Prop 8: The Musical

Or, What’s Really In The Bible? starring Jack Black.

This was too funny to not post. Hat tip to Wil Wheaton


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  1. ROTFLMAO! :-D

    Especially the appeal to their “conservative value” of greed over all the $$$ to be made…

  2. And not a moment too soon! Now Prop 8 will fail for sure!

    By which I mean: it’s a hilarious video, by a bunch of jackasses who should have thought to speak up when it really mattered.

  3. @Kimbo Jones: HA! You might get your wish . . . on Twitter, Wil has been conversing with a Heroes writer about the possibility of appearing on the show! Maybe he’ll be vampiric, a word I just made up.

  4. What is it about CJ from The West Wing that turns my legs to jelly? She’s not conventionally good looking but there’s certainly something about her that increases my blood flow

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