Skepchick Quickies 6.19


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Aaaaaarrrrrgggh! at the Comic Con article. I’ve not made it to a comic convention yet (actually, my geeky con experience is pretty limited: one sci fi con 20-some years ago and a Xena con about 10 years ago), but I hope to one of these days.

    Note to self–go peruse the Girl Wonder forums sometime soon. One of the blogs there is called “Girls Read Comics (and They’re Pissed)”.

  2. Aww, that frogmouth chick looks grumpy.

    Before anyone tears into me, yes, I know I’m putting my recognition of human facial expressions on a non-human animal, a kind of….what’s that word? Paraphanoia?

  3. The only thing funnier than those howling dogs was my border collie trying to figure out where the howling came from — she was so confused.

  4. From the I Hate You So Much smackdown: Yeah, you heard that right: Girls are totally going to love this [werewolf] movie because of their periods.

    That explains werewolves, but I still don’t get the Brad Pitt thing.

  5. Hold on … “nearly three millimeters per second. That’s more than four times the speed of sound”.
    .003(m/sec) x 3600(sec/hr) = 10.8 m/hr = .01 km/hr.

    That’s four times the speed of sound?

  6. @marilove: Good actor. No debate about that.

    What I don’t get is the “I just want to stare at him” activity. Sure, he’s attractive but why do some actors and actresses inspire this “sexiest person alive” obsession where other, equally attractive, people don’t. Is it confusion between a specific character and the actor? Is it something particular about his appearance that I just don’t get?

    Most importantly, how can I inspire women to throw themselves at me?

  7. @durnett: I dunno, because people like pretty people?

    I’d imagine it has a mix to do with his looks, and his talent, and luck….

    I don’t find him more attractive than many other actors, but everyone has different tastes.

  8. @durnett: Sigh…
    I wish we got Comic Con in London.
    I heard from Durnett, who heard it from Steve, that the actors won’t be wearing any underwear this year ………

  9. @Steve:
    Apparently, the Darwin Awards are experimenting with proactivity. They’re working on the hypothesis that it is physically possible for a Twilighter to scream herself to death in the presence of an underwear-less Robert Pattinson.

  10. @James Fox: I found out about the magic mormon underwear from a shipmate when we were in Kuwait. He told me that the Underarmour corp was manufacturing their special sweat wicking underwear in cooperation with the mormon church so it was the extraspecial magical mormon and wicked sweat away.

  11. As if more than 1% of the world’s women were waiting for Dr. Dobson to give them permission?

  12. I actually work at the Woodland Park Zoo, I am so glad to see our tawny frogmouth made it onto Skepchick. It is probably the only cute baby bird I’ve ever seen. Usually they are terrifying looking little monsters when they hatch.

  13. @SkepPunk: It is probably the only cute baby bird I’ve ever seen. Usually they are terrifying looking little monsters when they hatch.

    So are baby humans. I know that I am going to hell for not seeing the beauty in a newborn child, but they look like angry lizardmen to me.

  14. @SkepPunk: That’s so cool it’s your zoo’s chick. So they’re cute right out of the shell?

    @durnett: I couldn’t agree more. They don’t hit cute until around 5-6 months, usually. Though I have seen the occasional alarmingly cute newborn.

  15. @Amanda: They do once they dry off anyway.

    I tried to share this with some co-workers, but the zoo’s internet filter has apparently decided that Skepchick is porn and is blocking it. Oh well.

  16. @PretzelsAndBeer:
    Speed of sound in what medium?? I’m thinking that the rubidium clouds are in vacuum (since air at 50 mK is solid). If there is a gap between the clouds, then what medium is present to conduct pressure waves? The story is definitely lacking in info.

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