Skepchick Quickies 3.19


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Back in my day we didn’t have fancy Googly sensors and digiwhatnot camera doodaddery; we just built pods to protect eggs dropped from the school roof in science class. And we liked it!

    You know, back then Jesus was at spring break in Florida. I remember he kept creeping out passersby askin’ to wash their feet. Some sort of sandal fetish I think. Sketchy sketchy feller, I tell ya.

  2. Reading that article brought a lot of memeories back….

    I was a Catholic growing up, but my dad was an agnostic, so I was a little more skeptical than my peers. I use to attend youth group with a leader that was very hellfire and damnation, and I always felt uncomfortable about some of the ways he presented things. He referred to us as soldier’s on the frontline. Hell, he even made a comparison to the soldiers in We were soldiers fighting the heathen commies. Funny thing is he did set me on a path, just not the one he wanted me to follow.

  3. @Eliza “I remember he kept creeping out passersby askin’ to wash their feet. Some sort of sandal fetish I think. Sketchy sketchy feller, I tell ya.”

    COTW. Been giggling about this for the last 15 minutes.

  4. The more I learn about China, the more I can’t stand it. I used to love reading about it, its history, and philosophy. In college I took all sorts of China related classes. Now I’m really beginning to find myself hating every aspect of Chinese society. And I don’t like that side of myself.

    Somebody give me something about China to like! What’s some good, encouraging news out of China these days?

    They sent a probe to the moon, that’s cool so far, they’ve got a fledgling space program, which is also good so far. I’m betting though that their rockets are fueled by baby pandas or discarded female children. That just seems to be their M.O.

  5. If you’re impressed with the fancy balloon wait till you see the space shuttle I’m building in my garage. Don’t 18- and 19-year olds have better things to do with latex? Kids these days have no priorities. I hope they’re followers of the abstinence clown if they’re not using barrier protection at their age.

    Kudos for Kevin Roose for his ruse. If I tried to spend a semester at a Bible school I’d either spontaneously combust or burn the place down. Wait, I don’t believe in spontaneous combustion. . .

  6. @Zapski: There’s 1.3 billion people in China (more or less). I doubt they are all immune to nutbarosis. Judging China on the basis of stories like this is on a par with judging the United States on the basis of the ‘Quiverful of Bastards’ story.

  7. @Zapski:

    They let suburban families in America adopt their really cute, unwanted, baby girls! (so long as they’re not gay, fat,under 30, or over 45, and they’re willing to spend 3 weeks in China after paying 20K+ for the adoption).

  8. @Skepotter:
    I know that the Chinese people aren’t wholly to blame for the distorted impression I’m getting these days. That’s why I asked for good news! I need to get this negative reaction that keeps happening when I read bad Chinese news out of my mind.

  9. I wonder how many hippie dippie earth-fairies who “believe in Chinese medicine because it’s ancient wisdom” have any idea what goes on in Chinese “medicine”.

  10. Oh Liberty. Dicsscusing them always brings a smile to my face and a sense of superiority to my heart. Lynchburg is getting ready to kick them out of the city. Did you know that the have a fifty-some-odd dollar fine if they get caught performing witchcraft or owning an R-rate movie? Reading their student handbook is always good for a laugh. The lovely Falwell once referred to the ladies at my school as the “whores on the hill”. We took that moniker and ran with it. nakedly.

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