Skepchick Quickies, 9.1


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  1. That loonie Chick tract could be the basis for a series ala Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Say, God chooses a teen girl and endows her with superpowers to battle the forces of evil. But, she must remain pure and stay away from sin lest God forsake her and remove her powers, a condition that frustrates her to no end. Hilarity ensues.

  2. Not crazy enough for a good Chick tract. Now, if that vampire also happened to be a Mason, then we’d be up to our armpits in crazy.

  3. Whoever is doing the art doesn’t do crazy, angry eyes like they used to, and the evil guys always used to be menacing instead of pathetic. I give it a D+.

  4. ‘Frodsham solicitor Mike Daly and Alvanley vet Ken Robinson witnessed the attempt and ensured no snails were harmed.

    Mr Robinson, who is donating his payment to Guide Dogs for the Blind, said: “It is a superb achievement and all the snails have been treated to a gourmet meal.”‘

    What a waste: surely “All the snails have been treated as a gourmet meal would have been better…

  5. Every time I see something as crazy as that Chick Tract or the accompanying letter about vampires, it makes my world feel colder and grow smaller… it makes me lose hope.

    Yet, every time I read about some sort of cool animal that was previously unknown to me, or some neat idea in physics or astronomy, I get energized and the world seems to grow just a bit.

    Therefore, in order to counteract the stupid you all just (unfortunately) witnessed, consider if you will the Pistol Shrimp and Mantis Shrimp.

    And, if that weren’t enough, consider the Pistol Shrimp and Mantis Shrimp as a duo who fight crime. Mind blown? Yeah. I thought so.

  6. Jack Chick thinks that everything paranormal is real but is actually Satan in disguise…and that everyone other than him is going to hell, of course.

  7. People, if you think Jack Chick is cuckoo, you should see the Cutting Edge Ministries site and their radio transcripts. Where Chick is hilarious, these guys are downright scary. Perhaps the difference is that these don’t have funny pictures to soften the blow. (By the way, this my favorite. Did you know that My Little Pony is Satanic?)

    Click at your own risk and stuff.

  8. Expatria, I can see it now, Pistol Shrimp and Mantis Shrimp as an environmental crime fighting duo. Imagine the CEO’s of companies such as DuPont and Exxon gathered around a fancy dining table (the CEO’s would all be depicted as fat men, with monocles and top hats of course). Some butlers enter the room and place the covered main courses on the table. The hungry executives lift the covers in unison… but wait, those aren’t lobsters! Zap! Crack! Pow!

    That last part would be accompanied by the old-school Batman theme by the way.

  9. That mantis shrimp could be in the chorus line with cuttlefish in some kind of marine Las Vegas. Yowza!

  10. It’s sad that science education has declined as it has in this country. The situation is still retrieveable, though. Parental intervention is needed at the school board level and up. For example, parents CAN teach their kids to think!

    I used to do small science experiments with my kids by taking guidebooks out of the library on “children’s science.” These were books that used harmless ingredients (like baking soda and vinegar) to illustrate simple chemical reactions, etc. I kept tropical fish (still do) and hatched out brine shrimp as both fish food and as biology lessons. They could look at them with a magnifying glass.

    Both won academic scholarships to state schools. One is a public middle school teacher and the other is a criminology/sociology dual Honors major (grad student). I guess I did OK with this approach.

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