Skepchick Quickies, 10.22


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  1. I heard Dr. Prasher interviewed on NPR the day after the Noble was announced. Apparently he can’t find a job in his field which just floors me. All I seem to hear about science in America is how we don’t have anywhere near enough scientists, how they make good money and are in high demand.

  2. Dr Prasher gave the impression he wasn’t really able to relocate after his last science job, which can be really hurt you if you have certain types of training, science or no. Have two friends who got Masters in Library Science; one has never worked in the field because she wasn’t able to relocate, the other has relocated three times for three pretty good jobs. Can be really frustrating, if you can’t move.

    As far as life sciences go, after working for a year or so in an agronomy lab, I saw how frustrated most of the post-docs were in trying to get something better than whatever small stipend they were getting and being unable to move on. Orac at Respectful Insolence has talked several times about funding issues for researchers too, especially in recent years.

    All in all, I’m kinda glad sometimes I discovered an affinity for doing computer work…has made it much easier to get a job when I need one.

  3. @hotphysicsboy: I can understand that type of fear. Both of my sons want to be scientists and I have encouraged that, but now I am starting to worry.

    @Jason W: I was starting to wonder if I had heard that or not. Now with your independent confirmation I am going to say I did hear it.

  4. That chipmunk made my day, nay, my lifetime. The cuteness there is helping me recover from the Rupert tragedy which still has me all broken up.

    In other news, I am now panicking that I smell but no one has told me yet.

  5. As far as a career in science versus a career in science/academia, I’d have to say the government corporate route is much more likely to result in stable and well paying job. My wife is an academic and those who do not have tenure generally lack job security and all that comes with stable employment.

    Re the storm-trooper picture, I’m quite impressed given the general skittishness of chipmunks. Then again could there be a slight dusting of benzodiazepine on the almonds in front of the little furry fellow?

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