Skepchick Quickies 10.31

Happy Halloween!

  • Researchers build haunted room – “Ghostbusters frequently associate those experiences with anomalous electromagnetic fields (EMF) and infrasound. To test out the reported connection, Chris French and colleagues in the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit built a room outfitted with EMF and infrasound generators.”  From Entirely Different Steve.
  • God writes a Halloween letter to Satan – From the author, Starve2act.
  • Ghost seekers hoping to raise spirits – HAHAHA oh local headlines, you amuse me so!  No, actually what amuses me is this: “Their three-member “investigation team” also includes David Hopkins, whose job as the designated “sensitive” is to serve as the connection between the physical world and the wherever.”  Connected to the wherever? I love it. And the use of scare quotes.
  • Branch sees dead people – Creationism should be called zombie science.  From Emory.
  • All Hallow’s Eve – “After years and years of doing seances and other haunted events, each time I see the season approach and the bowls of candy corn come out, I’m reminded that the doors of the spooky barn are again going to swing wide open and every lunatic fringe paranormal belief will be trotted out once again, without much true history, rational interest or skeptical thought to show what’s really going on.”
  • And here’s some animals playing with pumpkins, since last week’s cute animal photos didn’t result in the death of said animal. 

This week at Teen Skepchick we met Jackie, Kayla, and Shalini.  There were some great posts: Dawkins on Harry Potter, voting and clean energy, voting for science, and why I agree with Behe over Miller.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Ghost seekers: “Since then,” he added, “we’ve been very careful about making sure we protect ourselves” with gemstones, a little burning sage and other ghost repellents.

    I guess this explains why I never get to see the ghosts – I’ve been wearing Burning Sage cologne for years.

    At the end of the article: What it all comes down to for Lewis is energy, or the soul, or the spirit, or whatever else you want to call it. It’s in us when we’re alive and then, after we take that inevitable last breath, it departs. “Then what?” asked Lewis. “What happens next?”

    I just imagine these people sitting at home wondering what happened to the people in the TV when they hit the off button. “Homer Simpson, where are you? What has happened to your soul?”

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