Afternoon Inquisition

Afternoon Inquisition 3.12

You may have noticed that I haven’t been hanging out here with you much beyond the Afternoon Inquisitions lately. A few weeks ago, some of my co-workers were let go, and all of their projects were unceremoniously dumped in my lap. The added responsibility has severely cut into my Skepchick time. I’ve really been up against it, and I’m pretty miffed that I haven’t been able to participate more.

I miss the sciency brilliance and witty banter you Internet bad asses provide each day, not to mention all the things you do to promote critical thinking. Seriously, you all are like skeptical super heroes.

And as you know, every good hero should have two things: A catch phrase and a theme song. So . . .

What is your hero catch phrase, and what is your theme song? And if you want, what do you imagine other Skepchick readers’ and contributors’ would have for catch phrases and theme songs?

Sam Ogden

Sam Ogden is a writer, beach bum, and songwriter living in Houston, Texas, but he may be found scratching himself at many points across the globe. Follow him on Twitter @SamOgden

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  1. I’d have to say that my theme song would be some sort of dirty 70’s funk, like Shaft, just because that would RULE, and would encourage me to be a sassy bastard. Perhaps, even, a SASSHOLE?

    And for my catch phrase, I’d have to go with “I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!” After all, if you can’t look up to Daniel Plainview, who CAN you look up to?

  2. “TO (approaching) INFINITY… AND (certainly not) BEYOND (as that’s impossible by definition)”. Bracketed words said under breath.

    The song would have to be a metal version of the futurama theme.

  3. “You can’t see the eyes of the demon until he come calling…from the other side”

    Too wordy and I don’t think it sounds heroic but it is the best quote from Predator 2.

    Flash Gordon has the best theme song. Thanks Queen!

  4. My catch phrase would be “This was no boating accident!” and my theme music would be the theme would be the all-tuba orchestra version of “Winchester Cathedral”.

  5. My catchphrase? “This SHOULD work, in THEORY!”

    My theme song- A Big Band/Lounge version of “From Russia, with Love”

  6. Hi there!

    Actually, that’s it. “Hi there!”. I tend to start every response or post that way. I don’t know why, it started out as just an inoffensive greeting, something to say. Now I just automatically throw a “Hi there!” every time I see a goddamned text box. It’s total muscle memory now, and I fear that if I ever neglect to start a response with “Hi there!”, someone will automatically assume that I’m an alien shapeshifter,

    As for my theme song: “Crazy Train”, just because … I mean, the whole song is made of awesome. Why WOULDN’T someone want Crazy Train as their theme song? Sheesh!

  7. Catchphrase : “Wind the frog!”

    Theme Song : “Always look on the bright side life”

    The source of the song is fairly obvious, I wonder if anyone recognizes the source for the catchphrase.

  8. And another theme song from Radio Sunnydale
    ‘Everybody got their something’ – Nikka Costa

    “Illuminate the silly things
    Shed some light on all that’s wrong… ”

    Could be the Skepchick mantra.

    On a good day “Don’t be evil”
    On a not so good day “Think for one f@%king second” (with thanks to the eloquence, passion and zeal of the delicious Christian Bale)

  9. Catchphrase: “But the science seemed so solid!”
    (in King Julian’s voice, fromMadagascar2)

    Theme Song: Opening theme song from “The Prisoner”

  10. Catchphrase: Spoooon! (Oh, rat’s that one’s taken).
    Catchphrase 2: “And yet we still all end up dead.”
    Theme Song: “I’m Walking on Sunshine”

  11. My catch phrase seems to be “fuck fuck fuckityfuckfuck!”

    my theme song? gonna go with Date with the Night by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  12. Don’t have one.

    I’m just always sad to hear that they’ve laid off a bunch of workers and “re-distributed” their tasks on the already over-worked remainder.

    Hang in there Sam,


  13. @killyosaur42: I was going to pick the Invader Zim theme music as my song, even before you brought Zim up!

    And since it’s already my catchphrase at work:
    “C’mon you apes! Do you want to live forever?”

  14. “This conversation can serve no useful purpose” – good for really irritating CAMers who won’t leave me alone. Also “Open the pod bay doors, Hal,” said pretty much every day when my computer crashes for no apparent reason.


    Catchphrase: The evolution will be live!

    Theme song-Hey, Hey, its Infinite Monkey, People say he monkey’s around. But he’s too busy thinking, to put anyone down.

  16. Catch phrase: “Well, actually….”

    Theme song: Superman’s song by Crash Test Dummies.

  17. My catch phrase is “Get some!”, like the psychotic door gunner in Full Metal Jacket. My theme song will be “The Flower Duet” from Delibes’ Lakme.

  18. My catch phrase has been for some time now: “Half of the lies they tell about me aren’t true.” Not quite a superhero phrase but one that seems to get a lot of airplay.

    I haven’t quite figured out any sort of theme music but it would seem to be composed by John Williams. One of the best dreams I ever had came with just such a soundtrack, an epic ending and credits that rolled at the end. THAT’S the way to end a dream!

  19. “What I lack in skill I make up for with enthusiasm”

    Not sure about my theme song yet. It changes from day to day. My head is one big musical some days.

  20. Catchphrase: “That turns out not to be the case!”.

    Theme Song: “Age of Aquarius” from “Hair”. (would have been “Won’t Get Fooled Again” ty The Who, but one of those CSI shows snagged it).

  21. My catch phrase (too bad it’s somebody’s nickname): “Question Authority”

    My theme song? Five For Fighting’s “Superman”

    (Okay, that’s gender bending a bit, but you know… it’s the message, not the individual.)

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