Afternoon Inquisition

5.6 Afternoon Inquisition

As promised last Friday, today is a very special AI! Both Comment o’ the Week winners were able to choose a question. Therefore, you may answer one, both, or neither. Here they are!

From Merkuto:

As humor seems to be a big factor in comment of the week,
I’m curious what jokes, comedians, comics, and funny stories the
skepchick readers have to share that are of a sciency or skeptical
nature. As an example, my avatar is a poster for Schrodinger’s cat,
wanted dead or alive.

And from Gabriel Brawley:

Where on the web can I see your boobies?

Ready set go!

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor.

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  1. Probably goes without saying, but I will anyway: George Carlin. Especially stuff from “You Are All Diseased.”

    “What is all this shit about Angels? Have you herd this? 3 out of 4 people belive in Angels. Are you fucking stupid?”

  2. @Catch22:

    I was a bit surprised to see a Carlin quote in the signature of a member. It made me wonder if they have ever even listened to anything by him. Or maybe that particular person was an atheist spy, who knows?

    That was the creepiest place on the interwebz, btw. Go there if you want to see serious levels of godcrazy.

  3. Mr. Brawley:

    Monty Python, George Carlin, Eddie Izzard, or anything that makes a good point or egregious pun while risking the horror of most people tends to make me laugh.

    Absurdism, too. Like something that Rebecca Watson tweeted a while back (I’m retelling, I can’t be arsed to quote):

    Bacon and sausage are put into a frying pan, and the pan is put on a hot stove. After a short while, the sausage says “hey! is it getting hot in here?” And the bacon says “AAAAH! Talking sausage!”.

    Mmm, deliciously absurd.

  4. Oh and to answer the non-boobies question, I get my skeptical laughs where you all do. I wasn’t going to say anything, because I know you all already subscribe to it, but then I remembered that there might be new readers and skeptics out there who don’t know.

    Treelobsters! Of course!

  5. I’d like to see some Mac/PC parodies along the lines of:

    “Hi, I’m an atheist.”

    “And I’m a Christian.”

    “So Christian, I noticed that ”

    – Christian gets roundly humiliated –

    Just throwing it out there. I’m not a writer ;)

  6. Of course boobies are NSFW! We couldn’t allow the general population of the interweb to have free access to… devil’s dumplings! There would be media hysteria and economic collapse! It would surely be the last sign of the end times, when Jebus himself will come down and smite us with his rod of justice.

    That said, I do like them very much. But that’s OK because I’m allowed to like them so long as I never think about them, and especially so long as I never attempt to see/obtain access to same.


  7. @Elexina:

    Thank you… your boobies are quite lovely as well!


    Boobies should only be exposed to babies and husbands. And only to babies who shut their eyes while eating! The ones that eat with their eyes open are perverts and should be immediately put on formula!

  8. You know, you used to be able to become a fan of my b00bs on facebook. But the powers that be deemed them inappropriate, and threatened to ban me forever if I ever tried to pull such a filthy disgusting stunt ever again!

  9. Well, I’m home, I have my Skepchick brand handlotion, my skepchick brand tissues and I’m ready to look at some skepchick brand boobies.
    Yay boobies.

  10. @Elyse: I was going to make a MySpace page for my boobs -you know, back when MySpace was still the place to be. I was going to call it “The Globe Theatre.”

    They have MySpace and Facebook for people, and GoodReads where avid readers can be “friends” and recommend books. Maybe we need a Boobspace.

  11. @Elyse: I was a fan of your boobs for the 15 minutes that facebook allowed me to be one. (I’m still a private fan) shish, don’t tell facebook.

  12. My eternal gratitude to Steve for posting the link to XKCD (and others) some time ago.

    Many of you would enjoy

  13. @Elyse: Technically, that’s only “booby”.

    *sigh* I must be getting old, ’cause it’s the piercing eyes I can’t look away from. (Or is it the pierced nose? Something about piercing in the facial area. It’s not a Pierce Arrow, I know that. Last Pierce Brosnan movie I watched was in 2002 I think. Nonono, it’s either the nez percé or the eye daggers. Yep, definitely eyes.)

    Oh well, as for humor, people have already mentioned XKCD, Tree Lobsters, etc. I don’t think anyone mentioned Girl Genius, so I’ll throw that one out there, just because I’m all about the (mad) science! (Seriously, red-headed mad science girl? What’s not to like?) Oh well, back to the lab, The Creature wanted to play a game of chess before the villagers came around for their nightly chat with the pointy sticks.

  14. Hmmm, a conspicuous lack of boobies.

    Having said that, Elyse and Elexina, thank you and SHAZZAM! those are some awesome pictures.

    Gabriel, special thanks to you, sir, for your amazingly insightful AI. FSM bless you and all the boobies.


  15. Elyse,

    Those photos are ridiculously tasteful.

    And hot,


    PS: But then again, there are only two pics. How are we to judge properly on this without more information?!

    That’s all I’m sayin’.

  16. Damn, Elyse, I thought the shot that made it into the calendar was pretty hot; I can almost see the nipple! But yeah, i have to say that the pic you linked to was even sexier. Not only do we see nipple and your beautiful eyes, but we also get to see your underwear. :p

    Tit for tat, I am also in this year’s calendar:

  17. A story about the worse joke experience I’ve ever had. Strap in.

    Years ago, while working at one of those menial jobs that we all have to do every now and again, I was very suddenly getting along great with one of my co workers. We had suddenly discovered that we like the same movies, comedians, tv shows, books, and have a similar sense of humor (this last bit is important).

    We would often send off-color jokes to each other over the course of the night via hand-written notes, designed to be seen at the most inappropriate moment, and the more that the person would laugh in front of a customer, the better.

    After a few weeks of this, I drew a picture of a man on a cross. He had bloodied hands and feet w/ nails through them, whip cuts, lacerations, and a thorny-crown. Atop the cross was adorned “INRI”, and at his feet were weeping women. There were two other crucified men in the background, and a cloudy sky loomed over all. It was actually a beautiful piece of work.

    With it, I provided the note, “Self Portrait, 2003”.

    I showed it to him with the kind of jazz-hands-like facial expression that is awaiting a hilarious reaction, and kept nudging it up and down towards his face with a “eh? Eh?? EHHHH????”

    He stared a hole right through me and said this (and I will never forget it):

    “You’re saying you’re Him”

    Internally, I was thinking, “ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitthisistheworkplace! I’mgoingtogetinsomuchtrouble! Ohshitohshitohshit!”

    But externally, I said:
    “No…..I’m not saying I’m ‘Him’….I’m just saying that I will one day die for everyone’s sins in order to save the world that has forsaken me”

    His eyes had that kind of glassed-over look that can only come with the deepest affront to one’s most sacred beliefs. They got glassy, and then red.

    He walked away. But, very, VERY slowly and methodically. His rage was calculated.

    And I was a colossal boner.

    Whatevs. I still think it was a good joke.

  18. @Some Canadian Skeptic: You know, a lot of women love Jesus because he’s hung like this
    *holds arms apart as if being cruicified*
    Nahhh… it’s all a misunderstanding. He was just hardcore, and forgot the safeword. His last words were “EGGPLANT! PARACHUTE! FORKLIFT!”

  19. There are pictures of me in a bra around, but I’d rather not have that link connected to my name any more than it already is.

    There’s also a drawing of me taking a bra off, on facebook, but that’s got my nipples pixelated, so that’s ok.

  20. @Elyse: So it’s true. The first sinful sinful bite is with the eye.

    Also, thanks for the boobies. Nobody in my office thought they were NSFW. Although that might just be the evil heathen liberal values of University showing through.

  21. I agree with most of the options here, but will add: All skeptics should familiarise themselves with the work of Christopher Brookmyre (, especially Not The End Of The World (his evisceration of religion) and Attack Of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks (his evisceration of the paranormal). Excellent action thrillers, very Scottish in colour and Hollywood in tone and pacing, totally awesome.

  22. @Aboverepine: Wait… I’m married and we bought both calendars. Do women still pretend that their partners don’t look at other women in real life or in magazines or what-have-you? At least the Skepchicks are all artsy and crap. And smrt. We have our Skepchick calendar proudly displayed over my desk in the living room. Never be ashamed of hot chicks!

  23. @Elexina:

    I’m also married, and we hang our skepchick calendar proudly as well. One of the many things I appreciate about my wife is that we both understand that it’s fun to look at beautiful women (esp. if they have very little clothing on).

    I’ve never understood why so many women seem so insecure in their relationships that they’re afraid when their partners look at other women.

  24. @autotroph:

    Skepchick calendar hangs in our family room in one of the most visible places in the house.

    Why you would want to hang it anywhere else (even in months that are not January) is beyond me. If it’s SFW, it’s SFHome.

  25. I’d love to buy a skepchick calender but my wife would be upset. I am actually flattered by this. We’ve been married for 5 years and she still thinks I can get any woman who walks by just by smiling at them. I wish I were that hot.

  26. @Gabrielbrawley: See, but just because you COULD (hypothetically) doesn’t mean you WOULD. That’s the difference. Appreciating, and even ogling, are a far cry from “getting,” in flesh or on paper.

  27. A dying mosquito exclaimed,
    A chemist has poisoned my brain!
    The cause of his sorrow
    Was para-dichloro
    Diphenyl trichloro ethane.

    Taken from, which has some fun sciencey/math/general geekery limmericks.

  28. Lol. Pretty much every funny site ever that I like has been mentioned.

    As for boobies, well,[email protected]/3511153856/ and[email protected]/3511153800/in/photostream/

    Not a professional drag queen, it was a fund raiser where I got paired up with a real drag queen, and as it turns out when I’m in drag I look almost exactly like my ex-girlfriend. She’s less burly tho. Whatever, I still look fabulous in a dress.

  29. @tarrkid:
    That was a lie. *Shudders*

    When did that start up again?! I used to listen to them regularly then they stopped doing the podcast. Now I just don’t have time anymore. Bugger.

    While not strictly skeptical, though pretty much always funny
    And then there’s the stuff that has been mentioned before.

  30. At least I’m not the only one who was captivated most by Elyse’s eyes. Jeez, thought there was something wrong with me. I’m glad you went with black-and-white, Elyse; it’s always been a favorite format of mine. The position of your right arm, though, makes it look like you may have taken the pic yourself. Since I’d put my ability to point a camera in the general direction of a beautiful, semi-nude female against anyone, I proffer my services in the future if the occasion should arise. Since I live in northern Wisconsin, the commute may be a problem, so if you like, I can kick in ten bucks for gas when you get here.

    Speaking of boobies and fun songs (yes, we were), have you heard this?
    The song might be especially appropriate for you, Elyse.

    There’s also an *official* version with actual graphics, but the sound is terrible:

    Another one that shows some thought (about boobies) is “99 Words for Boobs.”

  31. @Elexina: Well Lex, I know that and I’m not interested but she knows what a sexual beast I am and is afraid that I’m always looking for more. I guess it goes back to when we met, I was a player, which is weird for a nerd but I was. I was with a lot of women between my marriages and she thinks I might go back to that.

  32. Unfortunantly, I have don’t have enough time to feed my humor sweet tooth at the moment, but I like Terry Pratchett and the Simpsons. Maybe someday I can come back here and follow some of these links.

    NSFW isn’t a problem for me, since my office is the woods. No computer, much less a connection. The last job where I had access to a computer I was the only person on graveyard, so I could fart, pick my nose, and look at boobies all I wanted.

    As for my boobies, they are not, to my knowledge, anywhere on the internet. Maybe someday.

  33. @Gabrielbrawley: That’s understandable, in a way, I suppose. If you have the sort of relationship where you communicate about these kinds of things and you honor her feelings and she’s not a psycho about it, then it can’t be so bad. Except, no Skepchicks. I don’t know, man, I gotta have my Skepchicks…

  34. I haven’t bought a calendar and the only reason I can think of that I haven’t is because I don’t buy wall calendars. I can’t even remember the last time I owned one. Now, if there were such a thing as Skepchick Ubuntu theme…

  35. @Steve: Hear, hear! I’m with you on that!

    All my favorite sites have been posted already, so I’ll go with that.

    And my boobies haven’t been posted to the interwebs yet. Some friends have pix, but they haven’t gotten around to putting them up.

  36. @ziztur: Those photos are beautiful! I really should start thinking about getting something classy and professional …or at least better-lit and less drunken. Sigh…

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