Skepchick Quickies, 10.13


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  1. That must have been extremely awkward on the female’s part.
    “OK, Jon? You ready?”
    “Hold, on. Gotta get into a better position… Alright!”
    “Great! On your marks…get set…go!”
    “Ah– … Already?”

  2. With regards to the article on premature ejaculation, I have some experience with this. The article mentions how serotonin deficiency is related to this problem. About three years ago I started taking an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) to deal with my depression. I had always had some problems with this, but the trigger of getting separated and subsequently divorced was making it particularly bad, and after receiving some counseling I was convinced to try a pharmacological solution to see if perhaps it would help. I was put on a low dose, and it really did work wonders for my outlook on life, where I was no longer always dwelling on the sad stuff and spiraling downwards. An interesting side effect which I talked to my psychiatrist about, was that I was lasting longer than I had before, and he said, “Yeah, this RX is also sometimes used to treat that problem too.” I guess it is not too surprising to me, that there is a genetic cause for both of these issues, since my depression issues seems to be largely due to my brain chemistry rather than purely mental psychological issues.

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