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  1. I don’t think we can get one of my kidneys to pass through somebody’s vagina. At least not without a lot of alcohol involved.

    Oh… Rectally… Well, we’ve all been there.

  2. In case you ladies feel like twitching a bit, here’s a story about a woman who donated a kidney and had it extracted via her vagina.

    I dunno. Maybe some news I just don’t need to hear.

  3. If I were old and frail and a nurse offered to pray for me I’d think to myself “Bugger, is that all they can offer, I’m clearly doomed.” I imagine that this might be stressful for some people. Few people and none of the popular press seem to have picked up on this small detail though.

  4. Am I the only one here who thinks the hospital suspending somebody for OFFERING to pray for a patient was a bit of overkill. I fail to see how anybody’s rights or privacy were violated by what that nurse did. If she had INSISTED on praying for the person, that’s another thing. But geez, nursing tends to be more than just the medical stuff they do for patients. Typically nurses have a history of extending a bit more personality and intimacy with patients than a doctor. This seems to me merely an extension of that personal relationship.

  5. @FFFearlesss: Yeah, I read the articles and wasn’t convinced that she had done anything deserving of a suspension. Obviously there might be more to it, but if I were the elderly person in question I think I’d just say “no thanks” and then maybe request another nurse if I was afraid of getting preached to.

  6. I am desperately hoping that the news about the falsified vaccine data coaxes people back over to the sane side. I am just made so cranky by how much money could have been put to better use instead of disproving a fictional claim.

  7. @LOLkate: “Big pharma is making up a bunch of lies about Dr. Wakefield because they don’t want to be sued for causing every case of autism in history. And they get to sell anti-autism drugs to the children whose autism they caused.”

    Jenny McCarthy

  8. A year or so ago, I watched a video of Al Franken reading a chapter from one of his books. If I can find the clip, I’ll have to post it. He told the story about his dad’s interaction with a priest when he was very sick and close to death. His dad went to church for social reasons but wasn’t a believer. Al said the priest came to his dad’s house to visit him and asked his dad if he could pray with him. His dad said, “If it’ll make you feel better.” I thought that was such a great response, and if I’m ever in that situation, I’m gonna borrow it! :D

  9. @Gabrielbrawley: Yeah, that’ll be the view on the far end. But in most things the battle isn’t between black and white, it’s between blacker and whiter trying to pull over the more numerous neutral shades of gray. I don’t think anyone will ever change Jenny McCarthy’s mind, you’d have to find it first. There is a little hope to be had, in that those who aren’t already lost causes can be steered in a better direction. The true believers in phrenology or hysteria were never won over, but they did slide further and further in to obscurity.

  10. Oh, and the kidney extraction thing. I don’t get a visceral response, it just sounds practical to me, assuming they work out those contamination issues. It does remind me of one of my favorite bits of hyperbole, though. I’d read someone’s opinion about much porn being off putting, because it’s so explicit you could see the girl’s kidneys.

  11. So they’re hoping this “natural orifice” surgery will encourage other to donate… hmmm. I think Seth Meyers put it best: “… I fail to see how ‘We’ll pull it out through your vagina’ sweetens the deal.”

  12. Reminds me of a dream I had the other night: a physician was trying to convince me to donate my pancreas. He was quite convincing, though he did not offer to extract it through my vagina. I think darwinfan’s right–that probably would have convinced me to sign on the dotted line. How could a girl refuse such an offer? *bats eyelashes*

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