from The-Stuff-O-Dreams… but is ultimately as bat-shit crazy as he is.

    I like the picture of the chick… errr… “goddess” he’s shooting for. Most guys would post something unrealistic like Cindy Crawford or Megan Fox. A Rainbow fairy with wings and a glowy magic staff is far more reasonable.

  5. “I’m looking for a true Goddess for life-long intimate relationship and awesome marriage. She is HIGHLY intelligent, VERY sexy, and DEEPLY spiritual.

    I would recommend Kali. It would be a very intimate (as in “Oh, honey! I love your spleen. Let me take a nibble.”) and awesome (as in “Watch with awe as I destroy humanity.”).

    It wouldn’t be a very long marriage, but it would be until death.

  6. “he smacked a fellow transient in the face with a skateboard as the victim was engaged in a conversation about quantum physics”

    You know, there comes a point when something happens so frequently that it isn’t even news.

  7. “Also, because my tone is so serious here, this web site does not reveal my sense of humor. But if you get to know me, I will make you laugh and laugh and laugh! Seriously!”

    Well he’s not wrong…!

  8. @Carmenego:
    Whew! Thank nogod you posted! I was worried that all the females were off swooning over that guy to the point where the most joyful thing left in life would be to go sit under a bridge and mope.

  9. “She is RELIABLE about phone calls and dates with me. ”

    Aww bless….

    @Skepotter #14
    I’m willing to bet the princely sum of £0.50 (GBP) that if his site does the rounds enough, he’ll find what he’s looking for. He should move to England, plenty of batshit hippies to choose from.

  10. Cripes… this dude is just as insufferable as the truck driving, spontaneous handjob loving guy from a few days ago. It makes me wonder if anyone here can find and post a similarly ridiculous personals ad from a woman, or can only men master this particular art form?

  11. “If she has been a prostitute, that is GOOD!! We can discuss it at length.”

    Fuck. This guy’s a pro. I’m gonna have to write a blog about this instead of multiple-commenting…

  12. @davew:

    It is working, and I pretty sure we do need help from you all. Jen and Amanda get a lot of links for the Quickies, and it’s likely they just haven’t had a chance to post one of yours yet. Bear with us.


    Damn, that delivery was so dry, I have to COTW it. It may not be what Rebecca likes, but you made me laugh.

  13. @MiddleMan I had to stop at:
    “Rock Music. I dislike rock music. I came of age in the 1960s and never liked it. It saps my energy and turns me off.”

    What kind of wanker doesn’t like a bit of Led Z?

    I’m considering sending him an email asking if it’d really be practical to turn everything into light. I don’t know much about the American legal system, but if it’s lacking in light, I could send him some energy efficient bulbs from my office.

  14. I made the mistake of reading some of the comments on the “gendered tv ads” video (never a good idea on youtube, I know, I know) but one stuck out in particular. It started something along the lines of “tv ads are MUCH more sexist against men than women…” and I started laughing so hard that I couldn’t read any further.

    Not saying that tv ads aren’t frequently awful about men as well, but puh-lease.

  15. @annan
    Do you remember a breast cancer awareness ad with a caption at the end saying “If only you paid as much attention to your boobs as they do”?
    I’m sure it was on TarrantTV a while back

  16. “Pets. I love all animals and they love me. Indeed, as a vegetarian, I am in no way responsible for their slaughter. I even catch indoor bugs and release them outdoors. But I’m not a pet person. Physical contact with animals (especially dogs) drains my energy.”

    WOW. Being with animals drains his energy?! That is creepy. “I like them, but they drain me!” Same with rock music. What does this even MEAN?!

    Talk about one creepy mo-fo.

  17. @davew: Sam is correct, we get tons of links and they are very much wanted.

    @Imrryr: I’d love to see some crazy ads from women. They must be out there, though I don’t know if anyone can match Mr. Angel LIGHT for craziness.

  18. @Amanda: How about a Skepchicks Interview Sarah Haskins podcast?

    You know, when you’re not working, or raising kids, or writing blog posts, or planning Skepchick events, or putting together calendars, or any of that other stuff.

  19. I couldn’t help reading the entire Goddess thing. I wish his address was on it (exactly) so I could order an airstrike. Though his massive ego and the Divine might protect him from the cleansing fire of fuel air bombs. Hard to pierce a wall of idiocy.

    I wonder if anyone has actually responded to him…

  20. As for the goddess-seeker and Craig’s List seeker:

    Well, if you have absolutely zero chance of getting laid, you may as well fantasize about somebody really, really good.

    As for the girl seeking a mate earning over $500,000:

    You should try to become somebody’s trophy wife instead of a first wife. But then this recalls Steven Wright’s comment: “She was a trophy wife, but it wasn’t First Place.”

  21. Strange, I would expect someone that

    is going to redefine the entire $720 billion computing industry, from bottom to top…from microchips to global systems. This mind-boggling new technology will dramatically improve the way people use computers and the way computers work.

    would know a thing or two about decent web design.

  22. The best comment on the SF Gate article about the physics discussion skateboard attack:

    “That’s what he gets bringing a quantum theory to a Newtonian physics fight.”.

  23. It seems like a ponzi scheme. In his anglebase website, you first have to register to become and angel. Then, you are allowed to make “sacred” donations. When the anglebase product later solves all human problems and the money rolls in, the registered angels may then be awarded monetary grants to continue their angel work.

    My bullsit detector is overdriven to saturation with this guy.

  24. re: The guy’s “business venture.”

    Supposedly, the entire concept is that corporations are “EEEEEvil!” and that this nutjob called “von Neumann” invented the computer, and because everyone is “EEEEEvil!” and greedy and interested in only perpetuating the inefficiencies of the status quo, since that’s the greedy thing to do, we haven’t been able to break through the “von Neumann barrier.”

    Well, I’ve got a BA in Computer Science, I’ve got a partial Masters from Notre Dame, and I’ve been a working professional in the IT industry for about five years now, and I’ve NEVER heard of the “von Neumann barrier.”

    Oh, wait … apparently I’m not the only one — http://www.google.com/search?q=%22von+neumann+barrier%22
    One would think that if this was some gigantic hurdle in the computing industry, it would have more than 7 Google results …

    Also, the entire “AngelBase” concept looks an awful lot like SharePoint and its ilk. Which isn’t to say that it’s “bad” but that it’s not an amazingly revolutionary piece of software, either.

    Oh, and this entire Angel whatnot is somehow connected to being a member of a “religion” called the “Legacy of the Angels” and that by becoming an “Angel” (capital-A, mind you, because there are differences!), which is free, you hereby are a member of their Church, which is helping to end human suffering on Earth, because you’re going to use a different computer program.

    No, I am not making this up — http://angelbase.com/main/greed-to-love/legacy-angels.php

    Of course, this is all just a gigantic scam to make money — http://angelbase.com/main/donations-hearts-grants/financials.php — since if this idea was actually, ya know, SOUND and FEASIBLE, everyone from Intel to Microsoft to Apple to Oracle to Cisco to …, would be STANDING IN LINE to buy their technology and ideas for $Bajillions.

    Hah! He even has the audacity to proclaim that it’s a big MLM scheme, and announces it proudly!
    “A rich diversity of AngelBase applications will be developed and marketed via the AngelBase Marketing Network (AMN), a spiritually-based newtork marketing system that redefines multi-level marketing.”

    I’ve been a reader of skepchick for quite a while, but I was actually prompted to register and post a comment about this one. Wow.

    PS – yes, I know HTML, so I could have made my links prettier, but I don’t want my first impression to be that I’m going to try and Rick Roll someone. I’ll save that for my second comment.

  25. I read the entire article by Mr. McCrazyPants. I do appreciate how he has no love for the scientologists, and how he’s tolerant of other relgions. … Except the scientologists. “Hey, Buddhist, Allah whatev! Just none of that Scientology…. that’s just too crazy!”… He’s the best.

    Also, I’m completely turned off by the fact he doesn’t love rock music. I was about to email him to share my devot INTENSELY passionate love for this man…. but no rock music???

    ALSO! WTF is this whole “I’m chilvarous thing, so I make all the decisions, because you’re a girl?” …. This guy makes me want to punch something really hard. And then down a bottle of wine while chain smoking a pack of cloves…

  26. @TimmyD: Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the computer was invented by a gay guy? It’s part of the gay agenda to turn everyone gay! Teh gay is a Software Transmitted Disease!!!11!!1!! O_O

    (I’m joking. I AM gay. I don’t actually believe this, Re: Poe.)

  27. @Amanda: I have sent out the Skepchick signal for that awesome idea.

    So what does the Skepchick Signal look like?

    I am trying to picture the Skepchickmobile as well.

  28. @pciszek: The Skepchick signal looks like one quirked eyebrow. Or a martini glass. Depends on the reason it’s being used.

    The Skepchickmobile is a pimped out Caddy with a “SRSLY?” LOLcat painted on the hood.

  29. Goddess: That guy is such an ass I hate him. He’s ugly too so he shouldn’t be seeking perfection if he isn’t perfect himself. Ooo I hate him.

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