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Afternoon Inquisition 3.3

I live in San Diego:  America’s Finest City.  That’s the slogan.  Or, well, it was the slogan.  Now they’re changing it to “Happy Happens.”  Yep,  San Diego: Happy Happens.  

Not so happy about the new slogan.  To be helpful, I tried to think of alternatives, but no love there since I have a tiny, cold, black heart and can only think of things like “San Diego: We’re Broke” and “San Diego: Close to Mexico”  (the latter, of course, geographically true, and yet, not so catchy).  

Then my mind started to wander, and I tried to find a slogan for myself. “a.real.girl: snarky happens” appeals to me, as does “a.real.girl: I could give an eff about a ghost”  but neither seem to catch the right spirit (see what I did there? I rule).  As such, I’m turning things over to the smartest mob I know:

What should my slogan be?  Alternatively, what’s your slogan?  How about Skepchick?


A B Kovacs is the Director of Døøm at Empty Set Entertainment, a publishing company she co-founded with critical thinker and fiction author Scott Sigler. She considers herself a “Creative Adjacent” — helping creative people be more productive and prolific by managing the logistics of Making for the masses. She's a science nerd, a rabid movie geek, and an unrepentantly voracious reader. She doesn't like chocolate all that much.

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  1. Ever since seeing that movie “Anchorman”, whenever I hear San Diego I think “Whale’s Vagina”.

  2. They tried to change Texas from The Lone Star State to the The Friendship State a few years ago. I’ve never seen so many people have a coniption fit at the same time.

  3. If it’s any consolation, Baltimore’s latest slogan is “Baltimore: Get in on it”. Uh, get in on what exactly? I really preferred the old nickname, “Charm City”. That’s a slogan that just begs to be used sarcastically.

  4. My father said I was narcisitic and disturbed, I prefer to think I’m an emotionally cripled narcicist. Is that bad?

  5. @Sam Ogden:

    They tried to change Texas from The Lone Star State to the The Friendship State a few years ago. I’ve never seen so many people have a coniption fit at the same time.

    Well that’s not very friendly.

  6. Joshua: It’s What’s For Dinner.

    Although that’s kind of misleading, because I already have an epithet for my bloggy alter-ego: Tobasco da Gama, conqueror of lands!

    Anyway, the other two you requested.
    A: Real Girl; Yes, Even Those
    Skepchick: Brains with Boobs

    Although some might argue that Sam is a boob with a brain.

  7. “A is for Awesome.”

    My slogan: “When there just isn’t enough meh in the world.”

    skepchick: “Skepticism. With boobs. And booze.”

  8. Skepchick: Unbelievable!
    Skepchick: Have a Nice Hot Cup of Reality.
    Skepchick: Hot Girl-on-Science Action.

    a.real.girl: Real. Snarky.

  9. I remember George Carlin saying “Dover, Delaware: The city that means well.”

    Skepchick: At the intersection of Alcohol and Science

  10. A: First in more than just the alphabet.

    Since I’m also a San Diegan, I also thought of

    San Diego: Where you park your car to go party in TJ!

  11. A few months back, I threw together a mock logo for Skepchick, based on the old Charlie’s Angels title screen. I used the slogan “Smart is Sexy.”

    As for my own slogan, I’d go with “Four-Time Skepchick COTW Winner.” Unless that’s not sufficiently self-deprecating, in which case I could switch to “Not Entirely Incompetent.”

    A., think your slogan should be “The Pinnacle Of Evolution.” It’s appropriately bombastic, and it’s a built-in conversation starter about how evolution isn’t a pyramid with people at the top, but if it WAS, you’d totally be at the apex.

  12. a.real.girl: the a is for angry
    skepchicks: come for the science, stay for the mamms

    my slogan? it usually is something along the lines of: I wish there was an “edit” button

  13. Okay! Redirecting: Please advise for slogans for all the Skepchicks! I love the ones folks are coming up with, and I have visions of snarky business cards dancing in my head!

    I’ll start:

    Masala Skeptic: Skepticism & spice: very nice.

    (now you know why I turned to you all…)

  14. a.real.girl: falsifying-proof

    Skepchick: Making sex of science (I suppose there’s no need to explain)

    Me: Wordmonger
    Me: The Ford Mustang of skepticism

  15. I suppose I should do some for myself…

    Steve: Mostly Harmless
    Steve: You’ll like him but not in that way
    Steve: Not quite screwed up enough to be interesting
    Steve: Mad engineer
    Steve: You probably know somebody like him
    Steve: At least his kids are really cute
    Steve: Intelligence has much less practical application than you’d think

  16. Happy Happens sounds like a lolcat caption. Maybe they should run with that theme. Lol Diego, happy happens, kthxbai.

    And a slogan
    Elyse: Buy shamwows, dickhole

  17. @a.real.girl:

    Masala Skeptic: Skepticism & spice: very nice.

    My actual slogan on my not-often-enough-updated blog ( is “Critical thinking, with a little spice.”

    Not particularly creative but I’m the sort of person who can get hung up on slogans and never actually accomplish anything until I get it ‘perfect.’ So I just thought of it and moved on in the interest of time. I’m sure ya’ll can be more creative :)

  18. Skepchick: Troll-free for __ days
    Skepchick: Full frontal lobe

    Elyse: Well actually…
    Rebecca: She has a heavenly body named after her
    Bug_girl: Inexplicably not a Marvel Comics character

  19. Skepchick: Critical think for the ma… Hey! I’m up here.

    Shepchick: Really smart chicks feeding creationist trolls since 2006. (Or whenever Rebecca started this place, i’m too lazy to look into it).

    A.Real.Girl: Twice the wise-ass my avatar makes me appear.

    And related to the last one. Objects in web page are snarkier than they appear.

    I’m sure I could think up others. But it’s time for my afternoon bike ride.

    – Anthony

    Skepchick: The best reason other than hookers, booze and gambling to go to TAM.

  20. D’OH

    I would like to change my previous entry to –

    skepchicks: come for the science, stay for the mammaries

  21. ?? So my name got put in a totally different place than it was supposed to. Weird. I promise I know how to sign my internet posts..

  22. a.real.girl – for when rubber just won’t do.
    Rebecca – She Built This City
    tkingdoll – Yes They’re Real

  23. For a.real.girl how about “Get Real”

    For me: I have a brain and I am not afraid to use it – this works both as a slogan and a threat, jus the way I like it ;)

  24. @tkingdoll: “a.real.girl – for when rubber just won’t do.” LOL.

    Skepchicks: better than skep-pricks…not that there is anything wrong with that.

  25. I’ve always been fond of old, early-20th-century-style advertising slogans, from long before the days of paid marketing consultants and focus groups. They have a kind of banal artlessness that appeals to me.

    Let’s try some slogans with a retro feel:

    a.real.girl — “Ask for the girl with the dots in her name!”

    Skepchick — “Your best value in thoughtful entertainment.”

    Howard — “A conversation right now would be most pleasant.”

  26. Skepchick: because vaginas and brains can co-exist.

    Indigo: blogs won’t comment on themselves.

    Victoria, BC: homeless people, seniors, and pot, together at last.

  27. While on a drunken ramble through the French Quarter last night, my buddies and I came up with the new slogan for New Orleans: Aim Low!
    My personal slogan changes, but for now it’s “Why offend people with style when you can offend them with substance?”, which could be the motto for the aggressive skeptic.

  28. Skepchick: “Skeptics without penises who still f*ck with your mind”

    Yesssss and I’m so proud this is my first comment on Skepchick. Hi guys! *waves*

  29. @tempestbrewer: LOL! What a way to introduce yourself. Bravo! *waves*

    a.real.girl: Really real. Really awesome.
    Rebecca: No, she won’t marry you. But thanks for asking!
    Skepchick: The girls (and guy) you wish you knew in high school.
    Nicole: This IS my indoor voice!

  30. Gabriel: They call me bruiser for a reason.

    Skepchick: the fantasy land of every lonely nerd in world.

    A.Real.Girl. No really I am a girl. Really.

  31. Me: The sort of person your parents warned you about, actually… the sort of person my parents warned ME about

  32. IBY: Only a person as awesome as me get to have an acronym pseudonym consisting of the letters I and B and Y, considers chocolate as my true love, and at the same time write convoluted slogan that sucks and is unappealing to everyone.

    Skepchick: Where smart is hot.

  33. My personal one is: Infecting the Disaffected.

    For you? How about: questioning the objectionable.

  34. Rebecca: Commie Hippie Hottie
    Me: Will Reason for Food
    Detroit: Come warm yourself by our fires

  35. @marilove: Actually, that’s the Arizona state nickname. The Arizona state motto is even better…”Ditat Deus” (God Enriches)

    Virginia’s is “Sic Semper Tyrannis” (Thus Always to Tyrants). I find it funny that Arizona has a religious motto and Virginia doesn’t.

  36. Skepchick: Doubting since 2005.

    Rebecca Watson: I have my own asteroid.

    Sam Ogden: His boobs are better than you think.

  37. Mine is totally non-catchy:

    Ziztur: your twenty-something iconoclastic skeptical liberal/libertarian ignostic strong atheist existentialist determinist naturalist ubuntu secular humanist…biomechanist scientist researcher occupational therapist urban explorer poet photographer.

  38. Skepchicks: All chicks, alle skeptisism, all the time, except for Sam.
    Skepchicks: Beauty, brains and big, brass balls
    Skepchicks: yes, we could be more awesome, but that would kill you
    Skepchicks: Yes, we _are_ the New World Order, and you know you like it

    Bjørnar: Not-appearing-in-this-alphabet
    Bjørnar: This is your brain on procrastination
    Bjørnar: a bargain at any price

  39. Skepchick: “We are the people your parents warned us about.” (And proud of it!)

    (Stolen wholesale from Jimmy Buffett.)

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