Breaking news: TAM London announced

Just a very quick plug for the hot-off-the-press news that The Amaz!ng Meeting is coming (or in the case of many of you, going) to London on 3rd and 4th October this year. TAM London will have a spectacular line-up (trust me) of speakers and entertainers, headed by James Randi and Phil Plait. More details within a few weeks but you can say you were among the first to know!

That’s in addition to TAM 7 in Las Vegas, details of that in the link above too.

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  1. This is the best news I’ve heard in a while!
    I’d been tinkering with the idea of trying to time a visit to the States with TAM, but it was never going to be easy.

  2. Monday: the best snow in 20 years & a day off work to appreciate it.
    Tuesday: TAM London announced.
    What does providence have planned for me tomorrow?!

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