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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. “Michael Flatley dancing again” may be second only to “Christian rock” as short proofs of the non-existence of god. Or at least they exclude a self-respecting interventionist god with decent taste.

  2. “Einstein concluded that everything is energy and beyond energy is a Supreme Intelligence…”
    Funny, I don’t remember reading any of that in his Relativity papers…Must have been in the footnotes. :-D

    Oh, goody! Tree lobsters! Double :-D!!

    For those that truly try to do what Jesus would do, like feed the hungry, heal the sick, seek justice for the oppressed, etc. (seeking nothing in return, including ‘saving souls’), I give my wholehearted approval. To that idiot pastor in New Jersey, may he rot in their Hell. Which for him, I hope is to sit and watch those poor , destitute, hungry people eat a never-ending feast in front of his starving gaze for all eternity.
    “I fart in his general direction!” :-(

    Men in Spandex? Is that the followup to Robin Hood: Men in Tights?” :-D

  3. Re: Pray first, eat later – I wonder if Skepchicks & friends could organize charity events on skeptical occasions. Say, Newtonmas, CMB Day…

    No prayer required, of course.

  4. I’m a huge fan of Greta Christina (heck I’ve bought a couple of books that she contributed to) and I’d already read, and loved, that blog on “allies”.

    However, I followed your link, to check it out again, and was shocked at the comments (which weren’t there, pretty much, when I originally read the post).

    It was really, really sad that she had to close the thread because of how “off topic” and mean spirited that the comments had gotten.

    On the plus side, she opened another thread and threatened to ban anyone who continued the “toxic” arguments, etc. I thought that was pretty cool.

    But, I did read as many of the original comments as I could stand to and I’m still just a little stunned. Really stunned.


    That’s all I’ve got. Wow.


  5. As far as Flatley, it seems that a psychosomatic disease has been healed through externally induced self-suggestion. Well for him, anyway!

  6. The superhero thing is just dripping with cool-osity. One of those guys lives right down the road from me! Never have I wanted so badly to be a supervillain…

  7. “Einstein concluded that everything is energy and beyond energy is a Supreme Intelligence,”

    Arrgh! Once again Einstein taken out of context!

  8. Dear Plexus System,

    E=mc2 means that energy = mass * the speed of light squared, or that energy and matter are interrelated in such a way that a small amount of mass is equivalent to a large amount of energy.

    No Supreme Intelligence or guarantees implied or required. Batteries not included. Must be over 18 to participate. Void where taxed or prohibited. Taxes, title and licensing not included. Your mileage may vary. Cash value 1/1000 cent.

    186,000 miles/second is not just a good idea. It’s the law.

  9. Time for a thought experiment.

    If churches require homeless people to pray before eating, you would expect that on a very rare number of occasions, some of those homeless people would die before being fed. This would result in a change in the species observable over millions of years.

    Eventually, eating would become such a sacred ritual that Catholics will chew on bacon fat while receiving communion from the Space Pope. Naturally, this is not particularly healthy, and you would expect that over a period of millions of years, some Catholics will sadly die.

    Once enough Catholics have died, Jesus and his vampire minions will return to Earth and have a delicious feast of Catholic fossils. Many of these vampires will then stay on Earth to live and will buy houses for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, vampires aren’t well known for fiscal responsibility.

    This then triggers a worldwide financial crisis causing billions of vampires, their spouses and their half-vampire mutant children to become homeless. Whatever is left of the churches organise shelters to feed the population. Of course, vampires can only eat vampire food, and you have to pray to vampire food before you’re allowed to eat it. This tradition of praying before eating continues for millions of years, even after vampire genes merge into the human population.

    …and there you have it: an oscillating pattern. Suck on that, Richard Dawkins.

  10. Ack Phzt!! Cam is now to be doubly despised. Michael Flately dancing again? Oh NOES! What sicko unleashes THAT upon the world again?

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