COTW: You’re All a Bunch of Slackers

First of all, hey look! Rebecca upgraded the site! You probably can’t tell, actually, except for that last night for about 20 minutes the site went down, and then this morning the recent comments list (over there on the right) was screwy because it was showing giant Gravatars with each new comment. Sorry about that! I fixed it so now the site is back and there are itty bitty Gravatars by your recent comments. Hooray!

As for the Comment o’ the Week, there were hardly any noms, and of the noms I actually saw, two were for Skepchick writers and one was for a person quoted in an article who doesn’t actually comment on Skepchick (as far as I know – if it so happens that Dr. Rosalind Arden is here, I will immediately award her the golden COTW).

Instead, the award will go to . . .

DetroitusNo Gravatar // Dec 10, 2008 at 4:05 pm

You know, determinism makes baby jesus cry…

Funny because it’s true. Congrats, Detroitus! Until Dr. Arden registers for Skepchick and posts to claim the prize for herself, you win the best prize ever: the chance to party and drink Pangalactic Gargleblasters with A, as well as Dr. Kirsten Sanford, Yau-Man, Karen Stollznow, and bunches of other skeptics in San Francisco. Oh wait. I see you’ve already claimed your prize. Hope you enjoyed it!

Speaking of meet-ups, Boston Skeptics are getting together tomorrow morning at 10am at the Museum of Science! Meet us in the lobby, or if you can’t make it that early, meet us at Porter’s Bar and Grill afterward (2:30 or 3pm-ish) for drinks and a skeptical talk. More info over on Boston Skeptics! I encourage you all to wear your geekiest t-shirt.

(And psst: remember, nominate your fave comments by quoting and writing “COTW!” so’s I can find ’em next week.)

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor.

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  1. Oh honey please… CA has a middle, it is called the Central Valley.

    And as for coastal… the Bay Area is rather middleish but we get lumped in the Northern CA more often than not. So I am a Northern CA gal…. in the Bay Area which is rather middleish… if you know what I mean.

  2. Well no, they have the uhh,

    And then there is the… ahhh

    Yeah redwoods and pot, a few colleges, some nice rocky beaches, cold weather, mudslides, Pentecostal preachers giving sermons in the frozen food section of the grocery store, laws against incorporated businesses, a whole lot of hippies, and Mount Shasta.

    Which is why though I was born way way way up north, I am very happily a Bay Area Silicon Valley CA Gal now.

    And no, I don’t surf, I am not blond, and I don’t mindlessly interject the word “like” into all my sentences.

    I do however love granola and folk music. Go figure.

  3. @Kaylia_Marie: Hmmm, alot of people around these parts might not get that (the whole irony thing).

    I saw a really weird t-shirt a few weeks ago that said: FRONT: “There are two people fucking on the back of my t-shirt” … BACK: “Just kidding. Jesus loves you! (with a picture of Jesus laughing hysterically)” … Something about that made me laugh really hard, but I don’t know why.

  4. @Kaylia_Marie: Tip #1 for getting ahead when working with Catholics: Instead of using the term “three”, try to use the term “trinity” – e.g., We have a trinity of computers in this department, so I think everything should work just fine” … or when out at happy hour, “Why have just one shot of whisky when I can have a trinity!”

  5. @Kaylia_Marie: Whereabouts in Silicon Valley? I used to live in Livermore from 1997-2000 when I worked at LLNL. I used to think I was a pretty good gardener. When I moved to MN I discovered it was mostly the weather in CA that made things grow. The first couple of years here resulted in some pretty horrific plant carnage.

    Man, do I miss being able to walk around in the winter wit only a short sleeved shirt on! MN in winter is NOT my very favoritest place in the whole world.

  6. @TheSkepticalMale: Heh, are you campaigning for the COTW?

    I like your last tip the best, unfortunately I am also the only divorcee in the department. But wow I would see the smoke from the ears with a comment like that….

    @SteveT: North SJ. (The best part of the BA) Just so you know, it has been in the 40s here… so not as cold as other places but I haven’t been in short sleeves in a while. Rocking the oh so sexy turtleneck today.

  7. @Kaylia_Marie: I think you’re right. I’m not a scary person and I get along with people very well (well, unless I have too much whiskey), but when religious people find out that I was raised Catholic and am now an athiest they become very standoffish.

  8. @Kaylia_Marie: I want that shirt, too.

    I spent my childhood in San Diego, and I thought Santa Barbara was northern California :) Then I went to Humboldt State. Holy crap, there’s a whole lot more state up here.

    But I spent high school in northern Arizona, where 30 below was common. Now I wear shorts even when it’s 50 out. (The thick layer of insulation helps, too).

    SteveT: I never threw out my back shoveling sunshine.

  9. Okay fuck all you guys, I was born in Walnut Creek and grew up in Vacaville. I am now in Texas. I would kill my way across the southwest to live in San Francisco. So far I have seen San Franciso, New York City, Paris, Seoul, Vienna, Geneva, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, Houston, Okalahoma City, Chicago, Tokyo, St. Paul and a few others none of them can hold up to San Francisco. It is the best plac e everywhere.

  10. @SteveT: Man, do I miss MN. I graduated from the UofM a year and a half ago and moved out here to Columbus OH. I got to tell you man, there are worse places than Minneapolis, like Columbus, or Cincinnati, or really anywhere in Ohio.

    I do feel for you with the whole winter thing. My first apartment was built in the 30’s and left much to be desired in insulation. To save energy me and my roommate kept the thermostat at 50 and my room was typically colder than that as it sat on the Northwest corner of the building. (when the wind hit it you could feel the slightest of breezes work it’s way through the paper thin, uninsulated walls.) I would go to bed in multiple layers of clothes, under several wool blankets and wear a knit cap to keep my head warm.

    Oh well, part of the experience, nothing says poor college student like waking up in a run down apartment seeing your breath in the air.

  11. Oh also I would like to remind The Great and Amazing Rebecca that some of us had finals and work. We all don’t live on the fat profits of an amazingly succesful website and store. So excuse us if we aren’t quite are amazing and whitty selves.

  12. skepticalhippie: That used to be paradise for me. In northern Arizona I’d keep the window open because my family had the heat on so high. (And ’cause I’m a little nuts). But all I needed was my Irish down quilt, and I was happy. I blame the Swedish blood.

    I’ve gotten spoiled living in San Diego for so long, but I still like to sleep with the window open. Only trouble is I always get a cold from the first fog of the year.

  13. @SkepticalMale: “There are two people fucking on the back of my t-shirt” … BACK: “Just kidding. Jesus loves you! (with a picture of Jesus laughing hysterically)”
    Almost sounds like George Carlin to me…

    I prefer “Dog is my copilot.” Courtesy of “The Bark” magazine. :-D Actually, I have six copilots at the moment, and not one of them agrees on which way to go! LOL

  14. Skepchick should have a public COTW if only for a backup when Skepchick readers slack off.

    That way such gems as Dr. Rosalind Arden won’t go unnoticed; Or, say, Pharyngula reader Michael Russell for his response (comment # 7) to Dr. Myers’ post on House Resolution 847:

    “Bills like this make me want to wander out to the middle of a vast wilderness, find a passing goat, and punch it.

    Repeatedly… ”

    Making baby Jesus cry is funny, but punching random goats repeatedly makes me giggle, too. Just a thought.

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