Afternoon Inquisition

Afternoon Inquisition 2.28

Yesterday, I had quite possibly the perfect geektastic evening. Tim3P0 and I went to see Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm in a little cheesy theatre in St. Paul (the stage looked like a rainbow vomited on it, seriously). Not only were they all awesome, during the show Paul and Storm called up Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy from MST3K to play robot zombies, and Jonathan Coulton did “Creepy Doll”, with the second verse read by his creepiness himself, Neil Gaiman, who I must say plays a very menacing tambourine (and who very kindly signed my freshly purchased Batman comic at Dreamhaven yesterday afternoon). Somebody was even nice enough to post video to youtube (please excuse the “butt view” angle).

Creepy Doll

Now that I’ve fulfilled my need to share this geekout with you (thanks for indulging me), I ask you this:

What is your ultimate geekgasm fantasy? Which combination of people/fandoms/technologies/etc. would absolutely make your head explode?

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  1. Meeting Jolene Blalock in full T’Pol regalia would pretty much do me in. As long as she didn’t treat me like a dick, that is :)
    If you threw in Terry Farrell (Dax), with spots, that would seal the deal. I wouldn’t survive. My old geekie ticker would blow up like I had been implanted by a mesomorph (alien).

  2. I met Stan “the man” Lee at San Diego in 2004 and got a pic with him. That was my comic geek moment. My sport geek moment came when Scotty Pippen fell on me during a charity basketball tournament in the mid 90’s. I didn’t want the bruise to heal.

  3. lived it…went to a Mythbusters presentation in Ft.McMurray cuz the BA emceed it…stayed after to meet Phil (having to ignore mythbuster meet and greet to do it)…chatted with him for 5 min and thought , what an awesome night….but i could have met Kari Byron… and found out later from Phils blog that i could of had drinks with him and the Mythbusters in the hotel bar…ah well a good night always leaving you wanting more

  4. Stephen Fry, dressed as Jeeves, serving tea to Data from Star Trek and Vyvyan from the Young Ones. And then all three of them and me having a pillow fight.


  5. Patrick Stewart, Hugh Laurie, Phil Plait, RUSH, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman at my house for dinner, which would be catered because I don’t want them all choking on my cooking. If I could bring anyone back from the dead, I would want to meet with Charles Darwin, Rosalind Franklin and Angelina Hesse (came up with agar for petri dishes).

  6. @justncase80: yep, we’re stuck here in the frozen wastes as well. though after last night i have to say living here does have its perks :)
    @Jill: have i told you that i love you recently? because i so do. especially after that.

  7. I just got all my reservations set for TAM7 so my ultimate geek fantasy would be to get a picture of myself with James Randi and Phil Plait and a whole gaggle of Skepchicks. (is that geekdom?)

  8. @Mully410: i have a very strong feeling that you’ll get your wish. or maybe i should go out on a limb and psychically predict that it will happen, and then randi will give me the million dollars :p

  9. @carr2d2: $1M woohoo. I’ve never met a real psychic. I can’t wait.

    I wanted to stick around that Sunday for the live million dollar challenge but alas my flights didn’t work out. I didn’t want to do the 10 over night multi transfer bs options in order to stay later.

  10. Summer Glau is going to guest star as herself tomorrow on The Big Bang Theory. If Firefly is mentioned, even once, it will be a full-on, entire body geekgasm!

  11. I love Neil Gaiman’s work – he’s amazing. But I’m surprised that skepchick doesn’t question his Scientology status. He was raised CoS and is from a VERY powerful CoS family. He’s been pretty vague about his current relationship to the church and although I’d prefer not to be bothered about how people worship, I’d like to know if I’m supporting them by purchasing from him. thoughts?

  12. @tilda: i’ve been curious about that as well, but given the fact that he readily associates with many decidedly anti-cos people (especially penn jillette) and never says anything about it, not to mention his very strong stance on freedom of speech, i’m inclined to think he’s not in good standing, as the cos tends to discourage these types of behavior.

    having said that, yeah, it would bum me out to find out he was indeed an active and contributing member, but it wouldn’t diminish my love for his work.
    i recently found out about beck being a scientologist, and while it’s disappointing, i still think he’s one of the greatest artists alive.

  13. I think my perfect geekgasm evening would be to drink some fine Trappist ales while playing Quake 4 (multiplayer mode) for a few hours, then curl up with a new Neal Stephenson novel.

  14. Dinner followed by a long evening of talking and drinking with Neil Stephenson and Neil Gaiman. And of course when I get home a wild night of robot hooker sex.

    @jeffreyellis: Sat in front of a nice fire last night and got to page 600 of ‘Anatham’. Great read!!

  15. Picking up John Simm and Billie Piper for sandwiches at Teany’s, then the three of us would meet up with Neil Peart where I would then learn drumming techniques from Neil. Then when Neil has to get going, John, Billie, and myself would return home where John would play New Order on guitar while I play hide the sonic screw-driver with Billie. ~

  16. Wake up one morning and see that everyone has given up religion because it just doesn’t make any sense.

  17. this was a nerdgasm that actually came true. We totally got fanserviced at dragon*con this past year during the Firefly panel, when Capt Mal and Inara (nathan Fillion and Morena Baccarin) were asked about how their relationship never really got the chance to develop and they kissed for us right there and right then. It was amazing.

  18. I saw Ben Folds late last year, and I’ve seen Eddie Izzard twice. Those were fantastic nerdgasms. Especially Ben Folds. Nrhrhrhrhghghg.

  19. Dinner and drinks with Greg Bear, Neal Stephenson, Zombie Carl Sagan, David X. Cohen (producer of Futurama), and Wil Wheaton. Followed by a jam session with Tim Minchin, Flans and Linnell (TMBG), Jonathan Coulton, and myself on guitar. Maybe Felicia Day could join in with some vocals. Afterwards, we’d all play Geometry Wars until dawn.

    I did get to meet and chat with Greg Bear once, about 10 years ago. One of my college professors provided consultation for a few of his novels, and they’ve remained friends. They set up an informal meet + greet for alumni right before Darwin’s Radio hit the shelves. He’s a really nice guy, and we had an engaging conversation about the implications of junk DNA.

  20. A Watchmen movie. I think I’ll discipline my chimpanzee before I see this so I don’t embarass myself in the theatre.

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