The History of Everything Timeline

Thanks to friend and occasional Skepchick commenter Liz for tipping me off to this hilarious graphic made by Peter Morris . Click to see the whole thing (seriously, click it).

History of Everything Snippet

Rebecca Watson

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  1. The real reason it took God so long to do anything is because he was having a long weekend after destroying the previous universe.

  2. Give God a break!
    He was gonna do it sooner but he was going through some personal stuff…and then he forgot about it for a while.
    He did stuff eventually but then he got a headache and went to have a lie down.

  3. That is a great graphic representing an entire cosmos that the YECs explain away with a “goddidit”.

    I prefer the “According to Science” column. It’s so much more interesting.

  4. Another possibility: Substitute ‘God’ with mental continuum.

    Is the universe inherently existent?

    What’s t’ matter?.. Never mind…

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