October Contest: Rebecca Style

The first contest of the month is a special one. And I don’t mean special in the “stop eating the paste” kind of way. October 18th is Rebecca Watson’s birthday. So this contest will have a distinct Rebecca flavour.

I don’t know about the rest of you fine folks, but Rebecca is very important to me. Not just because she’s my boss lady over here at Skepchicks HQ, but because she has been a role model for me before I started writing for this website. Rebecca has shown me that she can hold her own with the boys, she’s smart, funny, beautiful, feisty, and is passionate about skepticism.  She does so much for us Skepchicks and for skepticism in general. Elyse and I, while brainstorming about future contests, decided that it’s about time that there was a contest dedicated to our Queen Bee.

So here’s the scoop: draw a picture, upload a video, write a song, write a poem, whatever you can think up, to show and wish Rebecca the happiest of birthdays and to show her that we all appreciate the work she does.  Put your entries in the comments (flickr, youtube, photobucket are your friends!) and on October 18th, we will have Rebecca pick her favorite out the bunch.

The winner will receive above all, Rebecca’s *love.  And Astronaut ice cream, generously ordered by Elyse!

Disclaimer: Rebecca’s love is not available in a physical form. Unless you are Hugh Laurie.


Jill is forever chained to her art desk, scribbling away.

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  1. Yaaay! Thanks, what a nice surprise! Whoever gets video of Hugh Laurie wishing me a happy birthday automatically wins.

    For the winner, I will throw in a handwritten thank you note, because my mother taught me to be polite about such things.

  2. this contest will have a distinct Rebecca flavour.

    Can I get Rebecca flavour at the Baskin Robbins?

  3. Hmmm. I’m a pretty big fan of the astronaut ice cream… oh, and Rebecca, too. So, if Jill & Rebecca will take a peek at my email address I think you’ll find that I am in an excellent position to come through on the Hugh Laurie front.
    Of course, I’m bound by certain ethical business practices, so his cell phone is out. On the other hand, theists are always telling me that I can’t possibly have a moral compass without Ye Olde Bibbley, so let’s see what we can work out, eh?

  4. So,

    Wait. Let me get this.

    You want me to stop eating the paste? Are you joking?!

    Sorry, I’ll have to think on that one.

    Until then, Happy (early) Birthday, Rebecca.


  5. My contribution is not selling bikini pictures of Rebecca on eBay. Or maybe I should, and then use the profit to hire Hugh Laurie to play and sing Happy Birthday to her.


    Did you know that your natal anniversary is 7 days after mine, small world isn’t it? I wonder if that makes us soulmates? Never mind, doesn’t matter, here’s an inspirational video for you.

    Psychedelic Spacepope of the Known Universe
    rules of physics need not apply

  7. Alright, given the fact that I have never met you and the only way you could possibly know about me is if you some how connect the email address I used to send the one email I have ever sent to the Skeptics Guide to this account on Skeptchick, I heavily debated wether to post this link. However, I figured that if I preface this with a statement to the effect of the following… The only reason why I am posting this link is because the title has the name Rebecca in it and because when I first saw this video, a few years ago, I laughed so hard and for so long at the sheer absurdity that my taste in humor shifted. PLEASE realize that none of what is depicted in the video is directed towards you from me. The only connection is the name. That being said, here is the link and I hope it is as funny to you as I have built it up to be in the previous statements…

    Click the link then click watch the movie

    Happy Birthday!

    P.S. – If you have seen this already, I apologize.

  8. I still want to know where I can get Rebecca flavor ice cream. I imagine it would taste like most women but what if I’m wrong?

  9. Ok, I’ve been working on this for a while, and it took me some time to do since my degrees are in mathematics, and poetry writing is not something I’ve done for quite some time. So thanks for inspiring me to do something outside of my usual comfort zone. So here’s my limerick describing Rebecca:

    There was a lady who has a website for those skeptical
    Whose name, it was said, tasted of an electric pickle.
    Her cats, Doctor Calimari and Captain Infinity
    Know that she does not worship a Christian deity.
    Since she spends her Sundays playing flag football.

    My original version was more of a negative nature since it involved the these rhymes:

    line 1…skepticals
    line 2…pickles
    line 5…kicked him in the testicles

    For lines 3 and 4 I was trying to come up with rhyme involving a purveyor of woo, but in the end I decided to be more positive and also try to work in her cats’ names.

  10. Here’s a sentence I don’t get to say often enough: I vote for the furry hermit. (Or I would if I had a vote in this crazy authoritarian gynocratic military dictatorship you girls have got going on here.) Anyway, I threw together some pseudo-haikus when I heard about this special day, so I might as well throw them into the mix, since they’re there:

    Tremble, believers!
    ‘Cause when Rebecca’s in town,
    The woo better run.

    She may look lovely,
    But diss unicorns and feel
    Her Skepchickal wrath.

    The hottest body
    On the SGU podcast.
    (Except maybe Jay.)

    I’m no poet, but
    I just wrote her four haikus.
    That’s how hard she rocks.

    (October 18th
    Is my dad’s birthday too. True,
    Though not poetic.)

    I do not expect to earn ice cream in this way. Happy birthday, though.

  11. For Rebecca’s birthday I thought that I would use my sculpting skills(?) to make her a present. So I got some clay out and made this avant-garde sculpture of Rebecca on… wait for it… a UNICORN! So here it is, hope she likes it and if she emails me her mailing address I will get this “one of a kind, priceless piece of art” sent right away. Happy Birthday Rebecca!

    Cassie presents a Cassie original “Rebecca on a unicorn”:

  12. @Cassie: I thought unicorns allowed only virgin maidens to ride on them? Rebecca, please, please, please don’t ban me from skepchick, this is a criticism of the unicorn’s prejudice and is not intended as a commentary on whatever your sexual history may or may not be . :-)

  13. I must get someone to set up a contest like this on my birthday…. Anyways, here’s my contribution:

    On this day in history
    A sense of awe and mystery
    We celebrate the birth of one
    Whose awesome life has just begun

    Although she’s only 28
    (That’s 7 times 4, now calculate)
    Her accomplishments run far and wide
    Including, of course, the Skeptics Guide

    She gave the show a woman’s touch
    A touch we all had missed so much
    And although I love Steve and Jay
    It’s Rebecca with whom I’d want to play

    Now turning to the Skepchick site
    That carries on the skeptic fight
    Against all paranormal stuff
    I say we’ll win it soon enough!

    But let’s return to matters at hand
    Rebecca’s b-day’s gonna be grand
    With flowers, cake and party hats
    And salmon for her lovely cats

    This is my small gift to you
    I raise my glass with homemade brew
    And praise the day that you were born
    I hope you get a Unicorn!

    So, happy birthday Rebecca!

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