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AI: Sunday Mornings

For some reason, I’ve been allocated the Sunday Afternoon Inquisitions. Is everyone else still asleep after a mother of a blowout on Saturday night? Are they all at church in their Sunday best? Or is there something faintly evangelical about me?

As a kid, Sunday mornings were frustrating and boring.  I’d wake up early, but there weren’t any cartoons on TV, only the dreaded Hour of Power.  I wasn’t socialized into religion, so there was no church for me. That is, until I begged my parents to allow me to attend Sunday School for a few errant weeks.

Nowadays, Sunday mornings are blueberry pancakes for brunch at my local cafe, hiking at Point Reyes, or hours and hours of long, languid se…um, sleeping…

What do you do on Sunday mornings?

The Afternoon Inquisition (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Skepchick community. Look for it to appear daily at 3pm ET.

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  1. It depends, quite honestly, on my location… if I’m ANYWHERE but home, I’m probably sleeping. When I’m home, the forced wakeup call for ritualistic mumbo-jumbo (aka Mass) is where I’m at.

  2. Sunday mornings are pretty much the only time I get to sleep in, so I’m usually snoring my face off. However, when I get up, I like to make scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on top of a toasted sesame bagel, or some other delicious brunchy type thing. I always try and have the afternoon off, so unless there’s housework or DIY to be done, I’ll lie on the sofa and play games (currently Valkyria Chronicles). Sunday evenings I usually work, but I love my job so I don’t mind :)

  3. Tune in to the opening of CBS Sunday Morning and crank up the volume to listen to Wynton Marsalis’ version of the Abblasen Fanfare on piccolo trumpet.
    Closest thing I get to a spiritual experience. :)

  4. Go to the newsagents and buy The Observer get home and cook up a traditional English Breakfast, eat that while reading the paper and listening to Broadcasting House on BBC Radio 4.

    Then it’s off to the Pub

  5. @Steve: Alas, they do, and when you have kids, it always starts way too, too early. Mine woke me this morning at 5:30AM. *yawn*

  6. Go to the market for fruit and veg, and maybe take the dog for a walk. How domestic! (After a big night I might skip the market… but I’ll be up anyway -children!)

  7. Usually get up late, but it can depend.

    What I find most amusing about Sunday mornings is that what’s on TV is usually described as “Religious Programming”. Yes, yes it is.

  8. In the winter, I sleep in and then eventually stagger my way down to the couch and lounge while my husband plays video games. There’s lots of reading, and some cleaning.
    In the summer, the sun comes blazing in at some fsmawful hour and I’m unable to get much quality sleep past seven or eight, so I stagger my way down to the couch and lounge while my husband plays video games. If the sun plans to be out that day, I do laundry and hang it on the line. Sometimes I clean. Sometimes I get to have the TV while my husband goes autocrossing…

  9. For the last several months my Sunday mornings have been taken up by work which starts at 7 AM. Several of my coworkers have asked me how come I get off so early and if I could take over their Sunday shifts for them, but none of them seem to want to trade shifts after I point out when I start.

  10. Work. At the moment I work. I remember weekends. Can’t wait until the next one. I think I have one booked for some time in February, 2011.

  11. If I’m coming off my midshift, it would be wishing I lived in a state that could sell beer on Sunday morning.

  12. This Sunday, I spent it getting a total of 1 hour 45 minutes of sleep and driving from Chicago, IL to Rochester Hills, MI (a good 5 hour drive). Then I did what I always do on Sundays, run 6-10 miles.

  13. Usually I’m holding onto the toliet while I puke up the overindulgent booze that I just finished drinking. Then I stare at the bowle full of whatever I ate along with the blood and booze and bile and tell myself that I will never ever ever drink that much again. Then I shower and go and do the shopping for the week and clean the house and try to plan a menu of dinners.

  14. Since I’m rarely in bed before 2am any night of the week Sunday mornings are like all other mornings: I sleep. Actually I sleep in a little more than usual because I don’t have to make sure I’m up for when the mail lady picks up any orders I may be shipping out.

  15. I work sunday afternoons, so I sleep in until I can’t any longer, or until it’s time to go to work, whichever comes first. Today I woke up, baked, had a brunch of cornbread muffins and black beans, went to work, and waited impatiently to go home. I used to have so much patience for people of all kinds, now I’m getting crotchety. Someone came to the museum to see if anyone had any information about… I don’t know what. He was incoherent. But he rambled on about the apparitions he’d been seeing in his old house and that when he tried to tell his wife about it, she finished his sentence for him with “the tall white haired guy in a suit? I’ve seen him.” Nice to know crazy comes in pairs.

  16. I work Saturdays til midnight, so I don’t go to bed til 5:30 AM. Thus the technical answer to what I do on Sunday mornings is sleep. But to answer in the spirit that it was intended in, when I wake up at 1:30 PM or so, I eat breakfast and then go to do a form of folkdancing I do. It’s my substitute for religion since it serves as a community of friends.

  17. I sleep as late as possible then drag myself out of bed to get to the SCA folkmoot. Today I went to my city’s Pride Parade!

  18. @tiger kitty: Sunday morning is a hoax perpetrated by NIST to convince people that the weekend is longer that it really is. The weekend actually skips from Saturday night to Sunday afternoon, meaning that we only have 36 hours of weekend each week.

    NIST films a fake Sunday morning on a secret soundstage located in Boulder Colorado. That’s where they keep the atomic clock that controls all the other clocks in the world. If you look carefully at footage of Sunday morning, you’ll see that it can’t be real. The shadows are all wrong.

    Anyone claiming to have seen Sunday morning is either brainwashed or in on the conspiracy.

  19. Go for Dim Sum (and I’m saddened that I’m the first to say this – where are all the Dim Sum eaters?). Preferably, I go with the lady who spent the night.

  20. We sit around on our screened patio (in good weather), reading the Sunday Washington Post, drinking coffee and doing the brunchy thing, listening to jazz music on SiruisXM and watching the birds in our wildlife/bird/flower garden. In bad weather, we do the same inside.

    I worked way too many early Sunday mornings in the airlines, so I feel I’m entitled to be a lazy bum on Sunday mornings now.

    @TracyKing: Mmmmm….that “scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on top of a toasted sesame bagel” sounds exquisite… :-D

  21. Zoltan,

    I am a HUGE fan of Dim Sum (same as Yum Cha, I think – Chinese tasty dumplings, chicken feet, and other delectables that you pick from a tray as they pass rapidly past your table, traditional Sunday lunch in Malaysia and SE Asia, yes?).

    Best times of my life were doing early Sunday morning startup shifts in the lab, getting up at 5.30 am, working to noon, and meeting my wife for lunch at the Dinh Hao cafe in Gouger Street Adelaide for Yum Cha!

    VERY popular, you had to book even to get in the door and stand in the queue and it was shoulder to shoulder packed in the whole place.

    Highly recommended!

  22. i like to go to a coffee shop early (usually starbucks since i moved) and just site there with my coffee, or tea and scone and read for a while in the morning. then there is usually softball in the early afternoon. sometimes it’s early and i have to skip the reading and coffee. sunday i want to be my do nothing day except rest and eat and read. it’s been close to a month since i’ve had a nice relaxing sunday. this could explain why i’ve been extra cranky lately.

  23. Every couple weeks I get to meet with a bunch of other heathens. It’s nice to have something to do since I have always tried to cram alot into a weekend. Since moving to NC though Sundays had been really boring.

  24. Saturday is my Sunday; it’s when I sleep in and spend a lazy day just relaxing. I rarely go out or do any of the usual stuff people reserve for Saturdays. That makes Sunday my reboot day: I’m up early; do a quick workout; shower; breakfast; check email; do laundry; clean the apartment; catch up on the news; check what projects need to be done and get them scheduled; start meal plans for the week; check finances and pay bills; set my schedule for the week. Generally, Sunday is one of my busiest days of the week.

  25. Nowhere to get Dim Sum locally.

    I have to drive for at least an hour to get some. Doing that defeats the purpose of a lazy Sunday morning, IMHO. :-(

  26. Sleep in but not too late (10am or so) otherwise I won’t be getting to sleep at a reasonable time that night, hang around tired, usually hungover, watching movies, cleaning, sitting around on the couch, maybe a Jenny’s trip (gay Denny’s!), maybe shopping, or a goodwill book hunt.

  27. Up at 6:30 and golfing by 8:00 followed by an afternoon of G&T’s, gardening, lounge chair under a shade tree with a book, and another G&T. I tend to get up earlier on weekends to get to the golf course before the slow slacker hacks, get my fix in and still feel like I have a whole day still left. In the winter I usually sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast and lots of good coffee.

  28. When the Maifan-San (aka Anthroslug aka Sweet SugarPie of Sexiness) is home we sleep in and then try to spend the day relaxing… reading, watching movies, siting on the couch with our laptops… usually a nice walk at some point… and of course the sex.

    When he isn’t home I clean, go food shopping, and sometimes game with some local friends. (Throwing dice on a Sunday… wheeeee) Yesterday I even cooked!

  29. Sunday morning is the time our family goes out to breakfast to the local diner or IHOP. With all the godbots in church, we normally get seated right away.
    We also like to go to the museum or park if it’s nice out.

  30. depends on the weather, but watching a new episode of Doctor Who from the other night and or being outside and doing some writing are my fave things to do. Nowadays, Sunday morning means early morning tea and cereal, or sleeping in from a night of martini drinks with one of my new BFFs (Brian). Though after reading this, I really want some blueberry pancakes.

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