Skepchick Quickies, 11.24

  • The amazing, sleep-inducing, acupuncture bracelet: “Other magical properties include the ability to make $40 disappear from your wallet; as well as the ability to break soon after purchase and never work again.” (Thanks to Steve.)
  • The Science and Entertainment Exchange: trying to insure the science in movies actually makes some sense.
  • Do you love your pets enough to save them from the Rapture? (Thanks to TurboFool.)
  • “If only there was a movie that would promote a pseudo-scientist that said that everyone could be cured of cancer with an easy, delightful, noninvasive treatment.” Oh, there is? (Thanks for the heads-up, Steve – another Steve, who is still not Entirely Different Steve. At least I think.)
  • Presented without comment. Or a title. Because I simply can’t come up with one. (Thanks to Kimbo – um, maybe.)


Jen is a writer and web designer/developer in Columbus, Ohio. She spends too much time on Twitter at @antiheroine.

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  1. I vote for “The Joy Of Hepatitis.”

    Alternatively, “Cream Sauce the Way Nature Intended.”

    Also, PLEASE tell me there’s a recipe for Spotted Dick in there.

    And Coq au Vin.That is also a must.

    Okay, I’m spent. Back to (school)work.

  2. Muahahaha…

    My comment when I sent that in was “If I understand the process of writing cookbooks correctly, that means the author has to try all of these at least once, right? Do they have a wholesaler?”


  3. @Steve DeGroof: Right, I remember seeing that! But I really should be better at the name thing. I’m a Jen. I know what it’s like to share a name with seemingly half of one’s generation.

  4. when Kimbo sent us that link orginally, I yelled, “Oh… god!” then closed my mouth to prevent any contents from spilling out.

    My husband wanted to know what was wrong. I didn’t answer… I didn’t think he wanted me to.

  5. I looked up They’re a sort of electronic micro press. You send them your electronic document for hard copy printing and binding. They keep no inventory, they just print the books and bind them as ordered, in real time. The author collects whatever royalty they specify. The fact that someone wrote the book does not mean that anyone is actually buying it. However, with a global net population of 360 million people, statistically, there are some english speaking sick fucks out there.

  6. From the comments: “To treat semen like it’s some kind of topping, condiment or simply a flavor enhancer does a disservice to what semen has to offer. “

    Oh .. wow.

    I have nothing to add.

  7. I’m with tkingdoll. Judging by the comments, the cookbook HAS to be a joke.

    …please let it be a joke …

  8. But ya gotta love the pet/rapture scam , I mean service. It asks people to put their money where their faith is.

  9. I stumbled upon that culinary masterpiece earlier in the week and honestly couldn’t come up with a response. I wanted to assume it was a joke, but how can I actually be sure? And joke or not, the recipes are right there on the page.

    The question came to mind, though, about the measurement issue. Some of those measurements, from my understanding of anatomy, would require multiple… sources to obtain. The images of the process involved in acquiring ingredients for such dishes boggles the mind. It’s so simultaneously sexy and horrifying.

    Of course, in the end, I suppose it leads back to the question of why we’re so disgusted by it (and don’t get me wrong, I am truly disgusted by it). Considering what animal products we eat throughout culture, from the obviously mundane milk, to the far more comparable rocky mountain oysters, and even the dead-on fish semen, what is it about THIS that affronts us so? Granted, the more extreme examples I gave tend to make MOST people squeamish, but for some people they’re pretty standard fare.

    Is it just a cultural/familiarity thing, like the fact that some cultures have no issues eating dogs, while others see them as somehow untouchable for food? Or does it come down to nearly a cannibalism-like aversion to human-based foods? And yet, under sexual circumstances…

  10. @TurboFool: There was some study we discussed in school ages ago about that very phenomenon. People were more likely to rate made-up substances that resembled human indicators for disease (opaque goo, tape worm shapes, etc) as gross than “disease neutral” substances (clear blue goo, regular worms, etc).

  11. @Kimbo Jones: I remember reading something about that. Very interesting findings.

    Perhaps it’s an evolutionary predisposition to avoid eating something most likely to contain a virus compatible with our systems?

  12. LOL Kimbo!

    I was very confused, since I had been sent that link a few days ago and was like, why is that popping up again? Forgetting I had just clicked the link from here a few minutes prior.

    Yeah, the email comments surrounding that link were hiLARious….

    The oysters one is probably the funniest. Oh dear…

  13. @Jen:

    I need a Steve spreadsheet.

    What a coincidence! That was my nickname in College. And yes, it’s 74% less nerdy and 300% more gross than it sounds.

    Then my university nickname was changed to one of the courses I was taking:

    “The Great Depression”

  14. @Briarking, @tkingdoll: As truthwalker stated, is a self-publishing-on-demand service. if this was a book found in bookshops, I would agree it would most likely be a joke. but the lulu setup means that with basically no overhead you can offer a professionally published book as people ask for it (rather than printing a million copies ahead of time) a single nutjob can offer a book like this entirely free of irony (but plenty of iron!).

  15. I’m sure it is a joke.

    A good friend of mine, years ago, ran an experiment where he changed his husbands diet over time to see if it impacted the taste of his husbands….essence. He said it did, and I trust him enough not to even think of trying the experiment personally.

    He said there is a vast difference in taste based on diet issues. They had tapered from more meat to more veggies, and then went into higher fruits etc. Therefore, with the ingredient not being….stable….in flavors, it would be difficult, if not impossible to replicate the recipe.

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