Afternoon Inquisition 5.9


Earlier this week, looking out after the first storm of the year at the freshly bloomed plum tree, it finally felt like spring.

What makes you feel like spring?

(apologies to my southern hemisphere readers)

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  1. When I see the first chihuahua being carried through on the end of a probiscus of a mosquito the size of a hummingbird I know that spring has arrived.

  2. When it hasn’t snowed for about a week. I’m still waiting for the annual end-of-May snowfall, but since everything has started to green up I’m pretty convinced that spring is finally here!

  3. That first quarter-inch of pollen on the hood of my car. (Or, if you prefer, sneezing up my first Brillo pad, which is about 15 minutes later.)

  4. The squeaking swingset one-note whine of young mockingbirds who have yet to gain a repetiore.

    It’s pretty annoying, actually.

  5. Robins.
    Cherry blossoms.
    Pea sprouts climbing their lattice.
    Fat bumblebees on clover.
    Sun-dried laundry.
    Farmers markets.
    Wind. Lots and lots of wind.
    Wishing my screen door didn’t have a tear in it so I could take down the storm door.
    Opening the windows so all the dust bunnies blow around the house and settle out of sight and out of mind (for a while).
    The sun blaring through the bedroom windows in the morning and through the living room windows right onto the TV at night.
    The Corvette comes out of hibernation.
    Barking dogs who bark at nothing and do it all… day… long.
    Garden dirt under my fingernails and forget-me-not burrs in my clothes.
    And, of course, boobies. But then, that’s the answer to anything. That, or Anne Margaret.

    All in all, a mixed bag.

  6. Using up all the Windex getting all the pollen off my windshield…

    Sunny days immediately followed by cold, dreary ones, immediately followed by pouring rain…I.e. normal DC area spring weather…

    The piles of Sheltie fuzz while they have their semi-annual coat “blow out,” followed by dust Shelties…er, bunnies…

  7. Since this is my first spring in (sub-tropical) South Florida and we don’t get winter like we did in New York or Arizona I’ve been thinking about that a lot. I think the sign of spring will now be that sundown is late enough that I can hit the beach for awhile after work.

  8. Please don’t shoot me for writing this but:

    “The wonderful thing about skepchicks
    is skepchicks are wonderful things!
    Their tops are made out sexy smartness,
    their bottoms are made out of springs!
    Their bouncy, trouncy flouncy, pouncy
    Fun fun fun fun fun!
    But the most wonderful thing about skepchicks is,
    that there is 14 now instead of just one.”

  9. @Tim3P0: You know Tim I think I underrated you. This is the best I have read to this point. This is the comment of enternity. This should be said with a deep bass echoy sound.

  10. Spending significant time outside without a jacket, and everything becoming green. No number of other signs are sufficient in the absence of those two.

    (Pollen here starts before the snow’s gone.)

  11. Asparagus. I got some at the farmers’ market yesterday, and my mouth is watering in anticipation.

    Yesterday I dug in the dirt for hours–got some seeds planted, the lawn mowed, and tidied up some of the garden beds.

    There have been lots of flowers blooming, and the dandelions have already peaked, and my rhubarb is beginning to grow over the driveway, but it doesn’t feel like spring until there’s local asparagus.

    Asparagus is its own reward.

  12. It’s that vaguely depressing feeling that winter’s over and summer’s on the way. I’m already looking forward to autumn.

  13. Being wound tightly in a spiral to create tension that can be used to store energy usually makes me feel like a spring.


  14. @Steve: I hastily typed that comment while rushing out the door to meet a friend to go see Star Trek. When we got out of the theater, we were in the middle of a downpour. No umbrellas, of course. Yep, definitely spring here.

  15. The torrential downpours that mark the spring camping trip for my son and I. Every year!

    We have a blast, and he cries when it’s time to come home.

  16. @Tim3P0: COTW just wanted to vote for you again. Since you brought up skepchick bottoms. We have already seen that skepchick boobies are really nice. Do you ever wonder what their bottoms might look like?

  17. Is it bad that most of mine are related to riding my bicycle?
    -switch from full gloves to half-gloves; can wear just a jersey or t-shirt with no insulating layer under my windbreaker (it’s summer when I can ditch the windbreaker too)
    -don’t need to use lights or reflector gear when riding at seven PM
    -upside: bridges on my favourite trails are no longer slippery
    -downside: trails are full of pedestrians and dogs

  18. Here in South Australia its the almond blossom.

    So sad in one way that so many have been dug up and replaced by grapevines.

    In the other way though, good wine and food is one of the things we do best so, if you are visiting Oz, contact me and I will show you a good time cos we do know how to party!

  19. Course, the invite extends to you skeptics. I just had a vision of 5000 4chan Anonymous perverts rocking up on my front doorstep………..maybe I should draw some Venn diagrams here!

  20. Up here in Wisconsin, it’s me looking out my home-office window and seeing my retired neighbor starting his lawn maintenance.

    While there are still scattered snow and ice patches on the lawn…

  21. The trees may have leafed out, the fruit trees have blossomed but its still cold, wet and grey. Spring this year is over a month late with few prospects of much improvement. I do have fond recollections of past springs, but they are fading.

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