SGU Live Podcast This Saturday: Who’s In?

The Perry DeAngelis Memorial SGU Broadcast Live Monkeys Beating Birds Event is fast approaching!

Okay, I was hoping to post some solid info on how I’M getting from Boston to Fairfield, CT this Saturday, but that’s kind of still up in the air. What I have discovered is that you can catch an Amtrak train or a Greyhound bus or a Peter Pan bus to New Haven, then take the local commuter rail to Fairfield. The location is a few minutes of walking from the station, and the place we’re eating/drinking at afterward is also within walking distance.

At this point, it appears most likely that I will be on the train that gets me to New Haven at around 11am (I think!). If you manage to get there at a similar time, you might be able to get a lift with me from New Haven to the venue. However! Please don’t book tickets and then cry in your Cheerios if I end up on a bus or in a car instead. The tickets have not yet been purchased.

So! Post here what your plans are, and maybe those of you who are taking similar modes of transport can team up. Skeptic powers activate!

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. It’s quiet in here. I hope enough people are going. As for me, I’m driving from Long Island but I’m afraid my car’s full already so I can’t offer rides.

    Rebecca, is there a chance one of the “surprise” guests hinted previously could be Randi? It’s not a stretch since he’s going to be in NYC the previous night. I really want to go see him, but it might be difficult to get out of work early enough to go to the city. It would make me feel better if I knew he’ll be at the SGU event. :)

  2. The Amtrak option is a bit steep, but I’m looking at that same train. I was considering a car rental, but the logistics are too much for my lazy equivocating ass. I’m up for sharing driving duties and expenses with anyone with reliable *wheels*.

  3. I’d been thinking about a rideshare if another Bostonian was planning to venture down to CT for the day. I’m not much of a long-distance driver (I’m nervous at the wheel), so I may not be as generous as Kerry with driving duties, but I would be willing to share expenses.

    That said, I have alternative means which may be preferable anyway, so keep me informed about travel plans from Boston but don’t count on me :)

  4. If Rebecca cannot confirm or deny guests, then I’m free to toss out rumors and accusations with wild abandon! YAY!

    Personally, I’m betting that Bigfoot is the other special guest. The stink of costume fur and possum guts is all over this one!

  5. @Rebecca:
    Hey! I didn’t realize how close Fairfield is from Bridgeport. I’ll just bring a skateboard over on the ferry :-). Thanks for helping with this.

  6. I’m performing at the CT renfaire on the weekend, but leaning towards the Randi lecture on Saturday – anyone going to that?

  7. “Skeptic powers activate”?

    Form of… a mini-van (leaving from New London at ~10:00 am, traveling south on I-95 and willing to make stops to pick up ferry riders)

  8. I’ll be at the Randi lecture and at the podcast. I was planning on taking the train from NYC to the podcast, probably getting in Fairfield at either 10:19 or 11:19, depending on which morning train I can catch.

    I’ll be eating and drinking afterwards too!

  9. @Chew:
    Hey Chew, my ferry comes into Bridgeport at 10:15. Would love a ride if you’re passing by around then. I’ll be the one with the trenchcoat, bible and chainsaw :-)

  10. Just so I’ll know it’s you and not an imposter pretending to be you, we need to come up with a secret password.

  11. I don’t mind driving from Dracut, MA if others are willing to chip in for gas money, $10 each. I can fit three people comfortably in my RAV4, and four a little uncomfortably, with three in the back seat, but I would recommend that only if you are very good friends, although if you aren’t at the beginning of the trip you will be by the end! I’d be driving down I-495 to the mass pike to I-84, etc. I could divert to picking up people in Boston, if there are no metrowest takers. FYI, I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket in ten years, and I’ve had no accidents.

  12. Sweet, I’m so glad to see you guys are coming! We’re going to have a lot of fun — the show itself will be more fun than normal (live is ALWAYS more fun) and then the party afterward . . . woo hoo!

  13. Sadly, try as I might, I’m going to be stuck down here in DC and am not able to make either the NY Skeptics/Randi or SGU event–not to mention the party. Talk about bummed out! Anyway, best wishes to all who will be there! Take lots of pictures.

  14. @Expatria:
    @Kerry Maxwell:
    So far, I’ve got one guy on Facebook who showed interest in a one way trip from Fairfield back to Harvard, MA. It will do the most good for car-pooling if I give preference to people for round trips, so Expatria, Kerry, Rebecca are you interested?

  15. @Chew:
    Don’t know if you’re following this thread, but regarding the secret password, how about “Sextus Empiricus”?
    Added bonus: Its a super cool spell for just such situations as carpooling to SGU live shows.
    Which reminds me, I will of-course chip in for gas.

  16. @Ajita: Sorry for the delay. I had duty yesterday and certain websites (like hotmail, that had my password to skepchick blog) are blocked. The Navy doesn’t call it “censorship”, they call it “limiting what we are allowed to view”.

    It’s 5.16 miles from the ferry landing to 70 Sanford St. Round trip distance divided by 23 mpg * $3.45/gal comes out to $1 and 54.8 cents.

    Dude, it ain’t that far. Don’t worry about gas.

  17. Looks like I’m out. I can’t spring for the AMTRAK. I was planning on getting a ride to CT from my sister in RI, and driving to and from the event while there. I thought I had another ride to the bus station in CT on Sunday, but that fell through (and too late for me to make other arrangements.)


  18. Well, looks like I am just going to head on down there on my own and back, and on the way back I’m thinking of stopping at Mohegan Sun and/or Foxwoods to do a little Saturday night gambling, can’t be any worse than the stock market.
    @Kerry Maxwell:
    Offer still stands if either of you wish to hitch a ride with me either one way or roundtrip, but I’m going to do that stop on the way back.

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