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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. In re: Phelps bigots
    “They are able to appeal to a broad range of Christianity through the commonly held belief in the bible as an accurate representation of values passed to man by god.””

    I disagree with the idea that they “appeal” to anyone. I have heard them roundly condemned by Christians just as they have been by everyone else. This is a wacko fringe group, not a cross-section of mainstream Christianity or of mainstream America.

  2. If the Phelps clan lived 2000 years ago you just know they would be protesting at Jesus’s funeral. If he actually existed there is no way that Jesus could have been devout enough for them.

    Yikes, God’s toes appear to be on backwards.

  3. Rick Rolling has to be a unique internet meme. It started off as annoying but became really interesting as people are going to longer and longer setups to get it publicized.

  4. It makes me very sick that anybody would feel justified at interrupting a very private mourning service, regardless of who that person is and what their worldly connections were. Everyone has a right to grieve with dignity, and I am disappointed (but of course, unsurprised) that these fundie nutjobs use their book to desecrate and insult a bystander family in their time of loss.

    Nobody, not even those asshole nutjobs, deserve that at their funeral.

  5. Ugh, Phelps. They are indeed a fringe group, and they routinely criticize mainstream Christians. They are the extreme of the extreme. I’ve heard it’s basically just one small family. One of his sons wrote a book. I haven’t had my coffee yet, however, and am too lazy to google…

    And also … if they believe the bible is 100% accurate, I’d like to double-check to make sure they are following it 100%. I wonder if they eat shrimp?

  6. @Protesilaus: I think people are trying to get him an MTV award, actually! I think it’s an MTV award. I can’t access MTV at work, but the nominees were decided by online votes, and people wrote in Rick, and now people are voting for him to win. It’s awesome.

  7. You know, even if there was some kind of effective counter protest, gay-pirates asking the Phelps clan for dates it would still really ruing the funeral. Maybe the Biden’s would appreciate someone standing up to the Phelpsholes anyway.

    I hope a gay-pirate marries Phelps’ sons and they adopt little gay-pirates and cruise in a big pink gay-pirate ship.

    phucking phelpsholes.

  8. @Gabrielbrawley: Actually! There is a counter protest group. I can’t for the life of me remember what they are called, but I’ll see if I can’t use my google fu. Anyway, it’s mainly a group of bikers, and basically they surround the funeral (or whatever) that Phelps is protesting, and keep the peace. They don’t start fights, and they don’t actually protest — they are just there to show support. However, if Phelps’ crew gets too nasty or too loud, they will gun their engines to drown them out. They’ve apparently do this mainly for the funeral of soldiers. If I can find the website, I shall link it here, because it’s actually pretty great.

  9. I’ve seen Phelp’s bunch in action at a college I attended in MO. IMHO, he and his followers are just loud, ignorant bigots. After shouting that the co-eds wearing shrts on a summer day were “whores” (pronounced “hoors”), they were laughed at by the students and then escorted off the campus by campus security officers. If they showed up at a funeral in my family, they’d leave with black eyes and sore nuts. A$$holes. I like Marilove’s friends that drown them out with their motorcycles. :-D

    Meanwhile, I have seen several UFO’s. Many pilots have seen them. Do I believe that they were alien spacecraft? No. An unidentified flying object is merely that – unidentified. It may not even be an object. I’m sure mine were atmospheric phenomena, mirages, etc.

    What many UFO enthusiasts out West forget is that the western US is a military aircraft playground. And yes, Area 51 (“Dreamland”) is quite real. It’s where the military tests prototypes of really neat and wierd aviation technology, including UAV’s. That’s where the first sightings of the F-117 were made, for example. Half the people around Area 51 are aviation nuts trying to see what’s going on. (The other half are looking for E.T.)

    Seeing an F-15 or F-16 light off it’s afterburners at night will convince the credulous that they just saw something alien. It’s spectacular, but purely a human phenomena.

    Go to the bottom of this page for one example from Powerjets UK: or see this photo on Flickr:

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