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  1. You know, if Martha Peace was promoting self-denial to make oneself more pleasing to humanity, I wouldn’t have a problem with this. Self-sacrifice, humility, service to a higher purpose – there is nothing intrinsically wrong with these things if it gives your life purpose.
    It just a shame to see so much effort wasted on god instead of humanity. Imagine the good someone could do with the kind of focus she advocates if the effort were directed improving the human condition.

  2. I wish more relics of old scientists would go on display. Tycho Brahe’s nose, Keppler’s beard, Einstein’s brain, Newton’s mullet…. I’d pay to see those.

  3. @SkepLit: I’m all for it when people sacrifice for good things…even if their stated motivation is God or something else I don’t believe in. The problem is that often sacrifices for God, as in this case, don’t seem to be very productive ones.

  4. But what about us guys who want motivated, independent, sexy, snarky wives?
    It is far too rare that I get to say this: Go Catholics!!! It’s nice to be reminded that creationism is a mainly American delusion.

  5. Slight correction – the police officer in question is in New York, not Seattle, where the newspaper is. Unless the NYPD in question is the Northern Yakina Police Department.

  6. @marilove: You know, the older I get, the more I become convinced that a very significant portion of the adult population (if not a majority) in the US wants to be treated like children. The socially acceptable path to this goal is different for men and women, but it exists for both. In either case, it’s just plain pathetic.

  7. That ‘subservient woman’ stuff is definitely creepy. FWIW, though, things like the article talks about are more the exception than the rule, even in fundy circles. I mean, I grew up in an Assembly of God church, and they might have mentioned the idea of submission of the wife to the husband, it wasn’t a big talking point – and there surely weren’t any conferences about it. Also, I don’t remember any mention of the “Quiverfull” movement – thank goodness.

  8. My concern about the NY demon-seeing cop is that he may be protected under George III’s “Right to conscience” law. I know that it protects caregivers, but I don’t know if it applies to cops as well.

  9. @Epicurious: If he’s praying and pissing himself at work then I expect public and coworker safety concerns related to the officers clear mental health disorder would outweigh any notion of a right to conscience.

  10. Yakima is in fact a town east of Seattle. My hometown, which I vowed to escape in high school. 6 years later, if find myself moving back.

    Yakama is also the tribe the name is derived from, I should know I am one.

  11. @TheCzech:
    Oh, definitely. I’m interested in outcomes. If religion motivates one to be “good”, why would I get in the way of that? But Martha Peace’s proposition that women should voluntarily deny themselves full personhood to please god is pretty far from my understanding of “good”. If a woman (or man) chooses a life of self-negation for the betterment of society, I feel sorry for their loss of opportunity but respect the outcome.

  12. Wasn’t my typo, I noticed it as well. Eastern Washington sucks but family is greater than that suck. Plus, if I want to save my sanity its only a 2 hour drive to Seattle.

  13. @Mordicant: I lived in Spokane during my teen years and I like to visit E. WA in the summer and have family in Spokane and N. Idaho. Nice places to visit! I’m half way between Seattle and Vancouver BC, just about perfect me thinks.

  14. Galileo’s finger has been on display in the science museum round the back of the Ufizi gallery in Florence for years. Indeed, I saw it there myself over 10 years ago.

    The article says “But the Church’s position on Galileo has recently softened.” What does that mean? Is the reporter confusing Galileo with Darwin?

  15. Ughh…Now you made me remember the drive from Ellensburg to Spokane….shudder. Is there any Skeptic Pub thingies in Seattle? If there is I want to check them out when I move back up there.

  16. sowellfan:

    I grew up AG, too. They sure did put emphasis on it, though it varies from place to place. I will say this: the Assemblies have had woman preachers and even pastors since about day one. There aren’t very many of them, though, and probably because they get the distinct impression that it’s really not their place, even if not stated directly.

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