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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Looks like the Mormons aren’t the only ones with magic underwear anymore…

    Also, if you watch the video, it says at the end that the bra was designed by a chiropractor.

  2. Toxins in womens breasts are caused by boobular subluxations. The best way to remove them is through gentle kneading by experienced hands. In extreme emergencies, it must be handled like snake bite and the toxins must be sucked out.

  3. OMFSM! Who can I sue for not telling me my boobs are toxic? I fed my baby with those! Now he’s full of toxins will likely move to a sewer, living a life of seclusion and super villainy!

    Also, I should probably warn my husband…

  4. Since apparently THC fixes everything, perhaps it could be applied to the booby subluxations/toxins.

    Especially since the bra is no longer being made (pg. 3) “The Brassage wellness bra, on the other hand, is not doing so well. The Brassage is no longer manufactured.”

  5. Does that mean I’m immune to cancer?! hahahaha.

    Also, people who say, “Marijuana doesn’t have any REAL medical uses!” needs to stfu already.

    Also, I have an ear infection, will TCH help? :(

  6. Ladies, if your boobs or butt or both need massaging I will be happy to help and at less than $59.
    Also as the Psychedelic Spacepope of the Known Universe I can also offer you special dispensations.

  7. This is information I did not need. you have just doomed me to days of sitting around “preventing cancer” in my underpants eating cheetos.

  8. I reference to the child starvation case.
    Are we all that desperate that we will allow our own children to die in order to be accepted emotionally by others.? There seems to be something wrong with society as a whole when ting like tis happen. What can or should be done about it?

  9. Brassage statement to women “You are all a bunch of dumb ass bitches who will buy anything as long as it is trendy.”

    If I were a woman I would be offended by that message. But if I was a woman I would also be offended by Lifetime and Oxygen.

  10. I support cutting Oklahoma and Texas free from the US like some there have always wanted. Then their lawmakers can torpedo their own society as much as they wish.

    Also, reading some of the responses on this post was rather difficult.

  11. Reading the story about THC messing with cancer;

    Obviously this is further proof that marijuana needs to be kept illegal, and charges for possession and use need to be raised! It’s such a horrible drug that even cancer can’t stand it!

    …I just gave myself a headache.

    I wonder if there’s going to be another similar set of research released showing that THC makes cancerous cells too “lazy” to metastasize….

  12. This still doesn’t solve the issue of “Negro entertainers with their jazz and swing music are declared an outgrowth of marijuana
    use which possesses white women to tap their feet.” -Statements to Congress by H.J.Anslinger,FBN, 1937-50

    Until this issue is dealt with, it should probably remain illegal.

  13. @Finch: Do you mean the comments on the article or us, b/c I for one love opening a post to be greeted by infinitemonkey’s gravatar.

    If reading about Texas politics hurts your brain, imagine living it. I work with the budgets at a large state agency in Austin. Most of my coworkers are ultra-religious and the work ethic varies quite widely to put it nicely. True, the good ol boy politics and corruption are unreal, but I love my job. There are a few of us, working from the inside, who are slowly changing policy and minds one question at a time. There is hope for Texas, but even I’m all for calling it a day and giving Dallas to Oklahoma…but we keep Denton. Deal?

  14. It was just…JOHNEA13’s comment was just a little uncomfortable to read. I don’t have a problem with what he said or how he said it but… nevermind. I got over it.

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