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As I write this, I am downloading the very first episode of the newest addition to our ever-growing cadre of skeptical podcasts. That’s right–The Skeptic Zone is now live. I’m always excited to check out new skeptical media, and this is no exception. I had the opportunity to see part of this first episode as it was recorded live at Dragon*Con, and am anxious to hear the finished product.

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From the Zone crew:

Got a mind – and it matters? The latest in podcast and vodcast
‘evolution’ is here – The Skeptic Zone from Australia.

Taking the experience and talents of the former hosts of ‘The Skeptic
Tank’, combined with the internationally-renowned videographer skills of
‘The TANK vodcast’, the brand new show ‘Skeptic Zone’ brings together
even more contributors for an audio/visual experience – that will get
your synapses going!

Check out our website:

Find us on iTunes

Richard, Stefan, Karen, Jayson, Kylie and Michael are now joined by
Rachael and Amanda, to bring you an hourly show in audio and with
additional bonus videos for you to enjoy. The team are committed to
taking both Australian and overseas issues, from the paranormal to the
pseudoscientific to your iTunes / mp3 players every fortnight. Choose
to listen or choose to watch our specially-filmed segments – we’ll
provide it all for you.

In addition, our backgrounds combine expertise in media, broadcasting,
lecturing, education, medicine, psychology and even pop-culture! Which
is why there’s even more news, views, interviews and even a ‘think
tank’ in a skeptic’s pub!

If you ever wondered why there wasn’t an ‘international TV show for
skepticism’, then wait no longer. We’ll be taking on board your
suggestions to make it even more educational, more informative and
more broad-ranging than ever before – because that’s what The Zone is
all about. Get Zoned out and get thinking!

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  1. I so should download it, I too was in attendance at the first taping of this show. But I have soooooo many other podcasts that I haven’t finished catching up on, as well as keeping up with the ones that I have caught up on, that I may end up waiting a while before getting this podcast.

    @devolve: I do believe that is supposed to be an escalator with people on it. I guess when one abstracts certain images too much it can drastically increase their intended interpretations.

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