Drinking Skepchickally with Michael Blanford – This Saturday

This weekend Michael Blanford, President of the Skeptical Society of St. Louis and VP of the Rationalist Society will be in town. He asked if any Chicago area skeptics would like to meet up for a few drinks.

I don’t know about you guys, but I sure do! It’s been a while. I miss you guys.

Since Michael will be staying in the west burbs, we’re going to meet at Walter Payton’s Roundhouse in the cognac bar. It’s convenient for Michael, and it’s next door to the Aurora Metra station, so if you don’t drive, you can still get there super easy peasy.

The Deets

Who: You, me, and Michael Blanford

What: A bunch of Skeptics, meeting for some conversation and maybe a drink or two


Walter Payton’s Roundhouse – cognac bar

205 N. Broadway,

Aurora IL 60505

When: Saturday, April 11. 7:30 PM

Why: Skeptic hospitality

How: Show up. Order a drink. Talk. Drink. Laugh.

Visit the Facebook invite

Hope to see you there!


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