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AI: It’s all about you

Last week, I asked you who is your favorite Skepchick and why. And then we all walked around HQ with huge swollen heads and even huger smiles. Man, we love you guys!

Like I mentioned in my last AI, it is skeptic season. The day after tomorrow, I will be boarding a plane from Chicago to Minneapolis for the very first ever SkepchickCon! And a week later, I’ll be boarding another plane from Chicago to Las Vegas for my very first TAM! The excitement is almost overwhelming. Not only do I get to hang with the rest of the Hive, but I’m going to meet a bunch of you guys, too!

(BTW, If you walk up to me any time during TAM or SkepchickCon and say the words, “Headset Vince says he ShamWow loves your face!” I will give you a hug. FREE!)

Since we already went over how much you love us, why not tell us who you love? Who’s your favorite Skepchick reader-commenter? Who makes you laugh? Who makes you think?

The Afternoon Inquisition (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Skepchick community. Look for it to appear daily at 3pm ET.


Elyse MoFo Anders is the bad ass behind forming the Women Thinking, inc and the superhero who launched the Hug Me! I'm Vaccinated campaign as well as podcaster emeritus, writer, slacktivist extraordinaire, cancer survivor and sometimes runs marathons for charity. You probably think she's awesome so you follow her on twitter.

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  1. Oh no! I’m not falling for that one, that’s how wars are started. Everyone takes sides and pits one Skepchick against another. And pretty soon you’ve got anarchy!

    But I really like Rebecca, she’s got a twisted sense of humor.

  2. @Joshua: As long as you keep that gravitar up, I’ll love you!

    I also like Hotphysicsboy-simply because of his gravitar.

    As far content-its like asking which finger do you like best. I like them all-except that pinky. Why do we have them? I think that’s evidence of unintelligent design….ok, back on topic.

    Its like a jenga puzzle. Take one away, and it all falls apart. No one person makes better comments by him/herself, they play off one another.

  3. Gabrielbrawley because he usually goes boobies and booze before me, Marilove and Kimbo for being feisty and fun, Oskar Kennedy for jumping in head first funny way to many times to mention and every woman that’s said her favorite drink is scotch. I’m fairly impressed in general with the quality of discussion and fun everyone contributes to round here.

  4. OH MAN!!! I’ve wanted to share my love with these people for so long!

    Marilove: because she’s amazing and hilarious and uber cool

    Gabrielbrawley: because he’s generally very thought provoking and gives me a different perspective on things, not to mention he’s fucking hilarious.

    James Fox: just because he’s fantastic.

    There are others, but those are the ones that immediately came to mind.

    Basically I just like the thought provoking comments provided by everyone and the differing opinions. It’s nice to be able to share ideas on different subjects and not be judged (too harshly) and still be able to have a sense of commoradity when it’s all said and done.

  5. @infinitemonkey: Does anyone else create images in your head about what the other posters should look like based on their gravitar?

    If I ever make it to a Drinking Skeptically session, I expect you all to either look exactly like your avatar, or to be wearing a printout of it strapped to your face.

  6. Honestly, I want to say “EVERYONE!” but infinitemonkey always makes me lol, James Fox is one smart cookie (and not just ‘cuz he mentioned me!), Kimbo, Elyse, Joshua because he knows his whiskey, catgirl because both here and on scienceblogs she basically says what I am thinking but can never articulate, QuestionAuthority is pretty awesome too, MiddleMan always makes me loool, Kaylia_Marie because she’s awesome, and davew becuase we don’t always agree and that can be fun.

    And there are so many more but I am stopping now.

  7. @infinitemonkey: Oh no. I wonder what I look like in your head…

    My profile used to link to my myspace, but I borked it and can’t fix it at work and forget to fix it otherwise. So now y’all will think I look like a very manly dude in makeup?! lol

  8. James Fox – Smart and cool, nice combo. Love the Gravitar.

    Marilove – Slightly odd chick who likes even numbers and fair treatment.

    Steve – Who couldn’t like Steve? The man plays with chemicals!

    tiger kitty – My favorite foil and posting play-date. Hopefully hasn’t thrown herself off of a cliff yet.

    There are more, and I’ll post them on this love fest soon…

  9. @infinitemonkey:

    Not only do I have pictures based on avatars (which doesn’t mean I think you look LIKE your avatar, BTW), but avatar changes are upsetting to me… it’s like you went on Extreme Makover Internet Edition.

  10. @Elyse: See, I have to go by usernames, because I Skepchick mostly at work (shhhh), and the avatars are blocked! Every once in a while, they become unblocked, and it fucking confuses me. I get thrown off. Hahaha.

    But on livejournal, I tend to remember people by their icons unless we’ve had a history, so if someone changes their icon, I … tend to kind of forget who they were.

  11. @davew:

    I’ll post that one right after I summon the guts to ask “Who’s your least favorite Skepchick?”

    @James Fox:

    I know you did! it was fantastic. It made the transition from Black Cartoon James to White Real Person Guy.

  12. Awww. I love you all! all the skepchickey love is making me sad that I haven’t had time for much commenting lately. I need to quit my job, obviously.

  13. As I tell my boys, I LOVE EVERYONE EQUALLY. No favorites. And I look like my avatar. Bad hair day every single day of the month.

  14. I love you all. well, most of you.

    Actually I really do love everyone… almost all of you I think I would really like to hang out with in real life, grab a mocha or a scotch or a something.

    Kimbo and Marilove are perhaps my all time faves… but that’s just cuz I have internet crushes on them.

    Oh and Gabrielbrawley because he reads my blog and keeps asking to see my boobies :P

  15. Ahem, and Tiger Kitty who has a bitch ass avatar and who lives just over the hill from me and thus has just moved up into the ranks of “People Cool Enough To Live in CA”


    Wait… have you been to any of the skeptics in the pub things? HAVE I actually shared a mocha or a scotch with you and didn’t even know it was you?

  16. It is indeed!

    Are you enjoying the heat? All day today people were bitching about how hot it was over the weekend… I, who only work on this side of the hill and live in SC, did my best not to gloat toooo loudly over my perfect weather.

    /rant over.

  17. @Kaylia_Marie: LOL Yes, the heat is grand! We actually avoid going to SC on super hot weekends, even tho the weather is perfect, because of the mass of people that go. Unless you go super early, 17 is a parking lot. I’ll pop back to your blog in a bit and drop you an email. :)

  18. Spiffy… the email link is in my profile.

    And now the rest of you can stalk me too!

    You know the whole traffic thing is funny (because I live there)…. I walked from my apartment, through downtown, and over to the beach on Sat… and I realized it was only going to take me 20 mins to walk… but the same distance was going to take the tourists 45 mins to drive.

    I felt oddly happy about that.
    Petty, but happy.

  19. @Kaylia_Marie: “I felt oddly happy about that.
    Petty, but happy.”

    Welcome to my world. :-)

    Thinking about this question and the previous one I realize that I can’t answer it. It’s hard to think of the Skepchick’s and commenters as individual enough people to have their own subfolder in my memory. This would be a prerequisite for choosing favorites. I need a better hook than an avatar to hang memories on. Give me another year or so and I’ll start to remember names. If I ever met any of y’all in meat space, however, it would be a completely different thing.

    I am comfortably certain this is my malfunction in how I remember people. If anyone else wants to fess up, however, I wouldn’t mind some company.

  20. @Steve: @marilove: @James Fox: @tiger kitty: @Kaylia_Marie: @@Vengeful Harridan (Elexina): @bug_girl: Kimbojones and I am sure I am forgetting someone. Please forgive me for forgetting.

    I was thinking of all of you guys the other day. I would love to meet you in the real world. I think we would have a blast. I feel like I know you guys at least a little. I’m hoping that some or all of you will be at a future TAM when I finally have the time and money to attend. I actually think of you all at different times.

    Marilee I think of you when I am at my local supermarket. There is a young lady there that I think of as Mary’s girl. She has small breasts and a nice ass but on the large side. James I think of you when I am in the Scotch aisle of the liquor store or tonight when I bought some more bleu cheese stuffed olives. Steve when I see the lobster tank. Tiger when I pick up one of my several Calvin and Hobbes collections.

    It is weird. I will see or do something and I will think. I can’t wait to tell the gang over at skepchick. How can I work this into a comment?

  21. I like all the commenters who are not me. The specific ones that I would mention have been mentioned, such as kimbo and gabrielbrawley and james fox, marilove, et al, so no real point in repeating. Which I just did anyway, despite its apparent pointlessness.

  22. Steve and marilove have already been said. Tiger kitty and davew are both hilarious too. Also, tiger kitty’s gravatar is great (yay Calvin and Hobbes!).

  23. @infinitemonkey: I will match my extraordinary claim with extraordinary evidence-I’ve just updated my name link to go to my facebook profile, where there’s a real picture of me-for the curious. I’ve been wanting to do it for a bit anyways, since I use it more often than twitter.

    *DISCLAIMER-Infinite Monkey is not responsible for screen breaking, temporary/permanent blindness, or being turned to stone as a result of viewing my picture. Please view responsibly.

  24. D’aww… I love all yous guys! Seriously, if you ladies and dudes threw a party and invited everyone you knew, you would see the biggest gift would be from me, and the card attached would say, “Thank you for being a friend!”

    On top of that, I’ll add…
    @marilove: Izzard 4 life!
    @killyosaur42: Thanks for introducing me to Heidevolk. Listening to Dutch pagan metal makes my commute to work much more enjoyable.

  25. @infinitemonkey: I was just being sarcastic, I mean… Look you misunderstood… What I was saying… Can’t we just…

    I know, I know, that’s why my default setting in online discussions is – assume the other person is serious until proven otherwise. I do realize that higher primate as yourself would be computer savvy.


  26. I haven’t read all the comments here. I’m just posting. I used to post more often, but stupid real life has gotten in the way.

    But Marilove, Gabrielbrawley, tiger kitty, and many others are so much fun.

  27. You mean I hav eto pick and choose? :-(

    LOLcat for the ears. :-D

    Bug_Girl, because she’s one of the few “real” scientists I know. I also am moderately interested in insect life.

    Awww, Hell. All of you!


  28. @killyosaur42:

    I guess you wouldn’t drive 11 hours round trip on a Saturday to shake hands with an antisemite… boobies on the other hand… drunk boobies…

    Honestly, I think the fact that you did that makes you my favoritest reader.

  29. @davew: I bet I’ll be on that one too.

    Thanks for the love! It’s nice to be appreciated. I have to give props to the following people who came to me off the top of my head so sorry for neglecties, but it’s 1am here and I have insomnia (read: the tired stupids): QuestionAuthority, SomeCanadianSkeptic, Steve, Marilove, Kayla_Marie, GabrielBrawley, Oskar Kennedy, and…the rest. There are many many awesome people about. Most of you, in fact. Various reasons, the number one being the astounding hilarity of most of your comments and/or the general awesomeness of the comments and/or being a voice of reason during flameyness.

  30. I like marilove… not sure how much that has to do with boobs and the fact that I associate her with Eddie Izzard, though. :)

    She’s also smart and diplomatic, even in heated fussing fights.

  31. Okay, drunk enough to admit this now. The first time I logged on to this AI I was really hoping that at least one person would mention me. But I was also kind of scared that no one would and then I find me mentioned by multiples. You guys rock the casbaa. This is like the bestes circle jerk I has ever been in. I am really, really happy to be mentioned by so many peoples. Thank you all so much. Really, you guys are the best.

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