Skepchick Quickies, 4.1


Jen is a writer and web designer/developer in Columbus, Ohio. She spends too much time on Twitter at @antiheroine.

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  1. As I scanned that timecube site I half expected to end with something like :

    “… OMG my BRAIN exploded ”

    and then I discovered that there was a NEXT page.


  2. I randomly selected the circle on each round, and it CAME UP 5 TIMES!!!
    Anybody want their future told? 50% accuracy guaranteed. I’ve been tested.
    Cash in advance, no checks please as my newly discovered psychic abilities tell me it will bounce.

  3. Ah, good old ‘Time Cube’ Ray. Still at least he has provided some benefit to the world as compensation for causing general neurological failure.

    For some time he has been used as the base standard for the ‘batshit crazy scale’. The rating system ranges from 0 Timecubes (perfectly sane) to 1 Time Cube (Crazy Ray level), with the proviso that one can never reach 1 Timecube.

  4. Jen – Those were brilliant! That time cube always makes me laugh, and what else needs to be said about the banana proof?

    Skepotter, I too picked the circle each time (coincidence? I don’t think so…). I scored 3/10. If we team up, we can predict with 80% accuracy!

    Thanks for the laughs.

  5. I got the first 2 shapes correct, at which point I thought it was an april fools joke. Got the next 8 wrong, though. Luck of the draw.

  6. I wish I’d known about that card you linked to in advanced. I’d have printed it out and posted it on my office door.

    I already know some of the undergrads have discovered one of our previous lab techs has a key that’ll unlock our boss’ office door. Their plan is to sneak in when he’s not around today and leave a…marital aid…on his office chair.

    Meanwhile, the other grad student and I will be keeping deniable plausibility even though they got the idea from us.

  7. This was my inner monologue as I scanned the page:

    Oh, a ground breaking physics thingy *click*…right….April fool. Ha ha. Moving along…

    …probably something that has to do with potassium or some b-6 rich fruit*click* ahhhhh sh*t!

    Okay, so these are either awesome aerial shots or shots that appeared in Nature *click* SON OF A BIT*CH!!!

    Surely they can’t ALL be *click* YOU WILL DIE A FIERY DEATH BY MY SMITEFULL FIST!!!

    okay….just for sh*ts and giggles, last one, *click*… are not forgiven, and I want my soul back. Give it back, or I will rend the from the wound that has been….ahhhhh nuts. There’s no way I can save my self-respect this morning.

  8. I loved how even when I got 2/10 “Something powerful is working against me.” So it’s not that I’m not psychic, but that something out there is eating my brain.

    Speaking of which where are the zombie 4/1 warnings?

  9. @DataJack:
    With scores like this, how can it be coincidence.
    If we add in everybody who has reported so far, we’ll be up to 150% accuracy. This is awesome.

  10. Well, I actually got 0/10 correct and it said “You are incredibly psychic! You got every one wrong. You must be sending out negative energy.” So I am the most psychic of anyone here!

  11. @theoretical physics:
    That was classic inanity. Atrocious grammar, random CAPS, and different colors. Perhaps these are a sign of transcendence!

  12. Gene Rays web site has been around since June 1998. That makes him one of the internet’s first bloggers. Further, his teachings are supported by the works of philosophers like Aristotle and Jesus. Do you doubt the works of Jesus? This man is a genius.

    I have personally experienced Mr. Gene Ray’s Harmonic 4-Day Time Cube. There is no doubt in my mind that he is correct and that you are all evil Oneist academics trying to block understand of its perfect nature with your Obscurantism.

  13. Forces are acting against me. I only got 2 answers right on the psychic quiz. It’s because I’m too close to all of your negative skeptical energy.

  14. “Researchers develop groundbreaking new work in theoretical physics.”

    Someone tell me that it’s an April fool’s joke, please. What a grotesque and failed imitation of grammar.

  15. Argh! I hate banana guy! I am ashamed that he comes from the same country as me.
    Don’t monkeys eat bananas the other way around, holding onto the ‘pull-tab’? Of course, to him, that’s probably another sign that humans and apes can’t POSSIBLY have evolved from a common ancestor.
    I got 1/10 on the psychic test. Apparently ‘powerful negative energy’ is working against me. No notes on how to combat said negative energy though.
    I think my favourite ghost picture was the one that looked like a squid had mated with the lobster dude from Futurama and the offspring had stolen the Grim Reaper’s robe.

  16. When I tried the psychic test, my browser crashed at the second question. I wonder what that means? That I’m so skeptical that the powers flee from me? :-D

  17. 5/10 and it says I need to meditate more and try another one. I interpreted “meditate” as drink tequila, so I did and then tried the face one. Only 2/10 apparently “something powerful is working against you.” I assume it was the terrifying faces.

  18. “You got 0 out of 10 cards correct.

    You are incredibly psychic to get every single one wrong! Are you channeling negative energy?”

    Incredibly psychic…because I’m wrong everytime? Step right up everyone, incredible psychic here, so accurate I can tell you exactly what WILL NOT happen to you with 100% accuracy!

    Also…watch out, Briarking…if we ever happened to be in the same room at the same time, a huge void of negative energy might open up and swallow the whole world.

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