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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Yay for Maine! Lets keep an eye on those homophobes so they don’t ruin a good thing. I still don’t understand the reasoning concerning letting gays marry. Does it invalidate their heterosexual marriage? No.

    Apparently this salami is only significant to Christian English speakers. Someone in Ecuador would have sacrilegedly eaten it already. :P

  2. It may have just been the angle they shot the footage at, but to me it looked like it spelled G-O-O.

    Also, no where else on those pieces of salami are nearly as burned as the letters; it looks like someone burned it with a lighter or blowtorch.

  3. Re: Cellulite

    “When you find these pictures, women had perfect legs. And back in the ’40s and ’50s they didn’t have the computer programs to retouch those photos.”

    I wonder if this author knows where the names ‘airbrush’, ‘dodge’, ‘burn’, etc on photo editing programs came from?

    Or even the simpler tricks of vaseline on the lens, pantyhose stretched across the FOV, or simply shifting the focus just a touch to make fine detail (like cellulite bumps) fuzz out.

  4. @Lyc: An even simpler reason that women pictured in the 40s and 50s had better legs was selection bias. The standard of dress covered much more leg, so the only women who were photographed with lots of bare leg were those who had good legs.

  5. A) WTG, Maine!

    B) Don’t these people ever realize that, if there were a doG, he/she/it would have better things to do than use its “almighty” powers to put its name or image on various food products?

    Who does this doG think He is, General Mills? Kraft?

  6. The inevitable anti-marriage prop wording: Even though it has absolutely no impact on our daily lives, the though of gay people being happy more importantly having sex makes us feel icky and uncomfortable inside when we take the time to think about it.

  7. @QuestionAuthority: Branding, QA, it’s all about branding. Obviously God wants us to associate His name with things we love. Where better to start than with our favorite foods. Soon, everytime you get hungry, you will think “Hey! Shouldn’t I be praying?”


    This time its a joke, but this is the exact “logic” I hear from the marketing consultants all of the time.

  8. I used to like Scientific American… it entertained me through so many interminable airport layovers. And now I will have to send them a homeopathic extract of anthrax – ’cause I don’t want to kill them, just draw the poison out.

    I was actually pretty disappointed that PZ Meyers only picked up on the homeopath masquerading as scientist angle of the piece, and not the phenomenally sexist and fat-phobic angle. The douchebag homeopath actually explained the reasons women have cellulite (different fat storage structures and higher body fat than men) but then went off into some woo about how it was all about teh modirn obeezity epidemick, and how immoral it was for teenage girls to have cellulite (I did, all my friends did – even the gymnasts- and I was “underweight” until I was 23. I still haven’t met a woman without some degree of cellulite, so whence the “it strikes women between the ages of 25 and 35” bullshit?).

    A good cellulite article would also explain how the term was invented by a cosmetologist to sell creams (yet another reason there was no panic about this pernicious failure of woman before the 1970’s) and that it’s about as productive to loathe women for having this specifically female form of fat storage as it is to loathe them for having other female fat storage devices such as breasts.

    Next SciAm article: Faith Healer Explains How Modern Sin Causes Female Hirsutism which goes on to explain how the modern epidemic of female sluttitude has caused women to become masculinized, and grow hair on their genitalia. This growth has also been occurring in younger and younger girls, because they are pushed into sex so soon by MTV and teh gay propaganda. We know this is a modern affliction because women have only recently become obsessed with removing it from their bodies – there was no brazilian waxing prior to the 1970’s, and we never saw hairy snatch in fashion photographs from the 1940’s and 1950’s. If only women would keep their goshdarned legs closed, then this hair-down-there problem would stop being such a scourge on society.

  9. You’d think a divine message burned into fried salami could be a bit more clear. Something like:

    I get misquoted on this all the time so I thought I’d send a note clarifying my position on the issue. Same-sex marriage is just fine. Really.

    But I bet, if something like that showed up, everyone would just think it’s a hoax or something.

  10. @Amanda:

    I hear wives are pretty helpful so having two would be sweet

    You know why husbands die before wives? Because they want too.

    One wife is nice but also an amazing amount of work. Two would probably kill me within the year.

  11. @Steve: I suppose a personal appearance by doG in a suitable location in an incontravertible fashion is definitely out?
    So He has to show up as a friggin’ sausage? Do you know what’s IN salami, folks?

    Hint: It’s NOT doG. :-D

  12. @Elyse: @Amanda: Maine, here we come!

    I really like the governor’s comments, too. He described well and simply why this is not “attacking traditional marriage” and how it reinforces separation of church and state.

    But I’m not too worried if it does end up in a referendum vote. I think California’s Prop 8 debacle happened because everyone was caught off guard. Seriously, who would’ve thought California couldn’t push through gay marriage? But now we know the Mormons have crazy money and strategy, so we’re prepared. I don’t foresee another issue like that happening again.

  13. Yeah, I see “goo”, too. Obviously that salami is trying to tell her to go get some Sonic Youth.

  14. I had a surprising conversation today. Visiting my best friend and her husband. Me and her were saying how great the gay marriage bill was and her fairly conservative christian husband agreed with us. Said if it came up for a referendum vote he’d go in favor of upholding it. Me and him argue a lot about things but it’s good to see him put his sense of fairness before his faith.

  15. Amazing how you can discredit a whole field of inquiry by sticking the word “pop” in front of it.

  16. Better than California?

    Come on.

    You can set your sights higher than that!

    Good luck to you all,


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