Hello? Californians? Come out and play!

Last month I had the first San Diego Drinking Skepchickally, and it was great fun.  In the planning stages there were several northern Californian readers who talked all kinds of smack about how it should be in San Fran, and San Fran was cooler, San Fran has the tastiest babies, etc.

The time has now come to put up or shut up NoCal:

Drinking Skepchickally, San Francisco, Thursday, November 13, 2008.  7:00pm.

Venue TBD.   (Recommendations welcome, my hotel’s close to Union Square.)

And if you’re closer to (my) home in San Diego, don’t miss the 2nd San Diego Geek Bonfire tomorrow night.  Hosted once again by the gracious and swell Mitch Wagner from Information Week, and Gina Trapani from LifeHacker.

I’ll be at both events, which I’m hoping you’ll see as incentive for attending. If not, I can also promise snowy white unicorns that juggle, five sets of identical twins, and a free dissected frog carcass for all who attend.  (Some of the above promised might not be supported by evidence come show time, but are nonetheless promised.)

(Also, only the first thing, about me being there, is true.  However, I’m easily convinced to buy you a beer if you sweet talk me.)


A B Kovacs is the Director of Døøm at Empty Set Entertainment, a publishing company she co-founded with critical thinker and fiction author Scott Sigler. She considers herself a “Creative Adjacent” — helping creative people be more productive and prolific by managing the logistics of Making for the masses. She's a science nerd, a rabid movie geek, and an unrepentantly voracious reader. She doesn't like chocolate all that much.

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  1. I just want to cry. My favorite city on the planet and there is just now way I can be there with you guys.

  2. Woot!!!!

    I am all about the public transportation and thus I vote for a bar that is either close tot he BART or close to the CalTrains station so that I can both

    a)be there!!
    b) get home afterwards

  3. I’m all over this like stink on rice!

    Only thing is, Thursdays are lab days so I can’t get there until like 10. Hope there will still be festivities that late!

  4. @Gabrielbrawley: Good idea!

    @Detroitus: Yay another person… I was starting to wonder if it would be just me and A Real Girl… not that there is anything wrong with that :P

    And I hear you about the Thursday thing, too bad it isn’t a Friday or something… you know, like a Friday or something… Since Friday’s rule.

    Actually I am just glad it is remotely close… can’t wait!

  5. @Kaylia_Marie: Yeah, Friday would have been cooler.. On Friday’s I’m generally in love. But it’ll still be rocking providing that all ye lasses have the endurance to make it a late night! I don’t have to get up friday!!!!

  6. @Michael: Umm…. What is this drinking skeptically chapter you speak of? It looked like you were trying to link, but alas it’s broken.

    I’ve been looking for a freethinker/skeptic group of drinkers since I got here. There’s a campus group at my school but they are all 19…


  7. Depending on the headcount, there’s a nice bar called Cantina very near Union Square with really nice drinks (580 Sutter Street, between Powell and Mason)….

  8. So by popular demand – a big hint about my plus one :

    She is a infamous skepchick cam girl. Please don’t mention her handle in this thread (or that she’ll be attending elsewhere on the web/twitter/etc) as there are some issues related to creepy stalker dudes that need to be mitigated.

  9. Hi! Oh come to The 500 Club! It will be fun! It is a classy San Francisco bar – and besides the whole town is so small every bar is close to Union Square…

  10. Ok, an update:

    1) Bar selection is down to 2 options: The 500 Club (thanks to much lobbying by PSDBNY, who will be obligated to create much RAWK if we go there…) or Lucky 13, because this is the already scheduled hang out for the Drinking Skeptically crew, so presumably skeptics know where it is….

    2) This trip is a work trip for me, and there’s a small but plausible chance it might fall through. The funding on my project has been cut (stupid economy) and now they have to figure out how much longer they can last. If they can scrape together enough funding until the end of the year, I’m in. I’d say there’s a 25% chance for trip FAIL for A.

    (Also, if I can’t go, there’s no reason you guys shouldn’t. Just sayin’.)

  11. My vote (are we voting?) Is for the 500 club because it will be eaiser for me to get there. (It seems very close to the BART line while the Lucky 13 is near a light rail stop that connects to the BART line… and since I am already taking a light rail and a bus to connect to the BART line on my end….)

    But both are do-able.

    And I am really looking forward to it!

  12. Well, considering the unfortunate fact that Caltrain stops running at midnight, I’ll have my car. And not to worry folks, in regards to alcohol consumption I know my limits and don’t over-do it.

    That said, if anyone needed a ride back down the peninsula afterward, I could probably hook them up. I live in Palo Alto.

  13. I’m still rooting for The 500. But man. To make it RAWK? I think that is all on everyone? The drinks are cheap tho. And close to the BART & everything.
    Uhm. Detroitus – you make me nervous about the driving but I know it is about the talking and not the shot taking right?
    Cause with me it starts as the talking and then when the talking gets good the shots start and then I am SO glad I am a walker/cab person.
    Anyhoo. I hope this goes down still and I hope it does at The Five. Cause – hello. I work there and think it is made of the awesome.

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