Skepchicks against Proposition 8

By now, you all know that in the midst of a history-making election, Californians elected to pass the discriminatory legislation Proposition 8 which denies same-sex couples the right to call their unions marriage.  We’ve talked and talked and talked about it.  Now it’s time to act.  There’s a nationwide protest this Saturday, November 15 with a protest in every state.  Several of our Skepchicks will be protesting in our local states – see details below the fold of where/who/when.  I’m also including everyone’s Twitter links since there’s a good chance we’ll be tweeting from the rallies.  You can also use the comments to connect with others who are going to be at state protests.

Also, if you want to double up on your skeptical protesting, join the Anonymous Global Protest – also nationwide, also on Saturday!

Date: Saturday, November 15, 2008

Boston, MA: Rebecca
Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Location: 1 City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA‎

Rebecca will be meeting people at the Government Center T stop by City Hall at 1:30pm.

Columbus, Ohio: Jen
Time:1:30pm – 4:30pm
Location: City Hall, 90 W Broad St, Columbus, OH

Columbus skeptics can meet up with Jen at Cafe Brioso on the corner of High and Gay (how appropriate!) in downtown Columbus at 1 PM.

Chicago, Illinois: Elyse
Time: 12:30pm – 3:30pm
Location: Federal Plaza, Dearborn and Adams, Chicago, IL

Other info:

Elyse will be meeting folks at the Starbucks at Adams and Wells, just north of the Quincy/Wells L stop. She will be there around 11:30ish (CST), and you can walk to the protest together around noon. If you can’t meet at Starbucks, make sure to get to Adams and Dearborn for the actual protest.

Atlanta, Georgia: Masala Skeptic (Maria)
Time:1:30pm – 4:30pm
Location: Georgia Capitol Building, 214 Capitol Ave., SW, Atlanta, GA
Facebook group:
More info:

Meet the Atlanta Skeptics at the Georgia State Marta Station (Piedmont Street side) at 1:00  and we’ll walk over together.

Denver, Colorado: Teen Skepchick Elles (assuming she is recovered from her deathly illness)

Time: 11:30 a.m.
Location: 1437 Bannock Street, Denver, CO


Minneapolis, MN: Carrie
Time: 12:30 (Carrie will be there from noon until 1:30 or so)
Location: Minneapolis City Hall: 350 S 5th St Minneapolis, MN 55415 (Government Center Plaza)

Portland, ME: Amanda (maybe)
Time: 1:30
Location: Monument Square

Amanda is not sure if she can make it but if you’re going and you see a short blonde woman with a pink umbrella with kitty cats on it, that’s her!

San Diego, CA:  A
Time: Gather at 10:00am, March at 10:30am
Location: Gather at 6th & Upas, Hillcrest


Maria D'Souza grew up in different countries around the world, including Hong Kong, Trinidad, and Kenya and it shows. She currently lives in the Bay Area and has an unhealthy affection for science fiction, Neil Gaiman and all things Muppet.

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  1. For tinges of past patriarchy,
    some call marriage malarkey.
    But when push comes to shove
    and they fall in love,
    they ask, “why can’t I join the party?”

    (Sorry, I’m still in limerick mode from Sam’s AI.)

    I am a Hedge

  2. Is this just about Prop. 8, or will there at least be some focus on the two other anti-gay marriage measures passed AND the b.s. Arkansas no adoption for gay couples measure?

    And, while we’re at it, there’ve been plenty of anti-gay marriage measures passed in previous elections, as well as the hideous federal DOMA.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad Prop. 8 has finally stirred some action on this front, but let’s not forget the GLBT communities in the other 49 states.

  3. Sounds like good times. It looks like the protest in my area is forming a mere two blocks away. I have no excuse not to go. =)

  4. @rdriley: As far as I’m concerned, this protest is representative of a protest against all discriminatory legislation against gay people, and, really, against anti-gay opinion in general. I think that the reason it’s centering on Prop 8 is that the amendment’s passing made everyone stop short and realize how much work there still is to do.

  5. I’ll be at the one here in Downtown Phoenix tomorrow, with a friend of mine. I’m going to attempt to make signs, too, if I have time.

    @rdriley: We’ll be concentrating on both Prop 8 and Prop 102, here in AZ, but it’s really, as Jen said, to protest against all discriminatory legislation against gays and lesbians. The fact that CALIFORNIA passed Prop 8, though, is a huge deal. They were ahead of the game, and now they are like, 10 steps back. We gotta get them back ahead of the game.

  6. I’ll be at the Denver one. Prop 8 is the impetus, but it’s really a protest about any and all anti-gay legislation.

  7. Sigh, I love that so many people from Skepchick are passionate about this and are going to protest, regardless of your sexuality. You guys rule.

  8. marilove has a good point. I may be paranoid, but during the RNC there were accusations of the police using undercover agents to set off disturbances to give them the excuse for mass arrests and violence.

    Beware of anyone that does anything besides protest peacefully. “It’s a trap!” (Admiral Akbar)

  9. Thanks for the edit, Maria!

    And discussion of Prop 8 is helping boost discussions here about allowing gay marriage in the state. We’ve tried before and not had it pass but it seems like a good time to go for it again.

  10. Anthroslug and I will be at the rally in Santa Cruz :)

    I too am really glad that the skepchicks have joined this cause.

    (And if any of you happen to be in the Santa Cruz area, say hi!)

  11. Anyone going to any of the small-town ones? I’m curious how something like this flies in, say, Dothan, Alabama.

  12. @Ooxman: You know whats kind of ironic? Prop 8 (and others) passed because there just wasn’t enough support behind those who were against it.

    Which basically woke all of us up and made us realize that we have to fight.

    Honestly, I think maybe the props passing might be a good thing, in the long run. It’s revitalized the movement.

    Silver linings, and all. ;)

  13. Saw this on the CNN page:

    Debate on Prop 8
    California voters banned gay marriage… now the backlash! Celebrities debate religious leaders on “Larry King.” Tonight, 9 ET


    The celebrity list includes Cynthia Nixon (of “Sex and the City” fame, and I beleve is an out lesbian), Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, and Joy Behar from “The View” to give this some gravitas.

    I know it’s only Larry King and not meant to be in-depth or hard-hitting, but come on. Do we have to check in with our B- and C-List celebs every time something hits the papers? Did Oprah weigh in already?

  14. @phlebas: I think Melissa Etheridge might be on Oprah today… The commercial I heard said she was “angry” about something, but they didn’t say any more (of course). I’d imagine it’s Prop 8.

    However, Melissa Eteridge has been pretty out and active in the community and movement, and she’s damn smart and has quite a bit of clout, so I’m actually really happy she’s saying something.

    Ellen also mentioned the protests on her shows. I thought she was going to cry. (I don’t usually watch talk shows, but I get home in time for Ellen sometimes, and I adore her.)

  15. @phlebas: Look, just because I need to know what everyone from Gary Busey to the cast of Gossip Girl thinks about Proposition 8 doesn’t mean you get to judge me for it. Oprah, whatever – what does Tyra think? Will she do a special segment on lesbian makeovers? I can’t wait!

  16. OK – it looks like I may have arranged childcare so I can come to this. Atlanta. GSU Marta station. And I’ll recognize the skeptics how exactly? LOL. Hopefully I’ll find you – I already feel a little weird about riding the MARTA alone with a sign that says, “I’m straight. I’m married – and I support Gay Marriage.”

  17. I am trying to find a friend to go in to Boston with me. That way, if I can’t find Rebecca, I still have someone to protest with.

    I believe this will remain peaceful, I would hate to see this cause be spoiled by some fools making a ruckus. I would like this to become well-known because of the togetherness instead of some violent act.

  18. I’m planning to show up at the rally in Seattle. 10:30am at Volunteer Park. I probably can’t stay for the march, as I’ll have my son with me (he’s 2).

  19. @doctoratlantis: Look for the Indian girl and the 6’6″ white boy. We’ll have signs. We’ll probably be at the Marta station around 1 and head over around 1:15. And I’m willing to wager you won’t be the only one holding a sign. Other ATL skeptics, make sure you check out guidelines, including sign SIZE info on the facebook site.

  20. The Columbus event page just posted some info from our police “that there are to be no signs with sticks, wooden objects, etc. There is also to be nothing on the ground. The signs need to be held by hand.” Good rules of thumb for making sure everything stays peaceful and without serious conflict.

    @marilove: Oh, I tease because I love. She’s like an alien. A fabulous, insane alien.

  21. Weather for ATL is looking crummy – I’ll be there, but I’m trying to decide what I can make my sign out of that won’t be destroyed by rain and 15 – 25 mph wind? Hopefully my attendance will be enough if my engineering isn’t up to par.

  22. Yay! Made it down there – lots of folks were there. Neat. Posted a very tiny Qik video here:

    Lots of people asked about my sign and I got interviewed by our local NPR station – but I flaked so I have no idea what I said. Hopefully nothing too retarded. I am so much more eloquent as a typist than a speaker. Guess I should be doing toastmaster or something…

  23. The latest news on Prop 8: represhensible behavior by both sides. The anti-Prop 8 groups are threatening to recall any judge who decides to overturn the constitutional amendment.

    But the pro-Prop 8 groups are combing databases and getting people who supported Prop 8 fired from their jobs. See today’s column by Tim Rutten at,0,5696076.column and accompanying npr piece at

    Peaceful demonstration is one thing. But for all you cheerleaders against Prop 8, do you think blacklisting and targetting individuals at their jobs is appropriate? How many of you actually value the right of free speech (even when it doesn’t agree with your views)? What if the pro-Prop 8 supporters take up the same approach? If this is appropriate, then why shouldn’t we attack people at their jobs anytime we find someone in a religious group who we do not politically agree with?

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