Drinking Skeptically Columbus December

Ohio skeptics, come join me for the December edition of Drinking Skeptically in Columbus tomorrow!

Drinking Skeptically Columbus
Saturday, December 13, 2008
6 PM
Q Bar, 205 N 5th St, Columbus, OH

Facebook RSVP RSVP here.

We will probably also be chatting informally about the upcoming SkeptiCamp Ohio, which we’ve just begun planning. If you want in on it, check out our SkeptiCamp Ohio Google Group.


Jen is a writer and web designer/developer in Columbus, Ohio. She spends too much time on Twitter at @antiheroine.

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  1. That’s a False Dichotomy. Your very premise is flawed. I’m outra… wait, this isn’t the A.I. yet. nevermind

    I am a Hedge

  2. Booooo… I live in Columbus but have obligations in Cincinnati this weekend, I’m sorry but you will need to reschedule. Well, that or I’ll meet up with you next time there is drinking skeptically Columbus.

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