Skepchick Quickies, 12.31


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  1. hahaha I am screwed. I don’t think even 14 years ago as a Senior in HS I could have answered those questions…maybe I should take a night math course?

  2. Sir Terry,

    Has a great ring to it.

    Ever since I read, “The Colour of Magic” I’ve always felt the I was to Engineering, what Rincewind was to Magic.

    In other words, when I die mankind’s Engineering ability will go slightly “up”.

    But only I know my true worth. I just have to keep my boss from finding out what it is…


  3. I had the same teacher for differential equations and real analysis. He would always say things like “What are you going to do when the man on the street stop you and asks for the eigenvalue of this matrix?” I always imagined some shady character in a coat, but never a gun…hmm

    Yay Sir Pratchett!

  4. Sir Terry, well all I can say is that it’s about damn time, he gets way too little credit. And Nation is an excellent sceptical book.

    And on the subject of the geekification of the world, I’m posting this from my iPod Touch. In your face 20th Century!

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