Skepchick Quickies 12.9


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Whoa, The Water Vitalizer Plus is only $497! I’ll take 8!

    Check it out! It spins the water around using vortex technology, increasing the water’s oxygen content by 30%! Plus drinking the water it “vitalizes” balances your organs within minutes! I always wondered why my pancreas was leaning to one side. My local municipal water system will be receiving a sternly worded letter, let me tell you.

    @Steve DeGroof: Heh. When I first saw this I looked up “hexagonal water” too, and found the very same website :)

  2. I wonder what “vitalized hexagonal water” would do to my tropical fish?

    And, no, my chupacabra is quite clean, thank you.

  3. I just bought my wife the water vitalizer for the holidays. It’s such a deal – marked down from $899 usually.

    Thanks for the info Skepchicks!

  4. “One study found that teenage girls whose mothers drank during pregnancy were six times more likely to drink, though there seemed to be no such effect on boys…”

    Maybe the article should have read:
    One study found that teenage girls whose mothers drank during pregnancy (moderately I assume) were also more likely to drink after pregnancy, thus creating an environment in which women drinking alcohol was not demonized. It doesn’t apply to sons because their mothers don’t influence what is and what isn’t appropriate male behavior.

    The whole article is just so stupid. If it wasn’t for drunken chicks and there loose values obtained from feminism, I’d probably still be a virgin today. So in conclusion, Viva alcohol! Viva feminism!

  5. You learn something new every day. I thought all chupababras were dirty… if you know what I mean.
    I was once groped by one in an elevator in Brownsville.

  6. Did anyone think of finding out whether or not the Water Vitalizer Plus is based on a solid shitload of homeopathic research? If it is, it probably could make Hexagonal Daiquiris (any flavor) that are not detectable with a breathalyzer and would not cause educated feminists to become drunks. (They’re drunks, not alcoholics – alcoholics go to meetings.)

  7. I’ve always felt my water didn’t have enough structure. Always lazing about, accomplishing nothing… Thank you Water Vitalizer!

  8. I think that drinking has to do with each person.. not a “group”. Several of my Asian friends suffer from a genetic blip that makes their faces flush when they have only a few drinks. They just aren’t built for drinking. They drink lightly, and that’s that. It’s not women vs. men so much as weight and size differences. Each person has to figure out what their body, mind and health will allow them to drink… and be safe.

  9. Regardless of Men V Women in the Drinking stakes (I suspect its the relative alcohol content of the drinks each sex “usually” drinks that does the damage) the UK has a monumental Alcohol problem, both sexes.

    Currently supermarkets are selling 1Litre of Vodka/Whiskey/Brandy/Sherry for ~£8 (~$12), bottles of 14% wine for ~£3 (~$4.50) and a bottle of beer for ~£0.40 (~$0.60).

    A loaf of bread costs £1.10 for christ’s sakes! Alcohol has become a loss-leader for all the major supermarkets (even, sadly, the Co-Op Chain, of which I am a member). They not only pay the government tax, but sell it at less than cost!

    When the Russians start taking the piss about your country’s excesive drinking, it’s time to start thinking seriously about doing something about it.

  10. As the official Biggest Fan of Q Transmissions I urge all of you to practice your vocals for the contest.

  11. @russellsugden: You got that right. The Russians, as a society, are world-class drinkers. If they are pointing the finger at you, you’re probably one drink short of drowning…

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