Was There a UFO at Obama’s Inauguration? No, You Ignorant Hick

People of the Southern US, prepare to once again be ashamed of your delightful drawl and slightly backwards education system.*

Some poor, credulous redneck saw a gnat flying through a CNN broadcast of Barack Obama’s inauguration, naturally assumed it was aliens visiting the planet Earth “military security technology,”** and quickly uploaded the video to YouTube complete with his delightful color commentary. Highlights include the gnat obviously zipping back and forth in front of the Washington Monument while the hick points out that it is actually (contrary to the video) a very large object flying behind “the obelisk.”

Let this be a lesson to you: when looking for hits on YouTube (>374,000), don’t let the facts get in the way. EVER.

UFO at the Obama InaugurationClick here for more blooper videos

*I’m sorry, Southern rednecks. I really do love you, especially Maria.

**That’s a quick edit I just did after I read the info he put on the video, which currently reads, “I don’t think it’s alien, if anything, it must be some military security technology we have or something.” The words “bug,” “gnat,” or “insect” do not appear in his description.


UPDATE! Another video has surfaced! This one is very enjoyable.

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. Did the video change? In the video you are linking to, the guy says that the object “goes in front of the obelisk”, but you said he said that it went behind.

  2. You know, it couldn’t have been an insect because it was something like 10 degrees F in D.C. that day. A bird maybe, but not a bug.

  3. Clearly Obama is an alien. Now all those democrats who hate America will finally see the truth!!*

    * Sometimes I do wonder how we produced somebody who has charisma, intelligence, and a desire to be the president… maybe he *is* an alien.

    Off-topic, but I went to my first roller derby bout last night (OMGIWANT2DOTHAT!) and stood proudly during our National Anthem for the first time in about 6 years. That felt wonderful.

  4. I’ll have you know that North Carolina consistently gets a perfect 100 score year after year for the teaching of evolution by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

  5. So, what we’ve got here is a giant military gnat with frickin’ lasers attached to it’s head that can fly at thousands of miles per hour. It’s only visible to people from the South, so maybe it’s a time-traveling Confederate spybot from an alternate future?

    If we really had technology like this you’d think that the military would be using it in Iraq. But then I’m giving this whole thing waaaay more thought than it warrants.

  6. How is this man intelligent enough to operate a camera in the first place? If it was big, it wouldn’t blur at all, DC informs me.

  7. Wait, just re-read and saw it’s a CNN broadcast and not his camera work. Nonetheless.

    And doesn’t he have major copyright problems now?

  8. I’m sorry, Southern rednecks. I really do love you, especially Maria.

    I have it on good authority that Maria doesn’t like grits and has never been to a tractor pull or monster truck rally. Plus, she’s OMG brown.

    You can only get so far down the redneck scale by appreciating fried okra, ya know…

  9. I’ve been debunking this on all the news sites.

    Actually, I remember that scene as I was with a group of people watching the Inauguration on a projection TV. This alleged “UFO” was one of the Sikorsky Blackhawk security choppers. They were thick as flies in the area and we commented to each other while watching that there had to be some pretty good controllers keeping them separated.

    This rates right down there with the USAir ditching “conspiracy” in total lunacy.

  10. @tkingdoll: Probably not. He’s only really using a second or two of the footage. The back and forth motion of the “object” results from him stepping the footage forward and back a frame or two at a time. Since it’s such a short snippet, and he’s using it to “report” on something that wasn’t covered by CNN when they aired it, he’s got a fairly solid argument for fair use.

    Also, @blu is right, he says the object goes in front of the obelisk and behind the trees. Also, he doesn’t mention “military security technology” at all. He just says he doesn’t think it’s a bird, because it’s too big and too fast.

    Methinks someone was getting a lot of teasing, so he revised his video a tad.

  11. Gotta give him half a point for ruling out a bird. But then I gotta take away a point for the “logic” he used to do so. Minus half a point for the redneck with the computater!

  12. @shinrai:

    As someone born in Texas and raised in South Carolina, I have NEVER head y’all used in the singular, except in really bad imitations of a southern accent…

    However, we DO have a tendency to talk about people who aren’t there, as in “how are y’all doing,” speaking to one person but indicating the entire family of that person… So I do understand the misconception. :)

  13. @phlebas: @shinrai: @Seagull:

    When I moved to Texas 27 years ago I heard everyone using y’all in the same way that I would use you guys in California. I asked what it meant and I was told that it meant you all. It only took me about 6 years to start using it.

  14. Well, slap the dog and spit in fire, I can’t believe you people don’t believe in UFO’s. Y’all are crazy (and I mean all of you not just one of you).

    So is some idiot gonna claim to see a Loch Ness monster in Lake Lanier next (assuming we ever get out of this drought and we actually get water in the lake).

    And Rebecca, better watch out. We are still looking for an excuse to get back at you Yankees for the whole Sherman thing.

  15. @DNAmom: Well, if that ain’t the most ignorant thing I ever heard. The dang monster’s under the dang water, ain’t it? So how we gonna see it with water in the dang lake? Stands to reason, don’t it?

  16. Rebecca, you are right. We skeptical Southerners do hate to see our hick kin on the television. It’s bad enough that we live in a sea of woo down here but then we also have the rest of the world thinking that Southern accent = stupid. Here’s hoping things will change in my lifetime.

  17. I think it’s poor form to hear accents when listening to a dumbass.

    A dumbass is a dumbass is a dumbass is a dumbass.. the only ignorant I am is igno-ranting at retardidity. haha

    Although I am from Savannah GA, I do not have an accent because of my travels, which also saved me from drinking the nuclear water from up the river in my formative years.


    I hope you all haven’t been drinking that bottled water called “Flowing Wells”. They pump it from cooling tower #3.

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