Skepchick Quickies 4.7

  • Ashville NC:  Alternative medicine hotbed – The city’s Mission Hospital is looking to integrate more alternative medicine practices into its standard care. From Steve.
  • More iPhoto pareidolia – The “Things iPhoto thinks are faces” photo pool on Flickr. From AJS.
  • Our moral thermostat – “Through three psychological experiments, Sonya Sachdeva from Northwestern University found that people who are primed to think well of themselves behave less altruistically than those whose moral identity is threatened.” 
  • The Jenny & Jim show on Larry King Live – Respectful Insolence has the video of Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey’s appearance on the show.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The news article about Asheville doesn’t surprise me at all. The whole city is full of hippies, and to stereotype, hippies are more likely to buy into CAM than the typical person.
    Asheville almost as bad as Carrboro, which is entirely composed of crackheads and hippies.

  2. re: moral thermostat.

    Hey the catholic church had it right all along! Make people feel like shit and they will give generously.

  3. Yes, Asheville has more than its fair share of hippies, new agers, potheads, and crazies. However, it also has some of the hottest lesbians in the South!

    Just in case you are looking. I am married, but still enjoy going to Asheville occasionally and flirting with the hot lesbians.

    The road not traveled . . .

  4. @bug_girl:From your blog: “When the abdomen of mating males was pinched and they were gently lifted with forceps, 75% of males lost one of their virgae.”

    As a guy, I have to say you have a strange definition of the word “freaky”, Bug Girl.

    Anyone manage to watch the “Jenny & Jim” vid? I’ve been trying to find time that I don’t mind wasting to watch, but I haven’t had the luck.

  5. CARREY: We are not saying don’t vaccinate. That’s the thing we want to get really clear right now with …

    KING: Let’s make it clear.

    MCCARTHY: Yeah, we’re not.

    Then they do nothing but rail against vaccines. My Spaghetti Monster I hate these people.

  6. @bug_girl: It depends on if I grow it back or not. If I were to have two penises, (already cool), and one was in the habit of falling off during sex but I knew I would regrow it.

    Well, that’s an entirely different case from it falling off and not coming back.

    Freaky? yes. Cool? Hell yes.


  7. @MoltenHotMagma: Now, you’ve added another twist to this story.

    What would society be like if we lost body parts during mating if we could just grow another? Prostitutes would probably be sick of the “Keep the tip, Honey!” joke.

  8. @SQFreak: I love Asheville, and I’ve lived in Carrboro. I’m also a hippie.

    And a skeptic. And an atheist. I also like mashed potatoes.

    And I’d love to live in Carrboro, again. Or Asheville. Even though the woo is annoying, a lot of the hippies in both places are actually somewhat skeptical. (Not defending alt. med, here, just making a statement based on my experiences.) And, you know, I like massages… just not in place of, say, a kidney transplant.

    But, anyway, don’t knock all the hippies. Some of us actually think critically about things.

  9. Re “moral thermostat”:

    So feeling holier than thou is more likely to make you behave like an asshole.
    That’s not really news to most of us here. Just confirmation of what the fundies have been denying all this time …

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