Skepchick Quickies, 1.14


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  1. OH the irony of it all with the convicted sex offender- they should deny the guy money and chop off his balls- I highly doubt he’s reformed…

  2. going to donate part of it to God, and, you know, charity

    because he knows that he couldn’t have won the lottery without god’s help.

  3. The articles about the Afghan schoolgirls and the anti-vaccination book are both great. The girls and young women are brave and it is wonderful to see that their families support them in their quest for education. Somehow someway we need to learn how to instill this in our children and families here in America. I don’t need to say anything about the book. That is just great.

  4. He’s going to donate part of the money directly to God? Maybe God can use it to purchase materials for more two-headed babies.

  5. @Soresport: Punished? If your referring to the beat down he received in the street, he wasn’t “punished” he was a victim of an assault. The lottery winner was “punished” for his crimes when he went to jail years ago, and as far as we know has not been in anymore trouble.

  6. From the Alaska story: “With a ranking that high, it’s ironic that the person who wins is a convicted sex offender,” Haag added.

    Ironic? Sounds more like “statistically more probable” to me…

  7. I love it when my home state makes the news. It’s always for something terrifying and hilarious, like sex offenders winning the lotto, or Sarah Palin. Sadly, the dude being beaten with a lead pipe sounds about right on par for some Alaskans… we have this weird thing called “Bush Justice” that seems to kick in every now and then.

    This story is a wonderful example to use when pointing out to people that there is no god, so… I guess it’s good for something.

  8. @Ooxman:

    “Bush Justice”

    Does that me you randomly kidnap strangers with funny names, take them to hidden torture chambers, torture them and when it comes to light claim that you haven’t broken any laws because your heart was in the right place?

  9. @Gabrielbrawley: “claim that you haven’t broken any laws because your heart was in the right place?”
    I do believe that will be the crux of their defense.

  10. Skepticalhippie: I was implying that the assaulters thought they were punishing him. I don’t give a f@#k who wins a lottery personally, nor do I care to what happens to them. Just happened to run across the news item.

  11. I am trying not to be too happy about the assault. He has caused pain and agony for at least 3 families- he should give the money to them-at least to compensate for probably how much therapy they had to spend on it.

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