Skepchick Quickies, 11.12

Also – if you’re in the central Ohio area, come join me for Drinking Skeptically Columbus this Saturday at 6 PM. Check out the details at OhioSkeptic.com.


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  1. A spokesman for the Diocese of Bath and Wells said: “There is no such thing as a real gnome so why should we have such unnatural creatures in churchyards?”

    Unlike gods, which, as everybody is aware, are natural creatures. If I remember correctly, there are three identified species in a single genus: Deus pater, D. filius and D. spiritus ssp. sanctus. The last common ancestor seems to be D. iehova, which was once found in Middle Eastern deserts but is now thought to be extinct (Nietzsche, 1883). It has been argued that they should be reclassified as Homo, since apparently they can breed with H. sapiens. But others have countered that such an occurrence has happened only in a single, poorly documented ocasion, and furthermore, there is no indication that the offspring was fertile.

  2. I like the first comment on the Telegraph site. I don’t why the church refuses to consider Mr. Russell’s faith as valid. It seems to be just as reasonable as theirs does, at least to me.

  3. A moment of silence for a bit of NASA technology that went silent after far exceeeding expectations for longevity and data collection.

    Let’s hope that when it thaws next Martian spring (~ May, 2010), it comes back to life. It just might…

  4. Farewell, Phoenix lander…

    I hope that in the distant future some astronaut will visit Phoenix and give it a hug. The Martian Arctic is a lonely place to be.

  5. @QuestionAuthority: … And let’s hope that several millenia from now, when Mars becomes re-habitable, the intelligent life there doesn’t dig up up the Phoenix and start to worship it.

  6. The nice thing about the dino print story is that it took less than a month to work itself out. Science is good that way. Sure, there are mistakes but they get corrected relatively quickly.

    Religion, not so much. A couple hundred years to straighten out that whole Earth orbiting the Sun thing, for example. Evolution? 100 years and counting…

  7. I always enjoy UK blogs … I get to know more and more about the English language we’ve appropriated here in the U.S. … Example: “Gnomes are naff.” … Definition of “naff” “(chiefly british slang): unstylish; lacking taste; inferior”)

  8. I can see a whole new form of performance art evolving from this. Now that crop circles aren’t as much fun as they used to be. You get good and nija and fill the cemeteries with tacky garden gnomes. Set them up in dioramas and then blame it on frisky angels.

  9. Gnevermind the gnomes. The ognly thigng that really matters is that Gnod and his bible are followed to the letter by everyogne in the world.

    Oh, agnd please ignore the commugnion wafers blessed by Gnod, agnd the beautiful staigned gnlass wigndowgns gnlorifyigng Gnod.

    (Damn gnomes get into everything…no wonder they’re banned)

  10. Oh gno….

    My imagination boggles at frisky fairies and garden gnomes…That’s not pornographic, it’s …hysterically funny for some reason…! :-D

  11. @Steve: Unicorns, gargoyles, gryphons and dragons are cool. Gnomes are lame. It’s a no brainer.

    In fact, that explains quite a lot. God can cure the lame, and yet he won’t cure the gnomes. Therefore, God hates the gnomes. That’s why the Diocese banned them.

    I’ll use this example for my prospective website, whydoesgodhategnomes.com.

  12. Gnomes were mistakenly thought of as the progenitors of Gnosticism in the early fourth centaury and were summarily excommunicated during the council of Nicaea. They still suffer as a result of this ecclesiastical injustice. @Andrés Diplotti: Clearly it’s the church that hates the gnomes. And god, being a noneffectual imaginary participant, has no opinion in the matter.

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