Inside Wiseman’s Mind!

Sort of! Friend-of-Skepchick and co-conspirator of yours truly Prof Richard Wiseman just launched a blog, which you can check out at

So far he’s posted some cool illusions and a call for mass participation featuring…PUPPIES!

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  1. Puppy breath has been known to cure the blues instantaneously! ;-) How can you possible feel down when a puppy is licking your face!?!

    I always feel better when I’m around my dogs and cats. And I’ve had The Daily Puppy bookmarked for quite some time…

  2. @Rebecca:

    Thank your lucky stars. If he’d started a blog about hyperventilation we’d have had the title ‘Inside Wiseman’s Pants’.

  3. I’m still trying to get over Phil’s pants.

    Also, I hate it when dogs lick my face (or my hands if they happen to be closer by).
    Although this trait might be why some people like dogs so much …

  4. @exarch: Sorry to hear it, and yes, I know where (adult) dogs tongues have been. :-D Puppies, however, are a different story. They’re just adorable, IMHO. In that case, there’s no such thing as too…much…cute!

  5. If I look at kitties every day will I throw the stats? Or CuteOverload or Zooborns, with their mixes of cuteness?

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