Surprise Thanksgiving Treat: NYC Drinking Skeptically Tonight!

In a few hours, I’ll board a bus to take me from Boston to New York, where I plan to meet up with my favorite New York City skeptics at the Four-Faced Liar in the Village! I’ll be arriving a bit late (10pm with no traffic, but let’s face it, it’s the day before Thanksgiving), so I hope you all are ready to party. I will most likely be slightly exhausted, but I promise to consume plenty of caffeine in preparation.

Click here for more info on tonight’s drinkathon.

After I’ve sufficiently destroyed my liver in good company, I’ll be heading down to South Jersey with a friend, to spend Thanksgiving with my family for the first time in nearly a decade. On Black Friday, I’ll be in Philly to celebrate with more skeptics. Sweet mother of dog, you people will be the death of me (possibly through the aforementioned liver failure).

Due to all the traveling, I may not have an opportunity to post tomorrow. I believe my fellow Skepchicks will cover the subject of thanks at some point that day, but I just wanted to wish you all a very safe and happy holiday. Take the subway to all your local skeptical get-togethers, and if you have too much egg nog (mmmmm) at Thanksgiving dinner, your mom probably has a pull-out sofa you can use.

Also, I’ll briefly give early thanks for all of you. Skepchick writers, commenters, readers, and listeners – you’re fantastic and I adore you. The other day I had the opportunity to spend time with some old friends after the Hoodwinked show, and I offhandedly mentioned that this job doesn’t pay well (or at all), but you can’t beat the perqs. My friend Scott asked what those perqs were, which caught me a bit off-guard. There are many reasons why I love writing for Skepchick, organizing events, and podcasting on the SGU, among them that I get the chance to constantly learn new things and I get an outlet for my innate urge to entertain. Mostly, though, the best reason to do this is that I get to meet so many totally rad people. Smart, curious, interesting, amusing people who are nice enough to let me talk with them, in person and online. Thanks to all of you!

Now here’s a quick list of other things for which I am thankful:



The unicorn/Robocop meme

Pumpkins (and all the foodstuff you can make with them)


Meatspace friends and family (no link, they exist only in the offline world)

Doctor Calimari and Captain Infinity

and Sid (even though the godless limey bastard doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. That’s great, and I hope all goes well with the family … I too will be traveling, and wouldn’t you know it, Phoenix is the only airport right now experiencing rain delays … In any case, on this holiday, I wanted to say that I am thankful for:

    1. My favorite skepchick (whose name begins with an ‘s’ and ends with a ‘y’ and has six letters).

    2. I am not a victim of the current economic downturn.

    3. I finally understand the words to this song (apropos for the holiday):

  2. I would be thankful for puppycam too, except now that I know about it I am clearly never going to get anything done until they grow up…oh, look! There they go being all cute and adorable again!!!

  3. @TheSkepticalMale: Sky Harbor being the only airport experiencing rain delays … lol!! That is too funny.

    I am thankful for my awesome friends, who I get to see tonight and all day tomorrow (I am thankful for their awesome spare suite with the amazing bed, too). We shall be watching movies and drinking beer (me) and wine (them) and smoking some amazing sticky green (shhhhh), for which I am also highly thankful for. Thank you San Francisco, thank you. lol

    And tomorrow I shall give great thanks to the cow that sacrificed its life for me and my friends, because we made reservations at a fancy steakhouse and we’re going to get all dressed up and have someone else cook for us. Screw turkey, I’m going to eat a bloody, bloody steak. (I have been craving steak like mad since we mad the reservation on Monday.)

    I am not thankful that I have to go to work on Friday, but I AM thankful that I will be getting a holiday bonus. It’s only a day’s pay, but that is still awesome and unexpected.

    I am thankful that the shitty economy hasn’t hurt the company I work for, or at least not nearly as much as most other companies.

    I am also thankful that my family is healthy and teh crazy has not been so evident with them this year. :D That is always cause for celebration. No arrests, no visits to the hospital or rehab! Woot!

  4. 1. I am thankful for TheSkepticalMale and the fact that 12/17 is only three weeks away.

    2. I am thankful that Rebecca lets me post on this blog, where I get to interact with so many awesome critical thinkers.

    3. I am thankful for my health, my job, and my family. (Sorry that’s cliche, but it’s true)

  5. @marilove: Jeez, at this point, that better be one bloody good steak! (For seered cow flesh in the Valley, I recommend The Keg at Desert Ridge.)

  6. I’m Thankful for having been born into a country with the Best Healthcare/Welfare System in the world. Ignoring all the freebies I’ve had from the NHS in the form of various vaccinations, medical treatments, pairs of glasses, broken bones fixed, trips to the VD clinic and of course my delivery into said country, (oh and don’t forget my Free University +Grad School [twice!] education, which was not only free but they paid me £15k pa to actually turn up everyday) this WEEK I’ve had;

    1) A free eye test
    2) Two new pairs of glasses and a pair of prescription sun glasses, all free
    3)£1000 worth of free dental work
    4)A free hearing test
    5)A brand new £2500 hearing aid
    6) and a cut in VAT by 2.5% points

    All of which has been paid for by a 5% increase in income tax for people earning >£150,000 (so not me).

    Of course it’s not all plain sailing, I’m probably never going to qaulify for a free house from the state and my state pension is now only likely to be ~£20k pa when I’m 60 and we don’t get paid to donate blood (we do it for free, to help our fellow man, 24 times in my case)

    Enjoy your Turkeys Americans. They probably voted for Thanksgiving too

  7. @OlavRokne: Holy awesome Robocop on a unicorn, did you really start that? Amazing! I love the internet! We’re not recording another episode til a week from today but I will strive to work RoaU into the conversation, somehow!

  8. Oh I even just thought of a clever way to do it. I’ll make the secret word “robocop” and wait for one of the guys to bring it up. Shhhhh . . .

  9. @ Rebecca

    Yep, I was the first guy who photoshopped the first three images of RoaU, just as a lark. Then some of my friends drew me RoaU for Christmas last year.

    Didn’t expect it to catch on…

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