Skepchick Quickies, Weekend Edition – 9.14


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  1. On the case of staying together for God, did they miss the idea that telling people they were tricking God was any different.

    Oh and nice feature on the spiders.

  2. In high school, all my vocab mnemonics were sexy such as “you can’t philander while flaccid” and “I shall use chicanery to seduce that chick”

    ah, high school. where everything comes back to sex. Not much has changed.

  3. If I were a male spider, I’d head to a buffet … NOW! A big, fat, slovenly male spider might become more unattractive as a mating partner ( not that I know what a female spider truly finds sexy ) but at least he wouldn’t be as easy to devour afterwards if he does get “lucky.”

  4. I think I’ll be avoiding the taller ladies, thankfully I am nearly 6ft tall so I shouldn’t have too much of an issue.

    Also, I posted my suggestion on the list site for the cern soundtrack and there is a similar thread to that one here on ( it’s actually about top secret CERN pics, but it does have a sub topic in the comments on song pics).

  5. I read the link about spiders and my first thought was “Huh, she got that backwards, men eat women during sex.” Then I read the post and saw spiders. Oh, that kind of eating.

  6. So there you have it. Sexual cannibalism is not a mating strategy. It’s because the female spider is hungry and the male spider is within range.

    I don’t cook dinner for my date because I’m a nice guy, it is a matter of self preservation!

  7. The government claimed the movies should be criminalized because:

    * They depict sick behavior.
    * They appeal to sick people.

    So… Am I defined as a sick person in the US if I like these movies? :S

    I mean… I am defined as sick by the US legal system?!

    I was thinking about visiting the US this winter, but I’m having second thoughts now… :(


  8. The sad thing is that until I clicked the link and saw it was from the Onion, I thought it was a factual article from some far-Right rag. :-(

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