Skepchicks in the Pub at Dragon*Con- Made of WIN

It looks like MasalaSkeptic and Carr2d2 are too busy actually getting ready for the con to post an update about last night, so I’m here to do the job.

Skeptics out and about last night were great.  I know a lot of us are here for D*C, but I think the majority of the folks there last night were locals.  And great fun.  It looks like Atlanta is catching up on Denver as the new skeptical center of the universe… I’ll have to get my butt in gear when I get home and see what we can do in San Diego.

More after the jump, but first have a look-see at me, Cleon & Masala mugging for the camera:

Have I mentioned Carlos yet?  Ooooh, love Carlos.  He tells the best joke ever.  You’ll have to be sure to attend the next ATL Skeptics in the Pub and ask him.  And if the Bad Astronomer happens to be around, you’ll get TWO punchlines for the price of one.

I did not see a robot, which was advertised, unless it was the one on Masala’s killer necklace.  I did see an origami-off between Carr2d2 and Richard Saunders.  They both made lovely cranes with flapping wings, so everybody won. But, um, Richard also had his hands behind is back (really), plus was jetlagged, so there’s that.

Oooh!  Ooooh!  I love that we had LOTS of women in the house:  in addition to the totally rad local skepchick contingent and the aforementioned awesome Skepchick bloggers, we had the incoming Executive Officer of the Australian Skeptics (also incoming Editor of the Skeptic magazine) Karen Stollznow, AND AstronomyCast‘s Pamela Gay.  Both women are cool as could be and I was so tweeked to get to hang out with them a bit.  (I’m a big fan of AstronomyCast, so meeting Pamela was an adventure in geekout.  She was cool enough not to run away in fear.)

I have some photos at my Flickr page, and if I can get my hands on Krelnik today, maybe I’ll get the good ones and post those too.


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  1. Rebecca I can’t help it, I’m sorry. I love how much it wigs him out. Cognitive dissonance FTW!

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