Skepchick Quickies 10.3

  • Jurassic Brewery – Scientists brew beer with 45 million year old yeast. 
  • Pyshics predicted Palin wouldn’t do well in VP debate – “Overall, the consensus among the psychics was that the presidential race has at times been too unpredictable for them.” Thanks Ooxman, especially for pointing out that particular quote which made me LOL. 
  • How bad/well DID Palin do? – Not as bad as everyone thought she’d do.  She’s still likable yet dumb, apparently. 
  • Go give money for bugs! – By which I mean, Bug Girl has, “created a page of insect-related projects in high poverty schools that I think are really interesting and innovative” that you can donate to through DonorsChoose.org.  Getting students interested in science is always a good cause, thanks Bug! 

And since today’s Friday and we all need a little boost, here’s the cutest thing ever posted to the intertubes.  Thank you, LOLKate, you did indeed melt my brain.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. That really was a cute little guy. Out of pure curiosity, was the update there when you read the story?

  2. Palin was exceptionally dumb. She managed to dodge the questions I bothered to watch (for example on the economic crisis — Biden: thoughtful, intelligent attempt at a description of the situation; Palin: description of how parents as baseball games are in fear — ???), but since she didn’t screw up too badly I think people will fall for it. Especially since Biden sounds a little “too” intelligent (if that’s possible).

    The Canadian debate, on the other hand, was awesome. I’m sure you all watched it. :P

  3. @Kimbo Jones:
    The media lowered expectations for Palin – so as long as she was her regular dumb-ass, Caribou Barbie self, she was successful.

  4. @bnhl: Oh wow, that is AWFUL. No, I did not see the update. Shall I change the post to “Here, have some depression for Friday!”

  5. @Kimbo Jones: I knew this would happen. She wouldn’t fall flat on her face, due to being spoon-fed what to say for the last 3 days in Sedona, and people are going to say, “Oh, well, she wasn’t that bad! She did okay! She’s so likeable!” And then vote for her. Completely forgetting the IDIOTIC things she’s said thusfar, and the fact that she still said nothing of importance last night. Ugh.

  6. Regarding the Canadian debate. Never did i think I’d be nostalgic for Jean Chretien’s mastery of the English language.

  7. The “folksy” crap she served up was annoying.

    My co-workers LOVED it and LOVE her and are SO HAPPY that the liberal media has to ACCEPT that she is in fact SUPER AWESOME!


  8. The closing line of that psychic story reads, “So in the end, it turns out, your guess is as good as theirs.”

    Wow, someone give that man an award, that’s top-shelf journalism. Now all he has to do is write a follow-up article about Elizabeth Joyce’s claim that next week will see “rioting in the streets and martial law” and we can but this whole psychic thing to bed.

  9. @ Bug_girl: “Personally, I thought Palin was trying to channel Reagan.”

    She was…but she got TVLand and tried to channel Mary Tyler Moore. ;-)

  10. Oh Rupert, how I loved thee. Thank you for granting me at least one blissful day on this earth until the cold hand of fate snatched you from my life.

  11. Ok I can’t believe I’m getting all weepy over Rupert.

    I can’t take any more of this depressing week. Someone bring me a drink… or 8.

  12. You made me unbelievably happy.

    Then I read the update and promptly sunk back into the depths of utter despair. D=.

  13. I couldn’t sit through that whole debate. Palin’s “folksyness” was seriously irritating. Ed Brayton summed Palin’s style pretty well: “… she has this incredibly annoying habit of changing to this breathy tone of voice that sounds like a kindergarten teacher reading a story to the kids. It sounds to me like “And then the prince climbed on a BIG WHITE HORSE”, as though the response she expects is “ooooooh.”

    @Kaylia_Marie: If it’s any consolation the vast majority of my office is voting for Obama.

    Also, I live next to an intersection and one street has lawns that have nothing but Obama signs. But up until a few days ago my street had nothing but McCain/Palin signs (Also, “coincidentally” the McCain houses also fly the American flag at all hours). Now the Obama signs are starting to pop up here too. It brings a smile to my face considering that my area has been solidly Republican for as long I can remember.

  14. I only peeked at the VP debate from time-to-time. I watched a rental of The Simpsons Movie instead, finding it slightly less cartoonish. The one bit that I did see was where they were asked what they considered to be their Achilles heel. Biden joked a bit about his perceived weaknesses and then went off on a ramble. Palin just went off on a ramble. It left me wondering if she knew what the term means.

  15. When I came home from class this afternoon I eagerly clicked the link to see the “cutest thing ever posted to the intertubes” and get the boost needed to delve into those books piled over there on the table that I have to read for my thesis. I smiled from ear to ear as I looked at the cute pictures of little Rupert. I was just copying the link so that I could spread the joyous rainbow of sunshine and happiness that was named Rupert with the rest of the internet, when my eye was caught by a link at the bottom of the article that said simply “Oh dear God. No.” I then found out that Rupert is DEAD. Now I can’t stop crying and I will never get my thesis finished. I blame you, Skepchick, for my imminent academic failure. You really must edit that link before more people suffer the devastation that I have suffered.

  16. Palin’s debate coaches taught her how to pronounce “Ahmadinejad”; why couldn’t they teach her how to pronouce “nuclear”?

  17. @orDover: Pssht, you’d use anything as an excuse to not do your thesis, let’s be honest.

    And besides, leaving things as they are suits my morbid sense of humor. Mwahahahaha.

    @LBB: Current ‘puter doesn’t want to show me your movie. :( But if turning ultrasounds of your pre-kid into LOLtrasounds is one of your first acts as a parent, you’ll be a fantastic father. If LOLanything existed when I was a fetus, I’m sure my parents would’ve done the same.

  18. I found this comment interesting:

    “When asked how many customers have asked them questions about the election, O’Dowd said that they’ve gotten quite a few requests to do astrological readings of Obama and Biden, but not really any of McCain.

    “Maybe that’s an indication of our client base,” O’Dowd said.”

  19. @Steve: Yay puppy!
    @LBB: Yay parenting!

    I feel like I am slightly responsible for ruining everyone’s day by bringing Rupert to attention. I humbly apologize and encourage everyone to remember that the Good Flying Spaghetti Monster giveth, and the Good Flying Spaghetti Monster taketh away.

  20. Mmmm. I haven’t had ancient weevil yeast in a long while. Where can I get me some of that Jurrasic Beer?

  21. @zmrzlina:

    Yeah,I know, I think I almost gave myself a concussion with the industrial strength forehead slapping that the repeated “nukular”s prompted.

    I’m starting to think it’s some kind of born-again code – every time one of them says “nukular”, it’s like a wink to the other fundagelicals saying “ya, boy-howdy, ya betcha, we’re gonna make sure’n’ do all we can to esher in the upaacalypse, doggonit!”.

  22. Bush has consistently said nucular. He’s not as dumb as he sounds [if you think that’s wrong, consider yourself fooled], and could certainly have learned to say it correctly. I think this is a strategic decision to sound more more like a “regular person”. Palin is probably getting the same coaching. Someone in the Republican party has decided that saying nucular only bothers people that aren’t likely to vote for them anyway. So they do it to sound more real.

    (I had a molecular biology professor who consistently said nucular – the other kind, with DNA and all that. Really. It drove me bonkers. Now you know why I’m bonkers.)

    I am a Hedge

  23. I had a caluclus professor from Iran whose accent drove me crazy. It took me half the semester to figure out teta meant theta, and even longer to figure out oder pers.

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