Skepchick Quickies, Weekend Edition – 11.15


Jen is a writer and web designer/developer in Columbus, Ohio. She spends too much time on Twitter at @antiheroine.

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  1. Er, funny letter, but it’s dated 1998. So at the very least some of the backstory on the letter’s source is probably false. Somebody with actual motivation should check snopes.

  2. I voted for the Antichrist in the presidential election, and I haven’t even received my mark of the beast. Now I find out that my hand-scanning equipment won’t even be able to read it! It’s enough to make a guy give up on building a secret apocalypse bunker.

  3. You know, llewelly’s probably right. I mean, all of MY correspondence in 1998 was at least partly based on a lie, therefore this must be as well.

    From the alas post introducing the letter:

    Jake’s workplace recently installed hand scanners, which replace the old punch-card system for workers checking in and out of work.

    (Emphasis mine.)
    ‘recently’ is not 10 years ago.

    (I eventually checked scopes as well and also found nothing.)

  4. Dead science machines are bought up by Dr. Evil and incorporated into his latest attempt to extort “one million dollars” from the world’s governments. Bwa hah hah (pinky to mouth!)

    Damn…where are those lasers for the sea bass??

  5. Having an “I hate people” moment.
    So my friend at work asked me to send a little rant on prop 8 to a website he reads and contributes to.
    I trust this friend, so I just sent it in without checking it out first.

    Sent them my personal story as well (lesbian, recovering alcoholic).

    Turns out the site is run by fundamentalist christians who think the bible is a perfectly good book of laws. Oddly enough, the people who read the site tend to agree with them.

    They are debating whether they need to actually put me to death right now.

    Well…at least I’m not preaching to the choir.

  6. @Danarra: I’m very sorry to hear it. That was either an epic fail of that person’s understanding of you as a person or you were set up. :-( Do you think it’s possible that you were set up? If so, it was an incredibly dirty trick.*

    “God, save me from your followers!” More of the alleged “love of Christians” for “sinners.”

    * One of my uncles had connections in the Chicago mob. Need someone’s legs broken? ;-)

  7. LOL! No, the friend is a good guy. Before that he had only posted about football and hadn’t read the posts with the raving fits about different bible verses.

    Lesson learned, though. From now on, no matter how trusted the source – I check it.

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