A fun night at the Fleetwood

Carrie & A

Thanks to everyone who came out for last night’s Drinking Skepchickally in San Diego.  The bar was schwanky, the food was fantastic (ask A about the “tater tots” she ordered), and the drinks were good (though we ordered so many dirty martinis that we depleted their olive supply; i think my last one was basically vodka with a little splash of olive brine).  Having said all that, I would have been happy just due to the fact that I could be outside with no jacket and not freeze (apparently it was -2ºF back in MN this morning).  

About a dozen people showed up, and a good time was had by all.  We had virtual guests as well:  Phil Plait and Richard Saunders each joined us for a little while via Skype , though it was nearly impossible to hear on my little Mac speakers over the bar noise, so despite being completely geeky, it didn’t work quite as well as we’d imagined.

More pictures after the fold.

Matching Skepchick boots!
Matching Skepchick boots!
Buzzed Aldrins all around!
Buzzed Aldrins all around!
Doug, Tawnya, Adam, Matt, and Alec
Doug, Tawnya, Adam, Matt, and Alec
A, Charles, Chris, and Annette
A, Charles, Chris, and Annette
The best tattoo ever.
Tawnya's tattoo. The best ever.
Tim3P0 & me
Tim3P0 & me

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  1. Fun? is that what people have when there are no finals?

    looks like a good time was had by all. I am jealous. And I am also hopping on the Tawnya Tattoo Love Train.

  2. Well,

    It looks like it was fun and all.

    But I hear that, sometimes, you skep-chicks wear pigtails and that just kills it for me.

    I mean, how can I take you seriously if, every once in a while, you wear pig-tails?

    Who are you trying to fool? It’s not like smart people do that.



    As we speak, my GF is braiding me some pig-tails. I, unfortunately, have to work tomorrow.

    But I’m gonna wear them, do really really smart things, and show solidarity for pig-tails everywhere!

    (Although I DO look pretty weird…I’d be one UGLY girl, that’s all I have to say about it…)

    Wish me luck.

  3. Thanks for the nerd love!

    And thank you to everyone there for making the uphill bike ride home totally worth it!

  4. So, the tater ‘tots’ were much more like tater GIANTS. They were as big as fuzzy dice, almost, and much tastier. Made with shredded potatoes and some kind of creamy, yummy cheese. Sooooo bad for you, but so good.

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